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«Kar98K Upon Touchdown! (Web Novel) - Chapter 680: High or Low, Place Your Bets!

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Chapter 680: High or Low, Place Your Bets!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Shifu, Shifu! I killed him!”

Misaka Mikoto said happily over the voice chat. Her chest was puffed up high, and she was full of herself.

The corner of Liu Zilang’s lips twitched. He could not do anything else other than sigh…

‘Oh well! At least I’ve fulfilled the promise I made to you, that you’ll die by a gun at the end of it all…’

Before Karl was revived, Liu Zilang swapped to his M16. Together with Misaka Mikoto who was in high spirits, they initiated an assault!

“Oh! Vic is playing very proactively! They’ve decided to go for their faces!”

“Both teams have encountered each other. It’s a close-range confrontation!”

“Menhera-chan has been knocked out. She ran too fast!”

“However, Vic has come from behind, and he’s done a perfect follow-up job. One, two! Awesome! Vic has killed both his opponents!”

The brief skirmish was brought to a conclusion as the commentators spoke.

The main tank, Misaka Mikoto, drew the agro of the two elite mobs with her Taunt, while the DPS Liu Zilang maximized his damage output with that opportunity. Even though the tank was knocked out during the battle, she was fortunately able to be revived.

After killing those two opponents, they were in the safe zone. Seeing that no movement came from the building not too far away, Liu Zilang quickly revived the teary-eyed Misaka Mikoto.

Not too long after, the blue circle coincided with the boundary of the safe zone, and a new circle refreshed.

Liu Zilang let out a long sigh of relief after seeing the new circle.

The new circle had gone easy on them. It included both Mylta Power and Factory which was nearby.

Their location was not too far away from the Factory. All they needed to do was push forward a little.

On the commentary platform.

“This is a very interesting circle, it includes both Mylta Power and Factory. It’s as if it’s asking the players to place their bets.”

“Haha, I share that sentiment. High or low, place your bets! It’s a big gamble.”

We can see that there are twenty-nine teams and fifty players left on the battlefield. Compared to your usual tournament match, it’s still a lot of people. Even though the first few circles were cruel toward the players, the pace of the match is not as fast as we thought.”

“Yup. However, once the blue circle starts to shrink this round, there won’t be much chance for the players to evade each other. Well, they might have been able to in the first two circles or even the third, but from the fourth circle onward, it’s all encounters and friction.”

“That’s right, and amidst those encounters, the strong will survive while the weak will fall.”

“Let’s take a look at the situation within the safe zone. Currently, both Mylta Power and Factory are occupied by teams. However, in a duo tournament, two people won’t be able to secure such large areas. We can predict that other teams will continually enter the two locations.”

While the commentators analyzed the situation, Liu Zilang revived Misaka Mikoto. He looked at the safe zone on the map and quickly reached a decision.

“Shifu, Shifu, so do we place our bets on high or low?” Misaka Mikoto asked cheerfully.

“Neither,” Liu Zilang replied.

“Ah?” Misaka Mikoto was dumbfounded.

“Only elementary school students deal with multiple-choice questions.” Liu Zilang smiled. “Real winners are never gamblers.”

“Shifu, what you’re saying…” Misaka Mikoto scratched her head, feeling a little embarrassed. “… I don’t understand.”

“See that mark?”

Liu Zilang did not offer an explanation. Instead, he glanced at the two-story building where Karl’s team was positioned and then swiftly opened his map to mark the two-story guard tower that was outside Factory.

“I’ll count to three…”

“Are we running together this time, Shifu?” Misaka Mikoto asked, feeling a little apprehensive.

“Of course, why would I desert you?” Liu Zilang retorted.

“…” Misaka Mikoto’s face darkened.


‘You’ve said the exact same thing so many times!’

Even though she was cursing in her heart, she had to obey her master’s orders.

This time, she was prepared. She sneakily set up a smokescreen in front of her.

Liu Zilang did not care too much about it.

To put things in perspective, the two-story guard tower in front of Factory was not that far away. If they really wanted to enter the safe zone, both of them could have done so together under the cover of smokescreens.

The problem was that Karl was in the building next door. He could not afford to let a problem that big tail him, lest there be incidents in the future.

Liu Zilang planned to have one of them enter the safe zone to establish presence, while he suppressed their opponents from where he was.

He had to fight against two opponents. However, Liu Zilang had swapped the SKS in his hands with Kim Doohwan’s Kar98K. He was confident that he could suppress both opponents at once.

The crucial thing was, his team had someone in the safe zone while the other did not. They would be pressured to move once the circle shrunk close enough.

It has to be said that Liu Zilang’s tactic this time was a good one, and its implementation was a rare success.

Misaka Mikoto tucked her head in and ran straight into the smokescreen. With Liu Zilang providing covering fire with his Kar98K from behind, she entered the safe zone without taking a single shot.

At that time Karl’s team was planning to reuse their old trick, similar to how they had held Liu Zilang back behind the tree in the previous circle: Let one go and hold back the other.

However, after Misaka Mikoto had run into the guard tower, Karl took a look at the map and noticed that something was amiss.

‘Oh, sh*t!’

Karl realized that…

The difference between the current circle and the last was not Liu Zilang but themselves.

In the last circle, they managed to block Liu Zilang because he was outside of the safe zone while they were inside it.

However, right then, Liu Zilang and the both of them were outside of the safe zone.

It meant that when they were blocking Liu Zilang, they were being blocked by Liu Zilang.

Their opponent even had another line of fire coming from within the safe zone. Once the blue circle started shrinking, it was clear which side would have the advantage.

With a little more than a minute left on the countdown timer, the blue circle would start to shrink fast, and it would be more painful than the previous one. They were at the edge of the blue circle and therefore would start to take damage first.

After realizing this, Karl who was in the building decided that they would not be sitting ducks.

“Let’s go!” Both of them looked at each other and then swiftly jumped from the second-floor window. Then, both of them lobbed smoke grenades before continuing forward.


Both teams were close to each other. Liu Zilang immediately noticed that they had broken the window.

‘That’s some quick thinking,’ Liu Zilang thought as a slight smile crept on his face.

“The two people opposite us are running away. Can you hit them?” he quickly asked in the voice chat.

“I can, I can!” Misaka Mikoto replied urgently. Immediately after, she asked with a look of difficulty on her face, “But they’re already in the smokescreen. I can’t see them!”

“Don’t worry, just spray into the smoke,” Liu Zilang encouraged her through the voice chat, “Believe in yourself. There’s no difference.”

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