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«King of Gods (Web Novel) - Chapter 1350 - The Strength of a God

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Chapter 1350: The Strength of a God

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

“Stop!” A transcendent and timeworn voice, one that seemed to come from a distant dimension, resounded through the world of darkness.

At this moment, the supreme deity that was God Lord Heavenly Solitude suddenly stopped and tilted his head upward.

“This voice…!” A look of pleasant surprise flickered through Ancient God Scarlet Firmament’s eyes.

At this moment, a bright beam of light shot down from the heavens. The world of darkness began to slowly crumble, like dark clouds clearing away after a storm.

But when everyone saw the outside world, they were once more left stunned.

“That is…!?” the gray-scaled elder blurted out in shock.

In the sky, silver rays of light were intersecting, creating an extremely complex picture. A moment later, a pair of massive silver eyes appeared in the sky. These eyes seemed to be a world, a universe. Within them were countless twinkling stars. Anyone who looked into these eyes would feel as if they had entered a wholly unknown dimension.

The massive pair of silver eyes seemed to have become the vault of heaven, engulfing all. Everyone felt like tiny ants beneath these silver eyes, their bodies trembling as they subconsciously yielded to this power.

Although the world of darkness had vanished, everyone was now covered in a silver light. This was a hazy world that seemed extremely unreal.

“What’s going on?” The experts of the Heavenly Demon Hall were all alarmed.

However, quite a few Spacetime God Eye descendants had already guessed at something, and as they looked at those heaven-engulfing eyes, expressions of worship and adoration appeared on their faces.

“Master!” Ancient God Scarlet Firmament got down on one knee and respectfully said.

At the same time, all the other members of the Spacetime Sacred Land got down on their knees and cried out in unison, “Lord God!”

They were all flabbergasted. They never would’ve imagined that the Lord God was watching their operation this entire time. When they were in danger, the Spacetime God exerted his supreme abilities to transcend space and descend upon this place. If he didn’t, God Lord Heavenly Solitude would have killed yet another Ancient God of the Spacetime Sacred Land.

“Lord God!?”

All the members of the Heavenly Demon Hall stared fearfully at the members of the Spacetime Sacred Land. There was only one person in the Spacetime Sacred Land that was addressed this way - the Spacetime God Eye of the Eight Great God Eyes, the progenitor of all eye-bloodlines linked to Spacetime Intent!

Of course, the silver heaven-encompassing eye in the sky was not the actual body of the Spacetime God, but the power that he had sent through space. Although the Antian Zone was adjacent to the Yangling Zone, the Spacetime Sacred Land was extremely far away from the Arctic Abyss. An ordinary Rank Three or Four True God flying nonstop would take nearly ten years to traverse the distance, but the Spacetime God used his space-transcending power to directly descend on this place.

“How could it be like this? Why would the Spacetime God be paying attention to this place!?” The gray-scaled elder broke out into a cold sweat.

The number of individuals that could be called Gods in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods could be counted with one’s fingers. They were the publicly acknowledged overlord gods of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods and were essentially omnipotent.

All the members of the Heavenly Demon Hall stared in panic and fear at the silver eyes in the sky. This was the first time they had ever felt the power of a God, but they never expected to be standing in opposition to it.

“Spacetime… God!” God Lord Heavenly Solitude’s expression darkened. He also didn’t expect for the Spacetime God to intervene.

Within the Heavenly Demon Hall, Zhao Feng could see everything that was taking place outside.

 What a reversal!  Zhao Feng was dumbfounded.

Earlier, Zhao Feng believed that God Lord Heavenly Demon Hall was going to kill all the other members of the Spacetime Sacred Land. Of course, this included himself and Ancient God Luo Ling as well. He never would’ve expected that, just when God Lord Heavenly Solitude was about to kill the second person, the Spacetime God would suddenly intervene.

The Spacetime God Eye, one of the Eight Great God Eyes!

Zhao Feng stared hard at the silver eyes in the heavens.

 Thumpthump! Thumpthump!

