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Chapter 49: Trio

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“Alright then, can you lend me a hand?”

“What should I do?” Angelica asked, tilting her head. I asked her to help me move the table aside. I felt weird asking a girl to do a menial job, but her Attack power is 300, about three times higher than a regular guy. Despite looking like an everyday, sweet maiden, she had a status rivaling a fierce animal.

“Can you just put it somewhere in the veranda?”

She responded jovially with an “Okaay~” as she lifted the table with one hand. She does it so effortlessly that it looks like she’s lifting a paperback book. No wonder Ayako-chan is startled seeing the differences between her dainty appearance and her unnatural strength.

Me, I carried the bookshelf and television to the kitchen while leaving my laptop on top of the washing machine. Having two people clear the room really makes it a breeze.

The furniture in the living room is now reduced, creating an open living room area. I can say now that I’ve created enough space for a guy to run around freely.

“Stay on the bed, Ange. You too, Ayako-chan…also, can you two close your eyes for a bit?”


“Because I’m going to take my clothes off.”


Angelica and Ayako-chan hurriedly brought her hands to her eyes…Maybe they’re not looking now. Maybe.

Quickly taking my clothes off, I threw them to the edge of my bed.

“I’m hearing clothes rustling…”

“Nakamoto-san…you’re naked now, aren’t you…?”

I feel like I’m being watched through the gaps between some fingers, am I imagining it?

“…right, it feels weird so can you two go to the bathroom?”

“Nonono, don’t mind us. I love the bed.”


Ange and Ayako-chan is clearly expecting some weird event to happen here, so I should really clear up the air here.

“There’s nothing pleasant to see you know. Rather, it might be super disgusting if I say so myself.”

“A-Are you going to do something bad!? Then I want to see it!”

“No, you absolutely can’t see this. You’ll definitely regret it if you choose to see it. Do you really want to see me get torn in half?”


As she said that, Angelica stiffly shut her eyes. I guess I can sympathize with her. Next to her, Ayako-chan is also doing the same thing.

“Don’t open your eyes until I tell you so, okay.”

“Yeshh…b-but please be careful.”

Goodness me. Is it really that interesting to see an old man’s body?

Sighing, I took out a permanent marker, marking my right flank with the letter A and the letter B on the left. This is just to avoid complications later, since calling both of us Nakamoto Keisuke would be a huge pain in the neck.

“When it comes down to doing it, it’s really nerve-wracking.”

That’s right, I am currently planning to split myself in two. If Kana is planning to overwhelm me with number, two can play at that game. Still, from the start, I my stats are ten times higher than Kana’s, and I even have the Double Action skill. Splitting myself in two would cause my fighting strength to skyrocket.

I cast Regeneration on myself and created the Sword of Light using the Sacred Sword skill and created an attack in the middle of the room. Following the predicted trajectory markers, I dashed straight to it.


As my consciousness dissipates, I hear something tumbling to the ground. Looking to my left, the left half of my body is slammed down to the ground; the other me that was cut up to half the size. The cross-section of my body wriggled as it was still alive, and the regeneration of the right side of my body started regenerating. In due time it would probably return back to the previous size. Peeking to my left, it also seemed that my left side of the body had regenerated back as well.

There’s a huge A on my flank, making me Keisuke A.

“…oh, looks like the regen is done. How are you doing over there?”

“Same as you.”

“Doesn’t really hurt, does it.”

“True. Kinda disappointing to be honest.”

A truly strange conversation unfolds between me and Keisuke B. How weird is it to have two of the same people having a leisurely chat.

“What do you think? Do we need one more?”

“Hmm…Guess we can.”

“I’ll go do it then.”

“For sure. I’ll go get a change of clothes.”

Keisuke B heads for the bathroom with his clothes. After seeing him off, I wrote a huge C on my left flank and split myself once again. Just like earlier, I made another copy of myself. And so Keisuke C rises.


“Let’s put on some pants.”

