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«Kar98K Upon Touchdown! (Web Novel) - Chapter 715: The Primal Machine, The Final Kill!

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Chapter 715: The Primal Machine, The Final Kill!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The time was nigh!

Viewers from all around the world were pumped!

It was a well-known fact that Liu Zilang and Satan had a very long history between them.

Many people were dying to find out the results of them clashing in a PUBG tournament!

They had encountered each other several times throughout the three matches of the squad tournament two days prior. However, they never had a ‘one-on-one’ encounter.

Especially during the last match of that day.

The old team Se7en had gathered together and eliminated SKK in the final circle. Their feat had shown everyone what it was like to be part of a former elite team.

As for the charity duo tournament the day before, SKK’s representatives were Vivian and Karl. There was no chance for the ‘mortal enemies’ to cross paths.

The first solo match of the day had already brought the two together for a climactic battle!

How could the audience not be excited?

On the commentary platform, the three commentators were at the peak of their excitement. Their eyes were glued to the tournament screen.

They had their fair share of mocking Liu Zilang throughout the tournament. However, at such a crucial moment, they still hoped that someone from Hua Xia would be able to claim victory!

“One on one! Do your best, Vic!”

“He’s not in the safe zone. Satan has already occupied it!”

“Yup, but his opponent doesn’t have any physical cover. As long as he can kill Satan before he dies to circle damage, in the end, he still can win the chicken dinner.”

“Satan doesn’t have to do much though, he only has to keep Vic from entering the safe zone. On the other hand, Vic will be attacked from both sides by his opponent and the circle.”

“That’s right. We’ll just have to see how Vic handles himself this time. Oh! Vic has lobbed a smoke grenade!”

“Trying to create confusion? That’s probably the best option at this time. We’ll just have to see who becomes the confused one…”

The eyes of countless viewers from all around the world converged on Liu Zilang as he lobbed a smoke grenade toward the final safe zone of the match.


The smoke grenade hissed.

The final ‘holy land’ of the match was swiftly covered by a patch of thick white smoke.

Liu Zilang swapped to his AKM and then rushed into the smokescreen!

Swish swish swish!

Satan raised an eyebrow as he heard footsteps approaching him!

‘Finally, out of cunning tricks, are we?

‘But, sorry!

‘The Solo King title and the champion weapon skin…

‘They’re both mine!’

Under the caster’s camera, the radioactive blue web closed in like a sudden surge of floodwater!

Liu Zilang was like a little boat trying to outrace a raging torrent. His target was singular, and it was Satan who was in the center.

In the blink of an eye…

Both of them heard each other’s footsteps.

At that instant, the flow of time seemed to have slowed down. Even the blue circle that was shrinking seemed to have stopped!

The neurons in their brains were fired at extreme speeds!

Tut tut tut~!


Intense gunfire sounded once again!

Countless bullets flew in the space between them. Danger was pressed on their backs like a sharp blade.

Neither of them dared to drop their guard!

Nevertheless, both of them had fired their guns based on the sound of each other’s footsteps. They had not seen each other yet, so it was not the type of ‘spray and pray’ often executed by reckless newbies.

Moreover, they were both extremely light on their feet as they fired at each other. It was a live demonstration of the battle technique known as orb-walking!1

As the gunfire continued, the two players got closer and closer to each other…

The next moment, as soon as the smoke cleared, both of them emerged like lotuses from a pond and finally saw each other face to face.

Splat! Splat!

Bullets fell on the two players like rain.

Clouds of blood bloomed like red flowers on their bodies.

Right before the victor was about to be determined, the two players’ guns suddenly stopped firing!

Clack clack clack!

Clack clack clack!

‘What… is going on?’

The live audience members, as well as the live stream viewers, had their throats up their hearts as they watched the fight between them unfold. They were stunned silly when they saw the unexpected change of events!

“Oh my god, Vic and Satan are out of ammo!” someone on the commentary platform yelled.

“That’s right, both of them were blindly firing at each other earlier. They did not have the chance to reload!”

The live audience members and live stream viewers finally processed what had happened.

Their mouths were wide open in a mixture of confusion and incredulity…

It was reasonable that they were shocked.

Such a thing might have been a common occurrence in random matchmade games.

However, it was a duel between two top-tiered professional esports competitors in an international-level tournament. Running out of ammo? It was similar to two legendary swordsmen suddenly losing their grip on their swords in a duel to the death…

The two players reacted immediately with their highly focused minds.

Under the caster’s camera, from God’s perspective, Satan did not choose to reload his gun after its chamber had been emptied. Instead, he quickly pulled out the Kar98K that was slung on his back!

At the same time, Liu Zilang unarmed the AKM in his hands.

Then… he did not pull out his killer weapon, the jet-black M24 that was slung on his back!

Facing the muzzle of a gun, under the incredulous gaze of Satan and viewers from all around the world, he threw his fist!

The sky darkened and the wind changed!

Liu Zilang’s fist landed on Satan’s body before he could shoot!


Satan vomited a mouthful of blood!

The sliver of health he had disappeared. He fell to the ground, unable to swallow his grudge!

“4AM-Vic killed SKK-Satan with punch!”

17 Kills!

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!


A huge commotion shook the arena. Everyone’s eyes were bulging out from their sockets, and on their faces were the expressions full of shock…

“Vic… killed Satan with a punch?”

“If what happened wasn’t the caster’s idea of a prank… I think that’s indeed what happened.”

“Oh my god! Totally unbelievable!”

“So this game’s ultimate weapon… is the fist!”


On Hua Xia’s commentary platform.

Lord Rong finally closed his gaping mouth. “Back to basics! Vic has gone back to the basics!” he exclaimed with a face full of admiration.

“Hm… what do you mean?”

Lord Rong continued his analysis, “You see, when we jump off the airplane in the game, we carry nothing with us except for our fists, right?

“But once we touch down on the ground, we fall into a vicious cycle of looting and slaughtering. We get better weapons and better equipment, yes, but along the way, we lose our original identities.

“But Vic’s last punch… has shown us what it means to be our true selves!

“He’s telling us with practical actions that no matter how developed human society or technology is, they’re all but pretty facades.

“Our human bodies are the only machines we can trust!”

The live stream viewers were cross-eyed after listening to Lord Rong’s passionate speech. In addition to that, even Su Changming and Ruo Feng did not know how to react to his speech!


Everyone, along with the caster’s camera, turned toward the last man standing on the stage!

That person has…

Attained such a level?

The audience regained their senses the next moment. There was still one question that was badly lacking an answer…

If the final kill was from a punch…

What will the champion’s weapon skin be?

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