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«Journey Of The Fate Destroying Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 748 Vacation

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Chapter 748 Vacation

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“After that, I shrunk my Dharma Body and fused with it,” explained Li Jun.

“Did it help with your Duyi Realm?” asked Wang Wei.

“No. I guess because it was your idea and method,” replied Li Jun. “However, I’m satisfied with the result.” His Dao Body was more powerful after using this method.

“I spent a lot of my cultivation time training my Duyi Realm,” added Li Jun.

“That’s a good idea. What about that weapon? Have you subdued it yet?”

“You can say I barely subdue it,” Li Jun said, shaking his head. He created an ominous weapon, so the thing kept trying to kill him every time he used it. So, he had to continue training to use it.

“You should be careful,” warned Yan Liling. “Even if you subdue that thing, it might counter-attack when you’re at you’re weakest.”

“That’s indeed possible,” he uttered. Li Jun could foresee the final battle would push him to his limit, and he will also have numerous moments of weakness. So, the ominous weapon might use those opportunities to counter-attack and kill him.

“Place a self-detonating seal on it,” uttered Wang Wei. “If it does revolt, don’t hesitate to blow it up; you can even use it as a bomb on the enemy.”

Wang Wei has always disliked weapons with intelligence or consciousness. So, he never allowed his Proving Dao Weapon to grow sentience even though it would be more powerful. And wherever he encountered an artifact with sentience that tried to resist, he did not hesitate to obliterate their consciousness.

“Yes, I should place counter-measures in case something goes wrong,” nodded Li Jun; he also realized the possibility of the enemy inducing the weapon to rebel against him. So, he needed to prepare for all possibilities.

“Do you need my help?” asked Wang Wei.

“No need.”

“Fine. What happened to Tie Gang?”

“He failed to break the barrier between Mortal and Immortal,” explained Li Jun.

“Although I knew this would be the case, I’m still a little disappointed,” Wang Wei shook his head. He knew Tie Gang did not have the talent for such an achievement. More importantly, he did not have the destiny.

“You don’t have to worry about him,” added Yan Liling. “He’s been practicing secret techniques that grant him Immortal Strength. He collaborated with the sect to create a perfect system involving formation, weapons, and pills. So, he’ll be a great general.”

She participated in his training, so she knew best about Tie Gang’s current situation.

“That’s good. What about Cai Song? Is she ready?” asked Wang Wei.

“She is.”

“Excellent. In the final battle, she can show the world the importance of Puppet Dao, thus encouraging other factions to revitalize this field,” nodded Wang Wei with shining eyes.

Once more people began to create Puppet Legions, it would be easier for him to lead the Myriad Emperor World to expand through the entire Endless Void.

The three chatted for a few hours before Wang Wei left, leaving the two lovebirds to themselves.

“What are you going to do next?”

“I will continue to subdue the weapon, train my Duyi realm, then spend more time with Ai’er and the child.”

Yan Liling did not say anything.

“You should understand that I could experience an eternal parting with them during the final battle,” he hurriedly explained.

“I’m not unreasonable, so I understand,” said Yan Liling. “I will accompany you.” Li Jun was shocked after hearing this; then, he smiled.

Wang Wei teleported home to his wife.

“Ready?” asked Wu Hong.

“Yes. Let’s go.”

“So, where first?” she asked.

“Let’s stop at the foot of the mountain first.”

Wang Wei and Wu Hong flew to the city nearest the sect. They landed outside and walked like a normal couple. Besides casting a little spell that prevented people from noticing them, they resembled any ordinary young mortal couple.

As he walked in the streets, he saw numerous Flying Horse Carriages, which were this world’s version of a car. As of now, most mortals can earn enough money to buy one. Furthermore, there were different designs based on demonic beasts. For example, dragon designs were more expensive and considered luxury brands.

The city had lanes for the Flying Horse Carriages and for pedestrians to walk.

“Do you want to take a Running Elephant Carriage or a call for a Flying Horse Carriage?” asked Wang Wei.

Wu Hong looked at the large constructs in the distance carrying multiple people.

“Don’t you mean bus?” she asked with a smile.

“Don’t break the fantasy,” he warned.