Keisuke C and I looked at each other and squat down. The area under my bed was turned into a drawer that contains my clothes, so the two of us, with the same movement, took out a pair of boxer at the same time and quickly put them on before taking some shirt. This should be fine.

“You can open your eyes now” I told Angelica and Ayako-chan, calling them out.

“…hawawa…daddy multiplied…is this heaven…?”

“…your body is very toned, Nakamoto-san…I could tell from a glance of your clothed figure though…” said Ayako-chan ecstatically as she gazed at us changing. She’s so enraptured you wouldn’t think she was crying until just now. Her recovery capability is astounding.

I scratch my head thinking that these kids somehow sour my mood, and Keisuke B came back from the bathroom.

“Put your damn clothes already. Why are you looking like that in front of Ange and Ayako-chan? It’s not good for their upbringing.”

“You don’t have to tell me” said the man with the same face as mine, saying what I thought of saying. As he’s a carbon copy of me, it’s not that weird for us to be thinking of the same thing. Since we’re talking to ourselves, it doesn’t feel that different than my usual monologue.

Having finished changing my clothes, Keisuke C and I sat down cross-legged before Keisuke B follows suit. Now, let’s talk.

“Three heads are better than one¹, eh?”

“We’re cloning ourselves for the fists rather than the head though.”

“Anyways, who’s gonna do what?”

“Let’s settle it with rock paper scissors”, said Keisuke C. We had no objections. How could we? It’s my idea.

“Let’s decide what each winner do.”

Rock paper scissors SHOOT! I shoot out paper, and the other two chose rock.

“A is strong in rock paper scissors huh.”

“It’s a coincidence. Anyways, I’ll standby for an ambush in the mountains.”

The others did another rock paper scissors, and Keisuke C won it.

“I’ll keep watch then.”

“So I’m the one who’s gotta show up huh…” Keisuke B said, dropping his shoulders.

“Don’t be so disappointed. It’s a convenient position, right?”

“Seriously. You’re gonna be the one who’s just gotta live your everyday life.”

“…Just waiting is really heavy for my spirit you know.”

Keisuke C and I tried to console Keisuke B. Despite being a quickly made clones, we were only one just minutes ago. We all get along well.

“Umm…daddies? What are you planning to do?” asked Angelica, touching her lip with her index finger as she looked at us with wonder.

“I have work tomorrow and after, so I need someone to live as I have and go to the TV station. I need the income and it could be an alibi as well. Meanwhile the other two will flush out Kana.”

“I see, then you really need to split yourself for that. Hmm hmm.” Angelica nodded, while Ayako-chan sitting next to her is turning red. Seems like the image of Keisuke C patting Keisuke B on the shoulder excited her. I’m sure she’s imagining some bone-chillingly horrendous thing right now.

“The spineless seme Nakamoto-san and the inviting uke Nakamoto-san…”

Me x Me pairing is honestly pretty disgusting, so I really want to stop her right then and there. Besides, Ayako-chan? I didn’t know you have this sort of knowledge. Is this girl okay?

Seeing me shudder, Keisuke B seems to have remembered something.

“We’re gonna need phones for us to contact each other, right? I’ll go buy it right now.”

“Ah, my bad, thanks.”

“Two is fine, right? We can give it to Angelica and Ayako-chan once we’re done with Kana.”

“That’ll help. Here, wallet.”

I threw my wallet in my pocket toward Keisuke B, and he caught it in superb timing. What’s more interesting is that Keisuke B had already prepared to catch the wallet even before I start throwing the wallet. Seems like he already knows where I would throw the wallet even when I only started to fish for it in my pocket. Looks like he really knows what I’m thinking.

“Alright, I’ll go now.”

He wore his coat and quickly heads for the entrance. There’s no doppelganger this convenient.

“Alright then,” Now that B took the odd job, I’ll have to be the one taking care of the dirty work.

I walked closer to Ayako-chan and grabbed her narrow shoulders.

“I have something to ask you.”

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