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«King of Gods (Web Novel) - Chapter 1402 - Frenzied Improvement

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Chapter 1402: Frenzied Improvement

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Zhao Feng had previously done several tests in the Spacetime Robe and realized that his thoughts could cause changes in a physical object. He was able to weaken or extinguish a flame. But later on, when he changed his target to his Chaos Origin Divine Fist, he wasn’t able to produce any sort of result. Thus, Zhao Feng decided to use the Tree of Time as an experiment to see if this ability to turn dreams into reality was actually real.

Everyone focused on Zhao Feng.

“What is he doing?”

“Using an eye-bloodline technique to restore vitality to the Tree of Time?”

The others softly whispered.

“That’s impossible. The Tree of Time is of an extremely high level. Ordinary Life energy is useless on it, and the vast majority of the Tree of Time has already completely withered away. The Tree of Time can barely absorb even the extremely high-level Life energy condensed through my Light Race secret art…” Twilight Valley gave a slight shake of his head.

To revive the Tree of Time, one first had to solve two problems. One was to gather Life energy far above that of a typical God Lord, and the second was to make the Tree of Time capable of absorbing this Life energy. Zhao Feng satisfied neither of these requirements.


The world before Zhao Feng’s eyes became a dreamy and multicolored landscape.

 Recover vitality… revive!  This was the thought in Zhao Feng’s mind as he stared at the Tree of Time.


The Origin energy in his left eye rapidly drained, but no changes could be seen on the Tree of Time.

Zhao Feng’s Origin energy was also draining at an unprecedented speed. A few moments later, he had exhausted nearly half of his Origin energy.


Zhao Feng immediately stopped his left eye and half-closed his eyes. If he continued, his Origin energy would quickly be exhausted.

“Zhao Feng, don’t force it. Not even I can do anything about this Tree of Time,” Twilight Valley bluntly stated. He had predicted long ago that Zhao Feng would not succeed, so he was not that concerned.

 Why is it like this again?  Zhao Feng’s mind was whirring.

 It just consumes Origin energy, but nothing is happening… wait, perhaps this ability has some other restriction!  Zhao Feng suddenly opened his eyes.

After comparing the differences between his successes and failures, he immediately obtained a conclusion; it had to do with the size and scope of his target.


Zhao Feng’s left eye once more rippled with eye-bloodline energy.

“Still not giving up?” Ancient God Cheng Yun whispered.

The others also shook their heads. They knew that Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline technique was quite miraculous, but this did not mean that it was omnipotent and could revive the Tree of Time.

 Recover vitality… revive…  Zhao Feng once more began to think this thought. This time though, Zhao Feng focused his left eye on a small branch of the Tree of Time.


Within his God Eye Dimension, the dreamy silver ball quivered, releasing Origin energy that fused into the world.

Suddenly, the dark gray and withered branch suddenly began to brim with life. It glimmered with white light and thrummed with Time energy.


“How could that be? A branch of the Tree of Time was revived!”

Everyone stared at the branch in complete disbelief.

Logically speaking, if a tree was to recover its vitality, it would start slowly from the roots. But at this moment, only a branch of the Tree of Time had recovered while the rest was still withered.

“Success!” Zhao Feng stopped his left eye, a delighted look on his face.

Rather than the Tree of Time, he cared more about the fact that he now understood his left eye’s new ability. As Zhao Feng expected, his ability to turn dreams into reality did exist, but if the target was too large, the ability would fail.

Secondly, different situations would consume different amounts of energy. For example, extinguishing an ordinary flame took an almost insignificant amount of Origin energy, but reviving the Tree of Time took much more.

“Zhao Feng, how did you do it?” Twilight Valley immediately asked, clearly rather agitated.

“Why did only one branch revive to its best condition while the other parts of the Tree of Time are unchanged?” the Ancestral Artifact fragment couldn’t help but ask.

“This took quite some effort! I need to rest for a while.” Zhao Feng closed his left eye, appearing rather exhausted.

The ability to turn dreams into reality was truly too abnormal and absurd. In his current state, he absolutely could not let it get out.

Zhao Feng entered the Spacetime Robe and performed a few more tests, confirming his speculations on the size and scope.

Zhao Feng spent the following period researching this ability.

One month later, Zhao Feng had almost completely recovered.

In the third month within the Spacetime Robe, the Light Race finally went to seek Zhao Feng’s help.

“Zhao Feng, please help me revive the Light Race’s Tree of Time. If there is anything you require, you need only ask. Once the matter is settled, the Light Race will richly reward you!” Twilight Valley got straight to the point.

“I need a large number of resources that can purify the soul and increase its level,” Zhao Feng said.

He would arouse far more suspicion if he revived the Tree of Time without asking for anything in return.

“Okay! No problem.” Twilight Valley immediately agreed.

Zhao Feng began once more to revive the Tree of Time.

This time, Zhao Feng started from the roots. By using his Origin energy, he was able to revive a thin root.

At certain intervals, he would revive yet another root of the Tree of Time. Once all the roots were revived, the Tree of Time regained the ability to heal itself. Even if Zhao Feng and Twilight Valley did nothing more, the Tree of Time would completely revive after a period of time.

“You can leave the rest to me,” Twilight Valley bluntly stated.

With the roots of the Tree of Time revived, Twilight Valley now had the ability to save the Tree of Time himself.

He had now gained basic control of the Light Race’s Divine Kingdom and had even repaired the larger holes. If an outsider wanted to try and get in, they would find the task much more challenging.

