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«Legend of Ling Tian (Web Novel) - Chapter 692 - A Strange Treatment Method

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Chapter 692: A Strange Treatment Method

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The consequence of overestimating her strength was severe!

The violent inner qi passed through the sword and Xiao YouHan felt the bones in her body on the verge of being smashed up and her innards burning. She spat out a large mouthful of blood and this single blow had given her an extremely severe internal injury. However, she stubbornly refused to back down and clenched her teeth, refusing to take even a single step back!

This sword of hers also achieved her goal: Ling Jian was alright!

Ling Jian’s body spun around and avoided the threat from the two other swords. Seeing the blood in Xiao YouHan’s mouth, he felt his heart ache and let out a loud roar. His sword flew out of his hand and shot forward like a divine dragon, cutting through the air and piercing through the chest of the white-haired elder who Xiao YouHan was facing!

Heavenly Divine Dragon!

This sword strike was truly too sudden and none of them imagined that this sword grandmaster would actually throw out his sword for a lady!

Wasn’t throwing away his sword akin to throwing away his life?!

Just when Ling Jian threw out his sword, the sword in Xiao YouHan’s hands could no longer withstand the pressure from the inner qi and shattered into pieces. Xiao YouHan began bleeding from all seven orifices and she weakly collapsed. This was because Ling Jian had managed to throw his sword out and kill the white-haired elder in time. If he was just an instant later, Xiao YouHan would have probably ended up in the yellow springs by now.

Ling Jian’s body rolled forward and pulled the beauty into his embrace. He then rolled out to the side and narrowly avoided the sword from the white-haired elder.

After the sword slashed down, the white-haired elder collapsed slowly onto the ground without any signs of life. At the instant his chest was penetrated by Ling Jian’s sword, he had reflexively slashed down.

Outside the hall, Ling Tian who was hidden in the shadows heaved a sigh of relief and chuckled, “You did not disappoint me indeed. I would be relieved to pair Xiao YouHan up with Ling Jian.” He then let go of the two gleaming hidden weapons in his hands. If Xiao YouHan hadn’t charged forward to save Ling Jian, Ling Tian would have taken action at the very last moment!

Xiao YouHan had charged forward! While she was severely injured because of this, she had gained Ling Tian’s trust and Ling Jian’s heart!

Ever since he noticed Ling Jian’s affection towards Xiao YouHan, Ling Tian had been planning bitterly. He first used words to nudge Xiao YouHan into a trap before making use of the fame of the First Pavilion Head to let Xiao YouHan underestimate Ling Jian. After that, he made Xiao YouHan work together with Ling Jian and allowed her to ‘shockingly realize’ that this person who she did not place in her sights was actually her perfect idol!

With her previous underestimation as a foundation, a woman’s thoughts would enter into a strange and complicated state. She would be apologetic and filled with curiosity and a desire to be close. Because Ling Jian did not do anything when she underestimated him, this would make Ling Jian seem all the more like a gentleman.

At the very end, after she witnessed Ling Jian’s divine strength, he then arranged a show of the beauty saving the hero and success would come naturally…

This way, the wooden block-like Ling Jian would have to accept Xiao YouHan’s favor and would be completely loyal to her. Even if Xiao YouHan did not have any goodwill towards Ling Jian, after this life and death incident, there would definitely be a change in her heart.

At this moment, if Ling Jian pestered her…

Ling Tian chuckled delightfully before shaking his head, “Just as the saying goes, a fiery woman is afraid of a gentleman’s pestering! Hehehe…” Ling Tian was definitely extremely satisfied with his own plan!

While both Ling Jian and Xiao YouHan were severely injured with this plan of his, with Ling Tian’s mystical medicine and the medical saint Justice around, it would be difficult for them to die even if they wanted to.

When thinking about Ling Jian’s severe injuries, Ling Tian let out two dry coughs with guilt in his heart. If Ling Jian was able to escape unscathed, he originally intended to personally take action to make Ling Jian suffer a bit so that the beauty would have the chance to take action…

Seven to eight figures appeared from the outside and began launching a massacre towards all the escapees of Above Heavens! From afar, the glow of fire could be seen in three directions and the sound of shouting could be heard.

A trace of blood could be seen on Ling Jian’s lips as he escaped from the hall with the weak Xiao YouHan in his arms. A trace of anxiousness could be seen on the face of this stone-faced assassin. Behind him, the two white-haired elders were giving chase with their faces red!

Ling Tian snorted. With his plan completed, it was time for the two temporary actors to leave the stage! How would Ling Tian allow the two of them to harm Ling Jian in front of him?!

It was only for him to make a complete show previously. If he still allowed them to harm Ling Jian, he would truly be an idiot!

His figure drifted into the air and he let out a flurry of kicks. Brandishing his sword, a sea of stars was sent out. He then landed on the ground and let out a strange cry mimicking the famous martial artist Bruce Lee.