His left eye pulsed, transmitting to him an unprecedented excitement. If the God’s Spiritual Eye truly was the Ninth God Eye, there would come a day when he would also reach this lofty level, becoming a God expert of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, to rule over all for eternity.

When he thought of this, a surge of passion and heroism swept through his heart.

“What’s going on?” Ancient God Luo Ling straightforwardly asked.

Just a moment ago, she sensed that the oppressive Death energy had vanished. Ancient God Luo Ling sensed that Zhao Feng knew what was going on.

“The power of a God Eye Deity has descended,” Zhao Feng straightforwardly said.

“Lord God!?” Ancient God Luo Ling blurted out in a shock, a look of delight on her face.

Since the Lord God had personally appeared, they were no longer in any danger. In contrast, the Heavenly Demon Hall…

“No, how could that be? That brat is speaking nonsense!” Ancient God Nether Spring froze, and then he bellowed in rage.

If the Heavenly Demon Hall had used every method at their disposal from the start, the Spacetime Sacred Land would have had no chance of victory and probably would have suffered heavy casualties.

They didn’t dare to go overboard precisely because of the Spacetime God. But now, Zhao Feng was claiming that the power of the Spacetime God had descended on this land? Not even Ancient God Nether Spring was sure how the situation would turn out at this point.

Suddenly, the massive silver eyes in the sky began to turn. At the same time, countless spatial blurs appeared across the region. Those experts skilled in Spacetime Intent suddenly felt the surrounding spacetime to be extremely strange, and they became incapable of using Spacetime energy.

This was the power of the Spacetime God - absolute control over spacetime!


The massive pair of eyes focused onto God Lord Heavenly Solitude.

In a flash, God Lord Heavenly Solitude became ghastly pale, a trickle of black blood flowing down the corner of his lips. His legs trembled as if he was on the verge of prostrating himself.

 Just a spatial projection is this powerful!?  God Lord Heavenly Solitude was stunned. It appeared that he had underestimated the power of a God.


The members of the Heavenly Demon Hall around God Lord Heavenly Solitude didn’t have the strength to resist and immediately kneeled. After kneeling, their movements became extremely stiff, as if they were moving in slow-motion.

“Lord God, you plan to personally take action against a single God Lord like me?” God Lord Heavenly Solitude’s body exploded with supreme strength to resist the surrounding spacetime pressure.

He belittled himself and raised the status of the Spacetime God before accusing the Spacetime God of bullying him.

“A mighty God Lord like you doesn’t think it embarrassing to attack Ancient Gods?” Ancient God Scarlet Firmament sneered.

As the Spacetime God’s disciple, he was responsible for solving any problems for his master that he could.

“This…” God Lord Heavenly Solitude became speechless.

He was even thinking that perhaps the Spacetime God had been watching the entire time, waiting for him to take action. Once he killed an Ancient God of the Spacetime Sacred Land, the Spacetime God had every reason to kill him.

“Lord God, my actions just now were entirely because Your Excellency’s disciple led a group to attack the Heavenly Demon Hall, causing immense damage and a large loss of life,” God Lord Heavenly Solitude immediately said.

From this standpoint, God Lord Heavenly Solitude killing an Ancient God of the Spacetime Sacred Land was entirely understandable. After all, the Spacetime Sacred Land’s people attacked without negotiation.

“That said, the Heavenly Demon Hall was the first to err. We are willing to pay appropriate compensation for all the members of the Spacetime Sacred Land that were killed!” God Lord Heavenly Solitude immediately admitted his mistakes and proposed compensation.

The Heavenly Demon Hall’s actions were the reason for the battle between the two factions. Moreover, he was now willing to pay compensation for the deceased of the Spacetime Sacred Land.

At this point, the deceased of the Spacetime Sacred Land consisted of the person that God Lord Heavenly Solitude killed a few moments ago and the two core disciples of the Spacetime Sacred Land that the Heavenly Demon Hall had initially captured and killed. To a God Lord, the compensation for these three deaths would be insignificant.

“This…” Ancient God Scarlet Firmament wanted to say something, but he didn’t know where to start.

