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«Legend of Legends (Web Novel) - Chapter 517: Battlefield Change 2

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Chapter 517: Battlefield Change 2

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They attacked Trarune ferociously, but the hero stayed by the castle wall and made sure to dodge Junhyuk’s attacks.

Junhyuk had to retreat. His force field was gone, and the archers were attacking him.

Errune and Edrol were also attacking him from the wall, so Junhyuk got away quickly while his allies managed to kill Trarune.

While attacking Trarune, Gongon lost a lot of health, so he also had to retreat. After killing all the enemy minions, Junhyuk gave an order to the allied minions, “Destroy the gate!”

Once the gate was destroyed, the enemy heroes would have to retreat. The minions started pounding against the gate. The archers were attacking the heroes, but their attacks weren’t enough. There were a hundred minions attacking the gate.

Even if the enemy heroes tried to kill the allied minions, the minions would destroy the gate before they were all wiped out.

As the gate was getting destroyed, Junhyuk looked back. Without Sarang there, he couldn’t be healed. He was stunned at himself for trying to break through the castle with his health.

Junhyuk had 20 percent of his health left. Gongon had 64 percent, Layla had 82 percent and Elise had 95 percent.

Elise could lose all of that health really fast, so he couldn’t expect her to carry them.

But, only two enemy heroes remained. When the gate was finally destroyed, Junhyuk crossed the threshold and killed the archers with Aksha’s Longsword. Without the gate and their buff, the archers were just like minions.

After killing the archers, he turned to the two giant golems.

“Can we kill them?”

The two golems could fight like two heroes.

Behind them, were the enemy heroes, waiting by the castle’s force field, ready to step in at any moment.

If anything went wrong, Junhyuk could easily end up dead.

“We can’t wait for Sarang,” Gongon said.

“She would help us, but the other enemy heroes will revive if we wait for her, and we’ll be under constant attack. We don’t have enough health for that.”

“Is your force field back?” Layla asked.


“Use it, and we’ll kill one of the golems with it at least. It’ll make a big difference later on.”

Junhyuk agreed, and Elise smiled.

“I’ll send Zaira after one of the golems, and we’ll all attack the other one at the same time.”

If they managed to destroy the golems, the allies would have complete freedom to choose what to do. Junhyuk inspected the allies. Elise had the regeneration buff, so the allies were still regaining health as they stood there.

The enemy heroes weren’t with the golems, so that was their chance to fight the golems.

Zaira zoomed off toward one of the giant golems. The golem ran at her. Elise was luring that golem to the opposite side of the room, pulling it with Zaira.

Once the golem was away, she turned to Junhyuk, and he ordered a group of minions, fifty of them, to attack that golem. The remaining minions would attack the golem with the heroes.

The enemy heroes tensed up as they watched. If they didn’t come out of the force field, they would lose both golems, but leaving the force field would mean risking their lives.

Junhyuk turned to Elise and asked, “Is your ultimate back?”

“Not yet.”

Elise’s ultimate was incredibly powerful, the most powerful he had seen so far, but its cooldown was too long. However, his Spatial Collapse was off cooldown.

Junhyuk attacked the golem as well in hopes of destroying it quickly. WIth the force field up to protect them, they focused entirely on the golem.

The enemy minions attacked the allied minions, but the allied minions were used to fighting now. Some fought the golem, and the others split to take care of the minions. The enemy golems were almost destroyed.

The enemy heroes stepped out and attacked those attacking the golems. They could attack from long range, so the allied minions started dropping fast. The golem was killing the minions as well. Seeing the allied minions get massacred, Junhyuk increased his attack speed.

Finally, the golem went down. With that, Junhyuk immediately ran toward the other golem. There were only ten allied minions attacking it now, and his force field was also gone. His health had gone up, but he could easily fall victim to an ultimate.

Junhyuk teleported to reach the golem, and the rest of the allied heroes attacked it as well.

The allied minions had made sacrifices in their battle against the golem, but they had managed to bring the golem’s health way down.

Junhyuk looked at the heroes and said, “After we destroy this one, let’s retreat!”

The enemy heroes would revive soon, and Junhyuk did not want to gamble with that. Without their golems, the enemy heroes wouldn’t leave the castle.

Aktur revived first, and the enemy heroes moved out. The allies had to destroy the remaining golem. None of them could die now, and they had no time to waste. It had to happen that way.

“I’ll buy us more time,” Layla said.

She ran forward in flash, swinging her katana at Aktur, launching him.

The enemy heroes attacked her, and Elise attacked them.

Elise shot out a massive beam, her weapons’ ability.

Edrol and Errune dodged the attack, and during that time, Junhyuk and Gongon finally managed to kill the giant golem.

The enemy heroes would be reviving at that point, so Junhyuk used his Spatial Collapse.

He attacked Aktur with it. If he was lucky, it would kill the enemy hero, and if Aktur died now, victory would definitely belong to the allies.

Junhyuk used his Spatial Slash against Aktur, who was being sucked by the collapse.

However, the Perfect Evasion triggered that time, and Aktur dodged. At the same time, Aktur summoned the shadow hands, and the attack held the allies in place. After that, Aktur summoned the skeleton soldiers.

Elise rushed forward to rescue the others and fell within range of the shadow hands, but they held little meaning for her. She used her nullification field, and the shadow hands disappeared. As she ran forward, Gongon and Junhyuk followed behind her.

It was funny that the allies were running behind Elise, who had the lowest defense out of all of them. However, within five meters of her, all powers were useless.

The snipers in the enemy team distanced themselves from her. They were going to use their ultimates.

Junhyuk closed in against and slashed with both of his swords. His attack speed buff was still up. Elise’s buff was stronger than ever.

Gongon also attacked the enemy hero.

The rate at which Perfect Evasion triggered was high, but Aktur was not invincible, and the hero started losing health nonstop. Once he was able to move again, Aktur started retreated, managing to get himself close to the castle’s force field.

Elise’s nullification field ended, but Gongon transformed. The dragon flew across the room spewing massive fireballs at Aktur.


Aktur died, so Junhyuk shouted, “Keep pushing!”

Edrol and Errune retreated into the force field. Victory belonged to the allies.

The allies pounded against the force field. When the other enemy heroes revived, they did not come out. They couldn’t deal with the four allied heroes by themselves, knowing that they would die with the snap of a finger. They remained within the force field, giving up the fight.

The allies were low on health, but they seized that chance. The castle’s force field crumbled.

Suddenly, the whole world turned bright white, and a moment later, Junhyuk was looking at Ariel, who smiled at him.


“That was hard.”

Junhyuk was being honest, but Ariel kept smiling and said, “I must congratulate you again.”

“For what?”

“The managers have invited your team for a tournament.”

“A tournament?”

“Thirty-two teams have been invited to participate, and yours is one of them.”

“What happens if we win?”

“If you win, you’ll be officially deemed a legend candidate, and you’ll have the chance to fight the previous legend team.”

“And if we win against them?”

“Then, you’ll be invited to the legends’ tournament.”

“Legends’ tournament?”

“All legend teams will participate in that tournament. They are all curious to find out who are the true legends among them.”

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