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«Journey To Become A True God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1446: I Didn't Expect That You Have The Inheritance Of The Sage God

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Chapter 1446: I Didn't Expect That You Have The Inheritance Of The Sage God

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"Master, this woman is looking for information in your memory." Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that Huang Ying was searching for information from Ye Chen's memory.

" what?" Ye Chen was shocked when he listened to what Chu Yuechan said, Ye Chen hastily pulled himself back.

Unfortunately Ye Chen was held back by Huang Ying, so he couldn't escape Huang Ying's grip.

Huang Ying held Ye Chen very tightly, she managed to restrain Ye Chen with her full strength.

Being held by Huang Ying so tightly, Ye Chen could not free himself from Huang Ying's grip.

No matter how hard Ye Chen tried, Ye Chen was still unable to break away from Huang Ying.

Huang Ying started looking for information inside Ye Chen's memory, she was looking for the information she needed.

Huang Ying quickly got what she needed, now Huang Ying knew the secret that Ye Chen was hiding.

Huang Ying tried to find out some information from Ye Chen, just when Huang Ying wanted to go deeper, Huang Ying's connection was suddenly cut off, a huge force prevented Huang Ying from seeking more information.

Huang Ying was forcefully kicked out of Ye Chen's memory, she opened her eyes and regained her senses.

Honestly Huang Ying was surprised by the secret that Ye Chen had, this man had a shocking secret.

"Miss Huang, how can you be so impolite" Ye Chen complained to Huang Ying who was forcibly seeking information from her.

"I'm sorry for my impudence, I didn't expect you to inherit the Inheritance of the Sage God" Huang Ying apologized to Ye Chen, he apologized for what just happened.

Ye Chen looked confused when he saw Huang Ying's behavior, even though Ye Chen wanted to scold her, he didn't expect Huang Ying to apologize to Ye Chen.

"I won't forgive you that easily" Ye Chen said that he wouldn't forgive Huang Ying very easily.

" so, what do you want?" Huang Ying asked what Ye Chen wanted.

"emm" Ye Chen thought, he thought about what he should do to Huang Ying.

Huang Ying must already know a lot about him, this would be very difficult for Ye Chen.

If Huang Ying leaked this out, it would be a very troublesome matter for Ye Chen.

"Master, you have to silence her?" Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to go and silence Huang Ying, lest Ye Chen's secret spread.

"Is it okay to do that?" Ye Chen said at Chu Yuechan, Ye Chen was still hesitant to do that to Huang Ying, he didn't know if he could silence Huang Ying.

Huang Ying was a powerful existence, it would definitely not be easy to deal with Huang Ying.

"I will have Chu Ning'er help you" Chu Yuechan said that he would send Chu Ning'er to help Ye Chen, with Chu Ning'er's help, Ye Chen would be able to silence Huang Ying.

"It's not necessary, I alone is enough." Ye Chen said that himself was enough to do that.

Ye Chen stepped forward, he tried to get close to Huang Ying who was in front of him, Ye Chen's goal was to make a surprise attack on Huang Ying, Ye Chen would use Passion Goddess technique to deal with Huang Ying.

Ye Chen approached, she reached out and used the Passion Goddess technique on Huang Ying.

Huang Ying moved away, she stepped away from Ye Chen, it seemed that Huang Ying already knew what Ye Chen was going to do.

"Ye Chen, I didn't mean it like that, so don't do it." Huang Ying said that she didn't mean to do that, she didn't expect Ye Chen to have such a big secret in his body.

Honestly, Ye Chen's secret was far greater than Huang Ying could imagine, Ye Chen's body was full of treasures that could trigger all major powers to chase after him.

Ye Chen had countless treasures ranging from special bodies, the inheritance of the Sage God and Azure Dragon and several legendary artifacts that could trigger a large-scale war in the God Realm.

"I don't trust you, you must have other goals." Ye Chen didn't believe Huang Ying, this woman must have other goals.

Huang Ying had obtained the information in Ye Chen's memory, so this beautiful goddess must have some secret information in Ye Chen's possession.

"I have no other goals, so please trust me" Huang Ying tried to persuade Ye Chen to believe in her.

Ye Chen still didn't believe what Huang Ying said, he still didn't believe this woman in front of him.

Huang Ying may be a beautiful and charming woman, but she has obtained the secret that Ye Chen has, it is very dangerous for Ye Chen.

Honestly Ye Chen has more to protect himself and his family, if this secret were to surface, it could endanger everyone close to Ye Chen, Ye Chen didn't want that to happen.

Huang Ying saw that Ye Chen still didn't believe him, it seemed that what he said Ye Chen still couldn't believe.

"Ye Chen, I swear to heaven that I will not reveal this matter, if I Huang Ying leak this matter, then I will be destroyed by the heavens very painfully" Huang Ying finally made an oath, she swore that she would not reveal this matter to anyone.

Huang Ying showed her seriousness, she swore that she would not talk about this to outsiders.

Ye Chen looked at Huang Ying, this woman dared to make an oath in front of Ye Chen.

"Yuechan, what do you think?" Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan if he still had something to do with Huang Ying or not.

"She's already made an oath, so it should be fine, but there's still a risk, so you still have to be careful." Chu Yuechan gave her opinion.

She looks sincere, I don't think he will do that" Ye Chen could see Huang Ying's sincerity, it seemed that Huang Ying would not leak this matter.

"The decision is yours, I will support all the decisions you make." Chu Yuechan said that if the decision was in Ye Chen's hands, she would support Ye Chen's decision.

"Okay, I trust you" Ye Chen lowered his guard, he lowered his guard towards Huang Ying.

Huang Ying was relieved when she saw Ye Chen lower his guard, it seemed that this matter had been resolved.

Huang Ying and Ye Chen sat together like before, the atmosphere became awkward when the two sat together.

"Ye Chen I didn't expect that you have the inheritance of Sage God, you seem to be the luckiest person in God Realm" Huang Ying decided to start a conversation, she started a conversation with Ye Chen, Huang Ying told that Ye Chen was a blessed person.

"No really, I have my own problem with this, even though it's strong, the fact is that there are still many people who are after my body" Ye Chen told that outside there are many people who are after his body.

"I understand that, your body is indeed very precious, there must be many people who are after you" Huang Ying also understands the problem Ye Chen is facing, Huang Ying knows that it is not easy to have the legendary Sage God inheritance, there must be many people who are envious and wanted to obtain the power of the Sage God.

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