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«King of Gods (Web Novel) - Chapter 1260 - Half-Step God Lord

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Chapter 1260: Half-Step God Lord

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Boom! Bang!

The boundary array around the challenge shattered as Xiahou Wu’s body was sent flying several li away. Zhao Feng’s punch had to have a power bordering on that of an Ancient God if it was able to send Xiahou Wu flying!

“This… this fellow is far too terrifying!”

Quite a few core disciples swallowed their saliva as they thought about how that could have been them. If they had been hit by that punch, there was no way they could have come out alive.

“Even Xiahou Wu was defeated!” Zhang Yutong’s expression became even gloomier.

The other disciples, on the other hand, found it hard to repress their excitement as they shouted and roared. After all, Zhao Feng was also a part of the Spiritual Race. By defeating a genius of the Life Sacred Land, he had bolstered the dignity of the Spiritual Race.

“Yufei, he’s so cool! He sent Xiahou Wu flying with one punch.” Kong Die excitedly called out, causing Zhao Yufei to helplessly smile.

On the challenge stage, Zhao Feng was also rather pleasantly surprised.

This was the first time since his left eye’s transformation that he had used eye-bloodline techniques in battle. He now realized that his left eye’s abilities had received an unprecedented boost; all his eye-bloodline techniques were now much easier to use and took much less energy.

Even the God Eye Disintegration and God Eye Duplication could be casually used to almost absurd results. For example, his God Eye Disintegration no longer required analysis before the disintegration. In the end, it caused Xiahou Wu’s ultimate technique, Heaven Shatter, to be unable to display its true might.

And Zhao Feng found using the God Eye Duplication far more flexible. In the past, the most he could duplicate was his opponent’s technique, but now, he could duplicate almost anything he desired. Just now, Zhao Feng duplicated the Life energy rising from Xiahou Wu’s body and used it for his own purposes.

 It really didn’t let me down!  Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

His God Eye transformation had been enormous, and Zhao Feng wasn’t even sure if there were still other abilities that he had yet to discover.

 Swoosh! Swoosh!

The two other disciples from the Life Sacred Land appeared at Xiahou Wu’s side.

“Senior Brother Xiahou!” The two disciples had somewhat panicked and unsightly looks on their faces.

“I’m fine!” Xiahou Wu stood up and used his Eye of Life to instantly heal the wounds on his body.

“His eye-bloodline… is almost at the Quasi God Eye level!” Xiahou Wu murmured in shock.

Normal eye-bloodlines would never be able to render his Eye of Life useless, but Zhao Feng had used none other than his eye-bloodline to defeat him.

“Impossible! Brother Xiahou, how can that be?” one of the Life Sacred Land disciples immediately denied.

The Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods had Eight Great God Eyes, and after the Eight Great God Eyes were their bloodline descendants. The bloodline descendants of the Eight Great God Eyes were limited in how far they could mature; this limit was the Quasi God Eye level.

The step above the Quasi God Eye level was the God Eye level! However, in order to become a God Eye, one had to kill the owner of a God Eye, so the bloodline descendants of the Eight Great God Eyes were limited to Quasi God Eyes.

“That kid isn’t a descendant of one of the Eight Great God Eyes, so how could he have reached the Quasi God Eye level?” The disciples of the Life Sacred Land found it impossible to believe this.

“His eye hasn’t just reached the Quasi God Eye level; I feel that his eye even has a hint of God Eye energy…” Xiahou Wu whispered so that only the two Life Sacred Land disciples could hear.

“Impossible!” the two exclaimed in shock.

“Let’s go!” Xiahou Wu growled, and then he left with his two disciples.

In the sky, the Ancient Gods had wondrous expressions.

“Quasi God Eye level?” A thoughtful look appeared in the Fourth Elder’s eyes.

He had heard of this level before, but he had only ever heard of the descendants of the Eight Great God Eyes reaching this level. He wasn’t a God Eye descendant and had little understanding of the matter, so he wasn’t able to give a reason as to why this was the case.

“Perhaps he was able to attain Rank Six of the Heavenly Divine Realm partially because of this Quasi God Eye level eye!” the Fourth Elder speculated.

Regardless, Zhao Feng had reached Rank Six, meaning that he had a very high chance in the future of reaching that realm above the Nine Ranks of True God - the God Lord realm. This kind of genius had to remain in the Spiritual Race and be fully supported.

Just when the Fourth Elder was ready to appear, he suddenly felt an oppressive energy. The other Spiritual Race Ancient Gods also sensed it and turned to the distance.

An elder with crystalline white hair was slowly ambling over. Wherever he passed, there was silence and countless crystals flashing in the air. It made the world itself seem unreal.

“What’s going on?” The Spiritual Race disciples below suddenly sensed a terrifying ripple of energy approaching from the horizon.

As this energy approached, they felt like the strength in their bodies had been frozen and impossible to use. At this moment, they had all become ordinary people!

Zhao Feng’s left eye immediately scanned the horizon and focused on the elder. When he saw this elder, all the Divine Power in his body trembled, and his soul also seemed to be suppressed as if acknowledging its inferiority.

 How frightening! Who is this person?  Zhao Feng was utterly astonished by this person.

 Swoosh swoosh!

Even before the elder with crystalline white hair descended, several Spiritual Race Ancient Gods shot out of the clouds.

“Third Elder!”

“To think that the Third Elder would leave seclusion!”

