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«Isekai Kaeri no Ossan wa, Fusei Sukiru de Fathercon Musume-tachi o Tororori ni (Web Novel) - Chapter 50: The Enemy of Evil is Another Form of Evil

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Chapter 50: The Enemy of Evil is Another Form of Evil

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Just as the enemy of justice is another form justice, the enemy of evil is another form of evil. The more inhuman someone your opponent is, the less restraint you have to impose upon yourself.

Kana had overstepped her boundaries, going into a domain she is not supposed to, and so the person chasing her, which is me, is straying away from the path of humanity. Not that I wanted to do this in the first place though. I myself am planning to take someone hostage. After all, if I’m dealing against an enemy that is shut in on her domain, this is the most interesting way that will work. Unlike dehydrating a castle by cutting off their water supply, this tactic has good cost effectiveness. If I’m going to threaten Kana, I’m gonna need to swipe away her brother Yuuta.

At first, I thought of taking her parents hostage. They will have to get out of the house whether they want it or not to go to work, so that should make them easy to capture. However, her parents ended up in a marital quarrel in the morning. If her parents regularly quarrel, chances are, the children won’t care much about them, which greatly reduces their value as a hostage. There’s no meaning to hold hostage someone Kana doesn’t cherish, so as I thought, Yuuta is the ideal hostage.

To rebuild her strength, Yuuta tend to go jogging every morning. If it’s routine, I could probably capture him then.

Still, Kana might not allow her brother to go out since she’s being so wary of me right now. That, or Yuuta might personally choose to not go outside out of his own free will. A former hikikomori might need a copious amount of courage to walk out the front door of a house that is constantly being surveilled by the media.

First, I need to flush out Yuuta. I really want him to go out of his house, especially to a place quite far away where the cameras aren’t going to be droning around. If I want these conditions fulfilled, I might not be able to simply capture him when he’s out jogging in the first place.

That’s why, I really can’t help it.

Giving excuses to myself, my legs carried me to an electronics retail store, Yotsuboshi Camera¹. It’s open all the way to 10 PM, specializing in selling cameras and lenses as well as various electronic commodities.

There are two things I’m looking for here: a polaroid camera and a telescope. I can find the former quickly, lining up the shelves perhaps due to a recurring boom with the young girls which can also explain its round-ish shape. Its price is just below 7,000 yen, while I bought a telescope worth around 10,000 yen.

There’s a reason for why I bought this polaroid camera, and it’s because it can immediately print the picture I take. I heard that a picture taken by smartphones can be printed with a drone, but there’s a risk of the data remaining in them. I don’t know if it really is true, but the risk is there, and it gives me anxiety. It won’t hurt anyone to be too careful. Besides, I’m about to do something illegal from now.

Returning to my apartment room, I quickly handed the camera to Keisuke C and beckoned Ayako-chan over. As she quickly rushed towards me, I stated my intention once more.

“We can stop if you don’t want this. So do you still want to do this?”

“I’m not against it. I am rather happy about it.” She replied immediately with her cheeks flushed. How reliable.

Now that I’ve gotten the person in question’s consent, I immediately start tying her hands behind her back. I thrust my arm to her neck, creating a very violent imagery.

“Makes you feel really bad, doesn’t it?” said Keisuke C as he pressed the shutter.

“Let’s take one where we point a blade at her too.”

“…you can slide my panties down too, okay?”

“I won’t do that” I replied quickly, shutting down the excited Ayako-chan’s suggestion.

“Is that so…”

“Why are you disappointed…?”

We keep taking pictures with angles that obstruct my face from entering the frame, and the pictures are immediately developed and printed out of the camera.

“Yeah, it’s good.”

I have no complaints about the result.

Any guy that are interested in Ayako-chan would go crazy after looking at these pictures. These pictures are the worst, even for me.

Just to be sure not to leave my fingerprints, I held the pictures through a handkerchief and inserted the pictures into an envelope. Next, I need to prepare a message. To make sure they can’t trace my fingerprints or the handwriting, I had Angelica write it. I dictate the words to her, but she wrote it with her unique handwriting style.

The Language Understanding skill allowed her to read and write Japanese, but she is still clumsy at writing kanji. Because of that, it would be even more challenging to guess whose handwriting it is, so it’s all for the better.

“It’s done” Angelica said proudly, putting her pen down.

Burn this along with the pictures after you’re done reading this. Go to the peak of Sagara Mountain on January 27th, 9 AM alone. If you call the police or inform your family, Ootsuki Ayako is dead.”

Perfect. All we need to do now is to do make an express delivery to Saeki Yuuta. I’ve confirmed his postal code through the internet earlier, so it should definitely arrive tomorrow morning.

Today is January 25th, it should arrive on the 26th, and so he’ll have an entire day to consider what he should do. All that’s left to do is to expect his chivalrous spirit to propel him there.

What if he tells someone and exposed everything? I can have Ayako-chan testify that she just wanted to prank him as a revenge because he rejected her confession in the past, though we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. You can’t win a winnable fight while curling in the pressure of the thought that it will fail. We have to take every chances we can get to win this one.

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