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«Invincible (Web Novel) - Chapter 3411: I, Hongyuan, Have Always Been Biased!

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Chapter 3411: I, Hongyuan, Have Always Been Biased!

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Sun Wukong was no weakling. The disciple of the devil race crashed through several structures from his punch. The experts who were there to attend the wedding stared at Huang Xiaolong’s party in shock.

“Who are they?! They dare to cause trouble in the Yin Yang Devil City on the day of Yinyang Hongyuan’s marriage ceremony!” One of the experts from the Giant Eyed Frog Devil Race gasped.

“I don’t care who they are! They are f*cked now that they dare to offend the Yin Yang Devil Race!” An expert of the Horned Ex Devil Race sneered.

“Why does that monkey look so familiar…?”

After Sun Wukong sent the guard flying, someone made a report to Yinyang Hongyuan. The experts of the Yin Yang Devil Race were celebrating with the Silver Tree Devil Ancestor when they received the report. By the time the report reached them, Sun Wukong swept the floor with more than a hundred other guards. Yinyang Hongyuan slammed the table and roared, “You’re asking for death!”

“Who is the troublemaker?” The Silver Tree Devil Ancestor asked.

“It’s a devil monkey! There are two youngsters and a woman traveling with him!” An expert of the Yin Yang Devil Race reported. “Oh right, the woman seems to be extremely pretty.”

Of course, he was referring to the Holy Phoenix.

The disciple who made the report added the comment on the Holy Phoenix’s looks as he was sure she would catch Yinyang Hongyuan’s attention.

“Pretty?” Yinyang Hongyuan asked. He had more than a thousand concubines, and he was sitting opposite one of his in-laws right now. However, that didn’t stop him.

The disciple of the Yin Yang Race paused for a second and he looked at the Silver Tree Devil Ancestor. Seeing as the other party hadn’t reacted, he continued, “Lord, she is really, really pretty.”

Yinyang Hongyuan cackled with laughter and he spoke to the Silver Tree Devil Ancestor, “Should we… Should we head over for a look?”

The Silver Tree Devil Ancestor glanced at Yinyang Hongyuan from the corner of his eye. He knew what the brat was up to, but he couldn’t care less. “Alright. Since I have nothing to do anyway, let’s go take a look.”

Leading a group of experts, Yinyang Hongyuan left for the gates.

It wasn’t long before he approached the gates.

As Yinyang Hongyuan was someone who loved putting on airs, it was even more exaggerated with his in-law present. All the experts he brought along were experts in the Immortal King Realm or higher!

There were more than ten thousand experts present, and they looked like a giant swarm charging towards Huang Xiaolong and the others. Devil qi soared into the skies.

Sun Wukong was stunned when he noticed the group of newcomers. It was obvious he wasn’t expecting them to come so quickly.

“Your Highness, the person clad in red leading the group is Yinyang Hongyuan.” Ying Gou pointed him out the moment he appeared.

The experts of the Yin Yang Devil Race wore strange robes, and Yinyang Hongyuan was the only one wearing red. He was extremely eye-catching, and the devil aura surrounding him made it all the more obvious.

Huang Xiaolong’s gaze landed on Yinyang Hongyuan.

Yinyang Hongyuan’s gaze landed on all four of them.

Even though Sun Wukong was famous, he hadn’t been to the Devil World recently. In the past, he was suppressed not too long after his fiasco in the Heavenly Court. As such, the members of the devil race didn’t recognize him.

As for Ying Gou, he had already concealed the corpse qi around him. Adding to the fact that he hadn’t appeared in the outside world for a long time, no one in the Immortal World knew who he was. Much less those in the Devil World.

As such, they weren’t recognized.

However, a look of doubt formed in Yinyang Hongyuan’s eyes when he looked at Sun Wukong.

The experts who were there to attend the wedding fell to their knees in fear when they saw Yinyang Hongyuan.

It didn’t take long for them to arrive in front of Huang Xiaolong’s party.

When Yinyang Hongyuan looked at the transformed form of the Holy Phoenix, he was mesmerized. Her beauty couldn’t be described in words.

“Indeed… She’s a beauty.”

The experts of the devil race had weird looks on their faces. However, a look of annoyance appeared on the Holy Phoenix’s face.

Ying Gou shook his head in silence. Yinyang Hongyuan really inherited the Yin Yang Devil’s personality. Everyone could see that the four of them were there to cause trouble, but Yinyang Hongyuan was fixated on the woman.

“Were you the one who injured a disciple of my Yin Yang Devil Race?!” Yinyang Hongyuan glared at Huang Xiaolong.

The Monkey King didn’t bother replying as he quickly hid behind Huang Xiaolong.

“Why don’t you ask us why we’re here? That’s a better question.” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

Yinyang Hongyuan sniggered, “Your purpose isn’t important at all. After all, you’re dead to me.”

“Oh sorry. The three of you will be dead. The beauty will be allowed to live.” Yinyang Hongyuan pointed at the Holy Phoenix and chuckled.

“I, Yinyang Hongyuan, have always been biased towards beautiful women!”

The experts of the devil race who were present looked at the Silver Tree Devil Ancestor who was standing behind Yinyang Hongyuan and weird looks formed on their faces. However, the old devil ancestor remained completely impassive.

“Your Highness, why don’t I deal with this.” Ying Gou bowed towards Huang Xiaolong and spoke.

“Alright.” Huang Xiaolong nodded his head. Even though Ying Gou wasn’t a match for the six sages, he was more than enough when it came to dealing with punks at the level of Yinyang Hongyuan and the others”

After obtaining permission from Huang Xiaolong, Ying Gou released his corpse qi in an instant. A terrifying amount of corpse qi surged towards the members of the Yin Yang Devil Race.

A giant snake formed completely of corpse qi appeared in the skies above them as it swallowed the members of the devil race.

The devil qi of the experts from the Yin Yang Devil Race was completely suppressed by the corpse qi coming from Ying Gou. No. It would be more accurate to say that their devil qi was corroded the moment it appeared.

The devils who were present in the city jumped in fright when they noticed the shocking amount of corpse qi coming from Ying Gou. When they saw the giant snake appear in mid air, their expressions changed. Even the Silver Tree Devil Ancestor couldn’t keep his calm. The name of a terrifying expert flashed through their minds.

“Corpse King!”

The young man attacking them was Corpse King Ying Gou!

Wait… That wasn’t right. They just received news from the Immortal World not too long ago. Didn’t Corpse King Ying Gou appear on the Kunlun Mountain several days ago?!

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