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«Isekai Kaeri no Ossan wa, Fusei Sukiru de Fathercon Musume-tachi o Tororori ni (Web Novel) - Chapter 57: The Angelica who Spoils People Rotten

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Chapter 57: The Angelica who Spoils People Rotten

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Time flies, and before long, it’s February 3rd. I feel like yesterday we were still in the mood for new years but it’s already the time for Setsubun¹. With a stretch, I once again was reminded that the flow of time felt quicker the older you are.

I’m living quite a laid-back lifestyle, but it appeared that Angelica was passing through time the same way. She had her prided blond hair sprawled around the pillow as she mindlessly stretches on the bed, making herself at home with all the fiber of her being. On the other hand, there was Ayako-chan, who was nervously fidgeting as she continued washing the dishes. Truly, it was a peaceful off day. It’s a Saturday too, so it was two holidays on top of each other.

It’s been a week since I cornered Kana while casually throwing away my dignity as a person, and it seemed that the biggest thing that changed from that whole event was the fact that we are living with one extra person now, which is especially something to be thankful for since she had all sorts of debuff in her disposal.

The other huge thing that I can think of is Angelica’s currently extreme worrywart attitude, and the subject of her worry is me and my body. According to her, I’m basically the personification of the word “unreliable”, which led her to constantly follow me around when I’m at home. Whenever I show an opening, she would glomp me from the back and circled her arms down around my waist, claiming physically that she would not let go. Of course she also coerced me into sleeping together with her every night.

At first it was…okay.

“You can’t go anywhere daddy.”

Because felt like she only wanted to be spoiled. Once I told her that I won’t be disappearing for no reason while giving light pats on her head, she narrowed her eyes in joy. Realizing that there was still a hint of childishness in her gave me a peace of mind.

However, once Ayako-chan falls asleep, she did a 180 and instantly switched from a “child” to a “woman”.

“I want your baby dad…” she whispered, her eyes glistening as they moisten at whatever foolhardiness she’s trying to do next to the sleeping Ayako-chan. I asked her directly if she thinks this obsession with child-making of hers has been going way too far and if she has a clear vision of what she wants to do after she becomes a mother, and after I asked her how is she going to raise the child, she facilely said “Obviously, I’m going to spoil them lots.”

Gee, I wonder if she’s going to be a kind, loving mother.

“Of course I’m not going to neglect spoiling you, daddy. Do you understand? If I have a baby, then daddy will be, so you should practice getting spoiled by me while you still can, though I think you’re starting to run out of time.”

“Whoa, whoa, what do you mean, I don’t get it.”

“Don’t you hear about those saying sometimes? You can’t spoil your husband too much even after your wedding, because he’ll end up being like your oldest son, just bigger.”

“…I’m sure it’s just some article in the woman’s section that’s designed to hurt men’s hearts. Is that how it goes in that other world too?”

“Well for me, I think that’s an ideal relationship. I mean, daddy will have to be my papa, my husband and my oldest son, aren’t you aware of that?”

“As if.”

“What you’re lacking is self-esteem, daddy. Don’t worry though, I’ll raise you once again from an infant and correct you to be an upstanding, healthy old man.”

What the hell, this girl wants me to impregnate his adopted daughter and be raised by her as well? She’s a walking red flag at this point. What part of all this sound wholesome to you? I think between the girls around me, Angelica could be the most dangerous of them all.

It was last night when she put my head on her lap and did the “good boy” on me, and honestly, what she’s doing is more destructive than any sort of Mental Debuffs I’ve faced when I was in that other world. I feel like my mental age was cut down by about 20 just by those several few seconds.

With the impending crisis of losing any right to be her father, I desperately appealed as a breadwinner, saying to her “it looks like I’m going to get a pay raise soon”.

Take that, I thought. Now how’s it feel to treat me like a child?

But then, Angelica immediately responded with “If daddy’s pay is going up then I feel like he’s going to go somewhere, so I don’t want it” she said. “Knowing you, daddy, you’re gonna have a lot of girls flocking to you, so I wish I could be the one to support you though…” At the end, she nonchalantly blurted out “when I get a job, you should immediately quit your job, okay?”

What nonsense.

…though, that mindset of her is what truly makes her dangerous. She’s got the makings of someone who could drown men in the depths of depravity. I’ve got to check myself before she turns me completely dependent on her. She doesn’t seem convincing since she doesn’t have any earning yet, but if it was otherwise, I’d be the one earning pocket money, crying at her that I want to whale in a mobile game. She’d go “what should I do with you~” and hand me 10,000 yen like it’s nothing. I could even imagine myself dashing straight for the convenience store to buy that prepaid card. She would even probably be the one doing the grocery shopping.

