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«Legend of Legends (Web Novel) - Chapter 516: Battlefield Change 1

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Chapter 516: Battlefield Change 1

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Their movement speed buff was almost gone, but Junhyuk kept teleporting with everyone, moving much faster. Every time his power came off cooldown, Junhyuk teleported. They were moving incredibly fast when the buff finally ended.

He looked at the next enemy watchtower, but he couldn’t see anyone, which meant that they were giving up the middle path entirely and pushing through the sides.

Without hesitation, he ordered the attack on the tower. After it was destroyed, Sarang suddenly contacted him.

“Big brother, I lost the buff tower.”

The enemy team had taken the buff tower suddenly. One of the enemy heroes had to have camped by the portal to take over the tower.

“Did you come up against anyone?”


To control the buff tower, the heroes had to pay attention to the time intervals. The important thing was to occupy the tower first. After that, the other team couldn’t flip the buff for hours.

“They must’ve gone after our towers. Come join us.”


The enemies had given up the middle to push from the left and right. They knew they couldn’t win a team battle, so they had come up with a new plan. Before the portals were implemented, the middle path was much faster than either of the other ones, but now, it was only slightly faster.

Junhyuk looked at the allies and said, “They occupied the buff tower and are using the buff to push through our towers.”

The enemy team had to be thinking that they could win by pushing through one side, but he would put a stop to that.

“We don’t have a speed buff, but we can teleport to decrease the time it would take us to get to the castle,” Junhyuk said and teleported again.

Before the allies could reach the enemy castle, he got a warning that the allied watchtower was under attack. The allied heroes had spend time hunting buff monsters while the enemy heroes had pushed on diligently.

“We should be able to keep going. Otherwise, our enemies would’ve attacked both sides.”

The enemy heroes had had to choose: left or right. On top of that, they could use the portals, so the allies had to bring that battle to an end.

Elise frowned and said, “It would’ve been nice to have Sarang with us. Too bad.”

Having the five of them would’ve been nice, but they had to attack with just the for. Junhyuk saw the enemy castle in the distance, and again, he teleported. He was using his teleportations as a movement power rather than in battle.

Lately, he had had many chances to do that, so he was pushing his teleportations to their limit. It wasn’t as fast as a speed buff, due to its cooldown, but it was still very fast.

The allies might lose the watchtowers, but they would get to the enemy castle before any more damage occurred.

The fight at the enemy castle would decide the victor.

Junhyuk felt bad that Sarang and Helen weren’t with them, but he didn’t have the time to wait for them.

“After those portals were implemented, things became more complicated.”

Without the portals, he hadn’t had to work as hard. Junhyuk had only had to occupy the buff tower previously, but now, the side paths were important as well.

Junhyuk teleported with the allied heroes once more. Gongon looked at him and got on his shoulder. He was giving the hatchling a piggyback ride.

“This will slow us down.”

“You have strength runestones.”

Junhyuk laughed and looked at the enemy castle in the distance. They were an hour away. The enemy heroes wouldn’t be able to get to the allied castle within that time. They would have to return.

The allies were almost at the castle, and by then, the enemy heroes had already returned.

Junhyuk scowled when he saw them.

“That’s unexpected.”

Some of the enemies were outside the gate, and two had to be waiting inside. The three of them had the dragon’s buff, which meant that Aktur had to have been the one to occupy the buff tower.

Trarune, Aktur and Edrol were buffed with the dragon’s buff. The amount of damage they could deal had increased. They were more dangerous now.

Junhyuk wanted to kill Aktur first and steal his buff.

The allies closed in on the castle. They had buffs of their own, and while lying hidden by the foliage around the castle, he said, “Elise, buff me.”

It was a matter of time, so he couldn’t hesitate. Elise buffed him and another hero, but for the team battle to work, the entire team needed buffs.

“The cooldown is one minute.”

Only three allies walked out. Junhyuk remained hidden. Once the enemy closed in, he would kill them first.

His first strike would change the flow of the battle.

Aktur stepped forward and said, “Junhyuk isn’t here.” Staring at the heroes in front of him, he added, “He should be here.”

Once the two teams were about a hundred meters apart, the enemy hero said, “Time to fight.”

Aktur had the dragon’s buff. It wouldn’t be easy, but Junhyuk had already made up his mind to go after him.

The enemy minions ran out first, but there weren’t many of them, only about 150.

The allied minions could deal with them, so Junhyuk didn’t step forward. The allied heroes attacked the enemy minions, and Aktur watched them.

Aktur could use one of his powers to kill one of the allied heroes quickly, so he slowly approached the allies. All the while, Junhyuk just watched.

Suddenly, Junhyuk used his Spatial Slash.

He was still hidden when he did it, so Aktur couldn’t dodge the attack. On top of that, Junhyuk was lucky. Perfect Evasion didn’t trigger.


The strike hit the back of Aktur’s head, and the hero’s eyes widened. If Aktur hadn’t had the dragon’s buff, Junhyuk would’ve used his Spatial Collapse as well.

Junhyuk ran forward, swinging Aksha’s Longsword. The enemy minions fell in droves then, and Junhyuk looked right into Aktur’s eyes.

Trarune was the next one to move. The robot was running toward Junhyuk, and Aktur and Blinka were following it.

Aktur and Trarune could pull, and if that happened, Junhyuk would die immediately.

He and the allies seemed on edge. Junhyuk looked at Aktur, who had very low health by now and extended his hand.

“We’ll attack at the same time,” he shouted.

Trarune appeared in front of the allies and kicked forward. That was one of Trarune’s powers, and the hero was buffed, but Layla stepped forward and used her katana to launch Aktur into the air. The size difference between the two did not matter.

Junhyuk grabbed the allied heroes and teleported to appear right in front of Aktur, but he was suddenly stunned.

Blinka had stomped the ground, triggering the robot’s area-of-effect stun.

The timing had been perfect, and Junhyuk had been stunned right as he appeared.

“Now, it’s time for us to attack!”

Aktur summoned the shadow hands from the ground and the skeleton soldiers, who attacked him. He was being held in place by the enemy hero.

Junhyuk received every attack since he couldn’t move.

The archers were attacking him as well, and Edrol fired a large beam at him. Junhyuk was under immense pressure, losing a lot of health. He felt like a beat up couch.

Sarang wasn’t there to heal him, but he still had the regeneration buff. When he ragained his movements, he triggered the force field and countered.

Junhyuk only had 30 percent of his health now, but he wanted to finish the fight, so he used his Spatial Collapse on Aktur, and Elise summoned Zaira.

Elise raised her hands and magic circles appeared around her. Gongon enlarged and headbutted Aktur, killing him.

With Aktur dead, Junhyuk focused on Blinka. The hero had high defense, but Elise used her ultimate, and so did Layla. Gongon kicked the robot as well. The hatchling was still giant and buffed.

After one last slash from Junhyuk, Blinka disappeared. Junhyuk had not meant to, but he had dealt the final blow.

He smirked and teleported to Trarune. The enemy hero had used its growth power, becoming huge, but he and the other allies attacked the robot all the same.

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