All the Spiritual Race Ancient Gods, including the Fourth Elder, showed expressions of respect. The Third Elder’s authority was only one level above the Fourth Elder’s, but he was already a half-step God Lord - someone who had the hopes of becoming a God Lord.

“We respectfully welcome you, Third Elder!”

The words of the Spiritual Race upper echelon members immediately let the disciples down below understand who this elder was. They had never imagined that they would one day have the chance to see such a terrifying individual.

Quite a few core disciples had heard of the Spiritual Race’s Third Elder, so when they learned that he was this elder, they appeared even more respectful.

 I didn’t think that even the Spiritual Race’s Third Elder would come!

The core disciples were all deeply concerned. They knew that the Third Elder had appeared for Zhao Feng, which was exactly why they were concerned!

“I know of everything that happened here,” the Third Elder slowly spoke, his apathetic voice resounding in the souls of everyone in the Spiritual Race.

This divine ability made everyone in the Spiritual Race feel a sincere reverence for this elder.

The Fourth Elder said nothing. Since the Third Elder had appeared, everything would be as he decreed.

On the perimeter of the Spiritual Race, Ancient God Night Dragon, who had been hiding in another dimension, was forced out, vomiting blood.

“Half-step God Lord…!” Ancient God Night Dragon suppressed his seething energy and fled using Instant Movement.

All levels of the Spiritual Race were silent, everything seeming to have been frozen in place. The world around the Third Elder glimmered with unreal white light.

“You are Zhao Feng.” The Third Elder suddenly turned his eyes to Zhao Feng.

“Yes.” Zhao Feng directly met the Third Elder’s gaze.

He felt like the heavens themselves were about to collapse as an indescribable pressure descended. It felt like the Third Elder’s gaze was similar to his own left eye, capable of seeing through everything and observing all of Zhao Feng’s secrets.

 Thumpthump! Thumpthump!

Zhao Feng’s left eye began to thump and beat as it gave off heat. A dreamy mist emerged from the God Eye Dimension and seeped into Zhao Feng’s soul.

Zhao Feng felt the pressure on his body instantly being more than halved. That feeling that everything in his body was being seen through also disappeared.

The Spiritual Race Third Elder slightly arched his brow.

“Are you willing to be my disciple?” The Third Elder gave a faint smile.

The Fourth Elder slightly frowned in displeasure, but he dared not speak.

Another one looking to make him their disciple! The Spiritual Race’s Third Elder - a half-step God Lord - wants to make him his disciple!

The minds of the Spiritual Race disciples were in an uproar.

Zhao Feng had previously refused to be the disciple of an ordinary Ancient God elder of the Spiritual Race, but now, the Third Elder of the Spiritual Race had appeared with the intent of making Zhao Feng his disciple!

The core disciples suddenly began to fear Zhao Feng. If Zhao Feng became the disciple of a half-step God Lord, he would become the little ancestor of the Spiritual Race, standing above the vast multitudes of the Spiritual Race. Even the disciples with the actual Spiritual Race bloodline would not dare to treat him with disrespect.

These words sent a ripple of emotion through Zhao Feng’s mind, but he quickly calmed down.

“Just a while ago, I was only an ordinary peripheral disciple, and the peripheral disciples, inner disciples, and core disciples all tried to humiliate me. Even the Spiritual Race Elders wanted to force me to leave,” Zhao Feng slowly spoke.

These words made all the people of the Spiritual Race drop their jaws in shock.

“What’s this kid doing!?” quite a few core disciples blurted out in shock.

 What is this kid trying to do?  The black-robed Ancient God’s expression contorted in shock.

The Third Elder’s eyes twinkled as he began to carefully inspect Zhao Feng.

“Now, Third Elder wishes to take me as a disciple. This discrepancy is too large, and I don’t feel it to be real. Please permit me a few days to calm down and think it over,” Zhao Feng calmly said.

The Spiritual Race had previously been in almost total opposition to him, hoping to drive him out and harm him. Now, after he displayed an unprecedented level of talent, the Spiritual Race wanted to recruit him and make him serve the Spiritual Race. This was taking far too much advantage of him!

In addition, he had actually already reached the Ancient God realm. He would probably have no difficulty in reaching the God Lord realm that stood above the Nine Ranks of True God on his own anyway.

If this was made known, the God Realm Sacred Lands would be fighting with each other to recruit him, but the Spiritual Race had only sent one half-step God Lord. Truthfully speaking, Zhao Feng didn’t think that this person had the right to be his master!

Zhao Feng’s words had a petrifying effect on all the disciples and even the Ancient God Elders of the Spiritual Race. Although Zhao Feng had said that he wanted to think about it for a few days, everyone knew that Zhao Feng was just tactfully rejecting the offer.

Rejecting a chance to become a disciple of a half-step God Lord! At this moment, countless people wanted to leap forward and curse at Zhao Feng. Rejecting the good intentions of a half-step God Lord - was there something wrong with his mind?

“You want to think about it for a few days?” the Third Elder’s eyes focused as he suddenly asked.

The white flashes of light in the sky suddenly became fierce and chaotic. That vast pressure suppressing the world surged forward like a tsunami.

The Spiritual Race disciples down below instantly felt a strength that was impossible to defy crushing down on them. Their bodies groaned as they were on the verge of snapping, and their souls were battered and barraged to point of breaking.

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