The two of them only had the First Pavilion Head in their sights and they only wanted to kill this enemy who had assassinated their Sect Master! They wanted to skin him alive and pull out his tendons to vent their anger. How could they still bother about anyone else at this moment? They naturally wouldn’t think that there was someone who had been lying in wait for a long time already!

Furthermore, he was even more frightening than the First Pavilion Head!

With two loud thuds, the two were struck in the chest. They were sent spinning in the air and they each spat out a mouthful of blood along the way. When they heard the strange cry from Ling Tian at the end, they almost fainted from anger!

It was truly infuriating for a peerless expert as such to ambush others in such a despicable manner! While they could tell that they would definitely lose in a head-on battle, the most infuriating thing was the fact that he did not even give them the chance to fight head on!

This was the greatest humiliation! A humiliation that couldn’t be washed away even in death!

Their figures spun in the air as they spat out blood along the way. While they wanted to open their mouths to curse, they couldn’t stop the blood spewing out from their mouths and couldn’t let out a single sound. After they finally stopped their bodies from spinning, burning rage could be seen in their eyes! Opening their bloodied mouths, they wanted to let out a series of cursing.

Before the two of them could even let out a sound, a brilliant rain of light engulfed their bodies!

“Despicable… AH!…” Their final miserably cry before their death.

“Despicable… this old man isn’t convinced… AHHH!!” A cry of unwillingness.

Ling Tian snorted coldly and wiped the Heaven Splitter on their clothes with disdain. “Who asked all of you to be convinced? I only want all of you dead!”

At this moment, Ling Jian dashed over with Xiao YouHan in his arms and cried out in anxiousness, “Young noble, her, her, her… her injuries are severe.”

Ling Tian let out an ‘oh’ sound before placing his fingers on Xiao YouHan’s wrist and sent his inner qi in to investigate her situation.

Xiao YouHan’s inner strength was naturally a great distance away from the white-haired elder. With their swords colliding, her innards were jolted badly. However, she did not take a single step back in order to protect Ling Jian’s safety. Her dainty figure had endured the full force of the attack!

If not for that white-haired elder being engaged in an intense battle before this, the outcome of this collision would be uncertain. However, Xiao YouHan had only fallen unconscious and while her injuries were severe, there wasn’t a threat to her life. With Ling Jian’s cultivation, he should have been able to tell. However, with his heart being in a complete mess because of his worrying, he truly couldn’t tell.

Ling Tian felt Xiao YouHan’s pulse with a look of worry on his face, “Ah’Jian, you have to be mentally prepared. Miss Xiao’s injuries aren’t looking good.”

“Ah?!” Ling Jian was dumbstruck and his shoulders slumped down with the rims of his eyes turning red.

“Miss Xiao’s injuries are all because she wanted to save you. Haiz… why must the life of a lady be so fragile…” Ling Tian said with a heavy tone as though Xiao YouHan was about to die and there was no hope of saving her.

“Young noble, your methods can move the heavens. Please save her! Right, Justice is a medical saint. Should I plead to him?!” Ling Jian crashed to the ground on his knees.

“These injuries… even Justice may not be able to treat them. If we really want to save her, it isn’t impossible but… there is a big problem.” Ling Tian pondered for a moment and looked as though he was thinking of a solution, “Furthermore, it will exhaust a large amount of inner qi and one must be a virgin…”

The moment Ling Jian heard that there was hope, he looked as though he was revived and immediately said, “Young noble, I am still a virgin… I am also not afraid of exhausting my inner qi. I… I… I…”

Hearing those words, Ling Tian almost wanted to burst out laughing. But for the plan in his heart, he could only forcefully suppress his laughter.

Taking a peek into the hall, Justice had already controlled the situation. The few Ling Family experts on the outside had also gotten rid of the escaping Above Heavens disciple and were killing their way into the hall.

Ling Tian’s eyeballs spun around and he said, “There is only a single way to treat her. It requires the body of a virgin, the realm of XianTian, and a pure Yang inner qi. Through your mouth, you must transmit pure Yang inner qi to her body and send it all throughout her meridians. At the same time, when your inner qi reaches her acupoints, you have to use your palm to inject inner qi and massage her acupoints to speed up her blood flow and ensure that inner qi can flow smoothly.”

Wouldn’t that mean that he would have to touch her all over? While having his lips touch hers at the same time?!

Ling Jian’s face turned red as he heard that and became flustered, “Young noble, this… this… that… that…”

Ling Tian glared at him and continued, “Feeling troubled? Is her life more important or her chastity? You are the only one who can save her at this moment. This young noble isn’t a virgin any longer and cannot be of any help. Don’t interrupt me, I am not done yet.”

Ling Jian remained silent and perched his ears to listen.

“… at the same time, the injuries on her body would be excreted from her pores. Take note! Throughout this process, you will have to ensure that there is fresh air on the surface of her skin. The moment the poison from the body is excreted, it has to be dispersed into the air. If it is blocked by clothes, it will enter back into the body and assault her heart. At that time, even a celestial wouldn’t be able to save her.”

“She… she still has to take off all her clothes? This…” Ling Jian stammered with sweat all over his face.

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