I don’t like it. I felt the chills crawling down my spine just from the thought of it, but I hate the fact that I can clearly picture it. Am I really okay? I keep getting worried as my mentality crumbles…even though there’s something I still need to do.

That’s right, today I planned to ask Kana about her story in the other world. Since she had more privilege and lower difficulties she was facing in that world, she seemed to know more than I do in mine, such as about earthlings and other worlders.

What is a summoned hero? Can we go there again? Can I make sure that they won’t send us any more assassins?

All those questions keep popping up one after another, but if I let my expression soften, I wouldn’t have the appeal to get her to answer, so I went up to the mirror and put up the meanest expression I could muster.


This should be good. I have the mug of someone who made goblins extinct and eat dragons alive, so with that, I put on my coat and head for the entrance.

And then, as if it’s the natural thing to do, Angelica came in tow. I stopped on my track and turned around and faced the girl.

“Sorry but I’m going to need you to stay home, just in case.”

“…You’re going off to meet Kana-san, right? Why don’t you just contact her from your phone?”

“I thought of doing that, but I’ve got something to hand over.”

“…Can’t you just send it by mail?”

“Looks like you’ve gathered enough modern-day knowledge. You don’t have to be so vigilant, you know?” I reminded, “Kana will never be able to beat me.”

“…Doesn’t she have black hair?”

“…huh? That’s what you’re worried about? That’s not going to be possible.” I said, explaining as I open my arms wide. “You know what she’s like. She’s a dangerous brat who got drunk from the fact that she’s a hero. It’s not like she’s particularly cute anyways. She’s just a source of intelligence in my eyes.”

“That’s what you think, dad, but we don’t know how she feels” she said, before flipping over my coat.


“Maybe this is thanks to Ayako, but I suppose with all those debuffs, you should be vulnerable now.”

“…wait, what are you…ey, hey hey! That tickles!! ANGE!!”

Ange flipped my clothes dove directly into my chest. Then I could feel the sensation of teeth biting into my skin as her bodily warmth flows to me.

“Aah…what the hell are you doing…”

I can feel her sucking on my skin, trying to leave a hickey. It was merely several seconds, but the feeling of guilt had soared through the roof.


Then, along with a wet, smacking sound, Angelica drew her face away, smiling as if satisfied.

“It’s okay now~”

“…Are you doing that as a repellant?”

Well, all she did was prevent me from stripping in front of another girl, which is something I wouldn’t do in the first place. Besides, isn’t she being too cautious?”

“Listen here, Ange…Why are you fine with me talking with Ayako-chan but you’re being too overprotective when it comes to other girls?”

“Ayako is…well, we’re kindred souls, let’s just put it like that.”

Is that really it? I mean, I guess I can see it since she started to drop the “-san”. I’ve no idea what happened between the two, but it does seem like Ange is indebted to Ayako-chan in a way. Not just because of the debuff she can provide, it feels like she’s indebted to Ayako-chan in a deeper level. I wonder if there’s an event where the two could deepen their friendship while I was out working.

“Ayako could still hold herself back, but she too doesn’t like it when you get all chummy with other girls, daddy.”

“I’m telling you I won’t.”

“Especially Rio-san, she’s a no-no.”

“H-huh? What are you talking about?”

“She’s the spitting image of Elza-san, isn’t she? She’s going to be the primary suspect if we end up having you stolen away from us” she said, squinting, her eyes unwavering.

“I haven’t even met her recently. Listen, the person I’m meeting today is Kana, alright? I’m gonna just go, alright.”

“…take care.”

Angelica waved her arms as I leave, watching her with a sidelong gaze, seeing her eyes carrying a remaining regret as she saw me off.

I closed the door and locked it before putting the key in my pocket with a sigh.

“She’s too keen for her own good…”

As a matter of fact, I’m planning to talk with Kana along with Rio present as our mutual acquaintance and as a person who knows my power. She’s perfect to be the person in the middle, and she’s a delinquent that could stand and guard us as we’ve been on TV in multiple occasions.

…that, and because I finally caved in after her countless messages saying that she wanted us to meet.

“Nothing wrong is going to happen” I said, whispering as I held the place Angelica suckled on just minutes earlier.

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