“This kid really managed to revive the Tree of Time!” The Ancestral Artifact fragment was flabbergasted.

“Zhao Feng, if you need anything, just ask!” Twilight Valley smiled and said.

“Two supreme-quality divine artifacts and resources that can help one break through into Rank Nine and peak Rank Nine.” Zhao Feng didn’t stand on ceremony.

He was confident that, when Twilight Valley was in his prime, he was extremely powerful. Two supreme-quality divine artifacts would probably not be much of a problem for someone like him.

“Okay. Choose for yourself.” Twilight Valley gently smiled.


Spatial ripples appeared, and then several sparkling divine artifacts and weapons of formidable aura appeared in front of Zhao Feng.

“Ten supreme-quality divine artifacts!?” Zhao Feng was immediately stunned.

God Lords were divided into three Heavens. A normal God Lord of the First Heaven would have two supreme-quality divine artifacts at most, but Twilight Valley had taken out ten supreme-quality divine artifacts.

Of course, now was not the time to worry about these things, but to choose the supreme-quality divine artifacts he required.

He had the Spacetime Robe and Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror already, and together with the Ancestral Artifact fragment, he was no longer lacking for supreme-quality divine artifacts. Thus, Zhao Feng was choosing supreme-quality divine artifacts for other people.

After carefully examining the artifacts and considering what was needed, Zhao Feng took a red pearl covered in draconic carvings and an ancient scarlet umbrella.

The Dragonflame Pearl and the Scarletflame Lightning Umbrella you have chosen are both rather decent in quality among these supreme-quality divine artifacts,” Twilight Valley praised.

“Many thanks!” Zhao Feng smiled, very satisfied with his choices.

“I will send over the other cultivation resources you require in a little while,” Twilight Valley bluntly stated.

Twilight Valley’s first priority at this time was reviving the Tree of Time. Once that was done, he could traverse the treasury of the Light Race without fear. It would also be much easier to gather cultivation resources.


Once Zhao Feng returned to the Spacetime Robe Dimension, he immediately gifted the Dragonflame Pearl to the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon.

“This… Master!” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was taken aback by this extreme favor and didn’t know how to express its gratitude.

Zhao Feng didn’t bother to explain and entered the Ancient Dream Realm.

“Your Excellency!” The Blood Flame Qilin Race Patriarch came out to welcome him.

He could clearly sense that Zhao Feng had become a Rank Nine Ancient God. This cultivation speed was not something that even the Spiritual Race could match. He was even surer now that Zhao Feng was the owner of the Ninth God Eye.

“Take it.” Zhao Feng handed over the Scarletflame Lightning Umbrella.

“The Scarletflame Lightning Umbrella, a supreme-quality divine artifact for both offense and defense…” The Blood Flame Qilin Race Patriarch’s eyes sparkled as he immediately recognized this supreme-quality divine artifact.

Zhao Wan soon arrived. Zhao Wan had access to many resources within the Ancient Dream Realm, and he had already become a Rank Eight Ancient God.

Zhao Feng handed over the Deep Chill Pearl he had obtained from Ancient God Ice Jade to him. Now, every member of Zhao Feng’s main fighting team had a supreme-quality divine artifact, greatly increasing their power.

After taking many cultivation resources from the Blood Flame Qilin Race, Zhao Feng returned to the Spacetime Robe.

“These are all for you.” Zhao Feng gave the vast majority of the resources he had just taken from the Ancient Dream Realm to the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon undoubtedly had more potential than the others.

“Master!” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon found it hard to express its gratitude.

Zhao Feng had given it a small mountain of resources, and for the first time, it felt that Zhao Feng was truly a mighty figure.

Three months later, Twilight Valley delivered quite a few cultivation resources, and he also handed the Ancestral Artifact fragment to Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng evenly distributed these resources between Zhao Wan, Zhao Wang, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, and the Blood Flame Qilin Race. With supreme-quality divine artifacts and these resources, every member of his team experienced an enormous leap in strength.

Zhao Feng began to refine the Ancestral Artifact fragment.

At this moment, the Ancestral Artifact fragment had apparently completely acknowledged Zhao Feng, perhaps because he had revived the Tree of Time. With the Ancestral Artifact fragment’s cooperation, Zhao Feng needed only two months to refine it.

Even before refining it, Zhao Feng had already reached Level Seven in Time Intent. In the process of refining the Ancestral Artifact fragment, he had somehow increased his Time Intent to the peak of Level Seven.

“As expected of the Ancestral Artifact fragment! In the future, cultivating Time Intent shouldn’t be difficult at all.” Zhao Feng was pleasantly surprised.

Of course, while refining the Ancestral Artifact fragment, Zhao Feng had split his mind to do other things as well.

Besides the obvious increase in his Spacetime Intent, his other intents had also received significant boosts. He had completely stabilized the fourth level of the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique and had further increased his understanding of the technique.

In addition, Zhao Feng consumed many Lightning Soul Crystals as well as the soul cultivation resources he had obtained from Twilight Valley. At this moment, he had stabilized his Soul Intent at the peak of Rank Nine.

And because he now controlled a time-type Ancestral Artifact fragment, Zhao Feng’s proficiency with Time Intent had also gotten stronger.

The time ratio in the Spacetime Robe was now 50 to 1.

As time passed, Zhao Feng’s cultivation and energy began to slowly build up.

One day, Xin Wuheng came to find him.

“Brother Zhao, we’re preparing to leave. What are your plans?”

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