“You have a good point,” muttered Wang Wei. As rich as he is, he should have a private plane to flirt with a beautiful woman.

“Well, consider me a poor scholar for today. So, let’s walk.”

The two continued to walk as they observed the surroundings. Wang Wei saw many young people walking with a circle rune floating next to their ears.

‘Is this how the Void Storing Flute evolved?’ he thought. The Voice Storing Flute or MP3 concept was created during his Qi Luck Trial to meet the spiritual needs of the citizens. It had evolved after countless years.

“It’s beautiful,” commented Wu Hong. “You’ve created a perfect mortal civilization that combined science and technology with cultivation.”

“Indeed,” nodded Wang Wei as he looked at the civilians of this city. Full of life and light of wisdom. Ordinary citizens can live between 150 to 160 years due to enough food and nutrients, shelter from the harsh environment, access to a well develop medicine system, and, more importantly-martial arts.

This civilization created a set of basic movements that allowed people to passively absorb Spiritual Qi between Heaven and Earth to nourish their bodies. Although they cannot store Spiritual Qi, it still provides them with many health benefits-including a centennial lifespan.

Subsequently, there are Extraordinary Citizens—people who access their spiritual power. These Extraordinary Citizens are the driving force of this civilization, using their spiritual power to engrave runes and create all the constructs.

Extraordinary Citizens have a lifespan of 250-300 years because they can use their spiritual power to prevent their body’s life force or vitality from dissipating.

“Let’s go watch a movie,” said Wang Wei with a smile.

“Oh, what genre?”

“You pick between romance, action and adventure, comedy, and horror.”

“How about a romantic horror.”

“Why this one?” asked Wang Wei.

“It’s a perfect choice: there is the mushy mushy romance stuff, plus I can use the excuse of the horror to pretend I’m scared and hold you tightly.”

“Why did not I think of that? You are really the perfect wife.”

“I know,” replied Wu Hong with a smile. The two went to see a movie or Recorded Story. There are two ways to produce movies in this civilization. The first one is to get a few willing cultivators as actors. With their powers, the production crew does not need to worry about CGI and stunts since the cultivators can use spells.

The second is to use Illusion Arrays to create the entire story directly. And with Wang Wei introducing these people to different genres of movies from Earth, the movie business or industry has developed dramatically in the past 300,000 years.

“What a great movie,” said Wu Hong as she walked out of the theater, her left arm tightly around Wang Wei and her right arm holding food.

“Were you scared?”

“Of course. Didn’t you see me scream and hold you tightly?”

“Yes, with me around, you should have been reassured?”

“Of course. After all, you’re my strong and brave man,” she said with a smile. “Where are we going next?”

“Let’s go to the best restaurant in the city.”

“Movie and dinner: you sure know how to woe a girl’s heart.”

Before the movie, he used his political connection to reserve a table in advance. So, the waiter led them to their table and soon served them food.

“The food is excellent,” commented Wu Hong. Cultivators do not need to eat and prefer to drink wine or tea, so the culinary art is not well developed. In the cultivator world, great food relies more on excellent ingredients baptized by Spiritual Qi instead of techniques, ingredients, and spices.

“Not even closes to yours,” commented Wang Wei, and he was not lying. With her Sealing Dao that allowed her to seal the flavor and burst out after a bit, the food in this restaurant is nothing.

Wang Wei has a large section of his space ring with Wu Hong’s cooking. All these foods are perfectly preserved with the power of Time so he could eat them fresh.

The reason for doing this is because of his Essence Flower Divine Ability which allowed him to temper his body simply by eating delicious food of high ingredients. He’s waiting for the right time to use them to help him open the Gate of Power.

“This civilization of yours should have created weapons. How strong are they?” she asked.

“They can kill Supernatural Realm. However, that’s their limit,” replied Wang Wei with a sigh. The first three stages of cultivation are still the categories of mortals. Only in the fourth stage will cultivators be considered extraordinary, hence the name Supernatural; this is also the reason some Lower Realms called this stage the Transcending Mortality Realm.

So, after this Spiritual Rune Civilization reached the destructive capabilities of the Supernatural Realm, Heavenly Dao placed restrictions on them, preventing them from developing after hundreds of thousands of years.

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