In this battle, the Heavenly Demon Hall was the one to sustain heavy losses, and now, it was proposing to pay compensation to the Spacetime Sacred Land. If the Spacetime Sacred Land continued to push the matter, it would let down its reputation as a Sacred Land.

“Let it be so. Members of the Spacetime Sacred Land, depart this place!” At this moment, the world resounded with a voice that reached the depths of one’s soul.

These were the second set of words spoken by the Spacetime God. The first was to stop the fighting, and the second brought an end to the entire matter.

“Yes!” the members of the Spacetime Sacred Land replied in unison.

After saying that, the silver eyes in the sky vanished.

“Gone?” The Heavenly Demon Hall members immediately stood up, a great weight lifted off their bodies.

Although the Spacetime God was gone, an invisible pressure still remained on their bodies. No one could be sure that, if the Heavenly Demon Hall did not do as promised, the power of the Spacetime God might descend once more.

“This is the compensation.” God Lord Heavenly Solitude threw out an interspatial dimension. The value of its contents was more than enough to be worth three lives.

“Sir God Lord, let our people out!” Ancient God Scarlet Firmament immediately said.

God Lord Heavenly Solitude naturally understood what Ancient God Scarlet Firmament was talking about.


A gap suddenly appeared in the black sphere of energy at his side.

“Members of the Spacetime Sacred Land, leave the Heavenly Demon Hall!” A cold and sinister voice echoed through every corner of the Heavenly Demon Hall.

“I’ll go with you!” Zhao Feng looked at Ancient God Luo Ling and said.

He saw everything that happened but was unaware of the exact details. Zhao Feng presumed that the Spacetime Sacred Land members would be able to safely leave, but the same could not be said for him.

Without a second thought, Ancient God Luo Ling left with Zhao Feng. The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, Zhao Wang, and the little thieving cat had long ago been taken into Zhao Feng’s interspatial dimension.

 Whoosh! Whoosh!

Two figures flew out of the black sphere.

“Ancient God Luo Ling!” Ancient God Scarlet Firmament saw that Ancient God Luo Ling was fine and that she had even broken through, so he instantly cried out in joy.

“Mm? There’s someone else?” Ancient God Scarlet Firmament looked in confusion at Zhao Feng. He recalled that he had only sent Ancient God Luo Ling to infiltrate the Heavenly Demon Hall.

The other members of the Spacetime Sacred Land stared in surprise at Zhao Feng. They did not recognize him either.

 Buzz! Swish!

Zhao Feng exuded Spacetime Intent and used Spatial Blink to join the Spacetime Sacred Land members.

The Spacetime Sacred Land members were all shocked. This person was very young and didn’t have the Eye of Spacetime, and yet his Spacetime Intent was extremely formidable.

“Can we go now?” Ancient God Luo Ling asked.

“Okay.” The members of the Spacetime Sacred Land did not ask any questions.

They presumed that Zhao Feng was someone that Ancient God Luo Ling had brought out from the Heavenly Demon Hall. If they took him with them, they might be able to get some information from him. Moreover, Zhao Feng had displayed impressive strength and talent, and it would be even better if he joined the Spacetime Sacred Land.

Afterward, the members of the Spacetime Sacred Land took Zhao Feng and left the area.

“Let’s go!” God Lord Heavenly Solitude barked. Although they had earned the attention of a God, there had thankfully not been any major incident.

As they prepared to move out, the gray-scaled elder impatiently took out a message token.

“What? The Heaven’s Legacy Cat was taken away!?” the gray-scaled elder called out in alarm.

It was naturally Ancient God Nether Spring who sent the message. He didn’t know what was going on outside earlier; it was only just now, when he left the Heavenly Demon Hall, that he realized Zhao Feng had disappeared together with the people from the Spacetime Sacred Land.

At these words, God Lord Heavenly Solitude’s expression became extremely dark, and he spoke very slowly and coldly. “The Heaven’s Legacy Cat… is not in the Heavenly Demon Hall?”

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