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«Invincible Kungfu Healer (Web Novel) - Chapter 884: Perfection

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Chapter 884: Perfection

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“Your technique is almost there, but it is not yet perfect. You are just missing the last step. With my help, and with the cold pool, it will not be difficult for you to perfect your technique.”

The person could tell what realm Mo Wen was in, and his tone was filled with seduction.

Mo Wen’s technique was almost there and once he cultivated it to perfection, he would be possess a rather terrifying power. The power was close to that of the immortal realm. Even if it was not a lot, in terms of quality, Mo Wen would be able to stand over all other warriors who had not yet become immortal.

The ninth level of the Nine Yin Divine Technique was the most powerful of Yin and Cold techniques. Mo Wen was very excited about it.

However, he would not believe the man who was strung up by the metal chains. He was being kind to Mo Wen for no reason, so it had to be a trap. Furthermore, given the current situation, the person man was obviously not a good person. Cultivation was a very dangerous thing. How could Mo Wen trust him?

“You’d better worry about yourself. I will be able to perfect the technique with the power of this cold pool.”

Mo Wen laughed coldly. He was still quite a distance away from the cold pool, but the water in it was already vaguely guiding the Nine Yang Genuine Qi in his body. If he were to go into the pool, there was definitely a chance that he would be able to break through to the ninth level of the Nine Yin Divine Technique.

Mo Wen ignored the person and walked towards the cold pool. Mo Wen was not worried about the immortal realm warrior after he realized that the man was imprisoned.

He was locked up above the cold pool. While he could use his powers, they were just the Cold Ice Technique and the Deified Soul.

If any other warrior were to encounter him, they would not have any ability to resist. However, Mo Wen was different. Both of those powers had negligible effects on him.

It was almost impossible for the man to make things difficult for Mo Wen.

When Mo Wen stepped onto the surface of the cold pool, and a shocking cold Qi rushed from his soles into his entire body. The Cold Qi had a startling spirituality to it.

In just a mere moment, the Nine Yin Qi in Mo Wen’s body started to spin madly. It was like a hungry person seeing delicious food. The Qi devoured the Cold Qi that gushed into Mo Wen’s body.

Mo Wen walked to the center of the cold pool. The closer he got to the center, the stronger the Cold Qi in the cold pool. The Cold Qi in the center was so cold that Mo Wen shuddered from head to toe.

However, he bore the coldness because he knew that breaking through to the ninth level was not something easy. Without the help of the centremost Cold Qi of the cold pool, it would be difficult to accomplish.

The prisoner looked at Mo Wen quietly. He had expected Mo Wen to reject him. If Mo Wen had agreed without any hesitation and was not wary of him, he would find it odd.

“This cold pool is an interesting thing that can make Tri-colored Cold vital Qi. If you can cultivate in this cold pool for several hundred years, you will definitely achieve a breakthrough in your cultivation levels.” It was a pity that the metal chain did not only stop his physical body, but it also suppressed his powers. Even his deified soul was imprisoned.

500 years had passed and his cultivation levels had not improved at all. Instead, they had weakened greatly. He was completely devoid of energy now and was about to reach the end of his lifespan.

“Tri-colored Cold Vital Qi!”

Shock appeared in Mo Wen’s eyes. That was a thing of legends. Vital Qi was the purest form of energy born of heaven and earth. Back when he was in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension, the ball of vital Qi he absorbed had only been a single-colored vital Qi. The more colors the vital Qi, the higher its rank. Legend had it that the highest-ranking vital Qi was a nine-colored vital Qi.

Other than the ranks of vital Qi, there were also some special vital Qis that had attributes. However, these sorts of vital Qi were rather rare. Most vital Qi did not have attributes. Tri-colored Cold vital Qi was no weaker than a five-colored vital Qi to cultivators cultivating in Cold Attribute Techniques.

“It would be a pity if one did not collect the tri-colored vital Qi the moment it appeared using a special method, If this was not done, it would enter the cold pool. The collector only had one mere moment. I do not know if there is anyone here to collect the tri-colored vital Qi in this cold pool. But in the last thousand years, the tri-colored vital Qi born of this cold pool definitely went back into it. As such, the cold Qi that you absorb is the power that comes from the dissipation of the tri-colored Qi.”

The person looked at Mo Wen with some envy. His physical body was restricted. Even though he had been imprisoned here for 500 years, he had not received any benefits other than enduring the bitter cold.

The young man was different. He was not under any restrictions and could freely absorb the energy here.

“No wonder this cold pool is so amazing.”

There was a flash of understanding in Mo Wen’s eyes. A thing that could make tri-colored cold vital Qi was almost a thing of legend in the world. Furthermore, the tri-colored cold vital Qi would blend back in with the water in the pool and nourish it.

Mo Wen was not distracted anymore once he realized how precious the cold pool was. He focused on absorbing the energy of the cold pool.

However, before he could absorb too much, he suddenly sensed the prisoner releasing a terrifying aura. The aura covered the entire valley.

He opened his eyes immediately and looked at the man vigilantly.

Even though the man could not do anything to him, he would not be able to do anything should the man want to stop him from cultivating.

However, he did not expect that the surge of power was not meant for him, but it was for…

Mo Wen realized that there was a force pushing the energy around the cold pool. The energy gathered in the center. Where Mo Wen was standing, the cold Qi grew thicker and purer. It was as if it had been sieved once.

Shock flickered through Mo Wen’s eyes. That man was helping him so that it would be easier for him to absorb the energy of the cold pool.

“Many thanks, Senior, for your help.”

Mo Wen put his fists together to thank the man. No matter what, the man was helping him. Of course, Mo Wen still felt suspicious and he did not know what the man wanted. However, from what was happening, it must be something good.

“I am a dying man. It is fate that has allowed us to meet. You can cultivate in peace.”

The man closed his eyes after he said that as if he was only trying to help.

A light flickered in Mo Wen’s eyes. After he realized that the man was not doing anything, Mo Wen sat down and focused on cultivating.

Time passed slowly and a day and a night went by in the blink of an eye.

Mo Wen was still sitting in the middle of the cold pool with his legs crossed. He was focused on cultivating. There were layers of cold fog that surrounded him. If one were to look closely, they would discover that the cold fog was extraordinary. It seemed to be releasing lively ripples.

In the dark, a pair of eyes opened for some reason. The eyes watched Mo Wen and glinted with complicated emotions. They glowed with excitement and some shock.

“He is indeed a genius. I might have underestimated him earlier. There is so much spirituality in his inner Qi. The power of one’s spirituality is the utmost sign of the power of heaven and earth. Only immortal cultivators in the Primordial Soul Realm and above can helm an extraordinary amount of power. There is more than 50% spiritual power in his inner Qi. What is going on?”

“Not even those who were born with a divine body would be so talented! Doesn’t that mean that he can activate some treasures and stratagems with just his inner Qi? This is madness.”

The more the man observed Mo Wen, the more shocked he became. The young man’s cultivation levels were not amazing. However, his potential was limitless.

He had thought that Mo Wen would need at least ten days or more to reach perfection even with the aid of the cold pool. However, the inner Qi in Mo Wen’s body had high levels of spirituality. They make quick work of absorbing the cold Qi. Mo Wen’s absorption rate was almost no weaker than his.

Mo Wen would be able to reach perfection by daybreak. He had seen many talented geniuses but this was the first time he met someone so blessed by the heavens.

The sky gradually grew brighter and spread over the skies. A red sun slowly peaked out from the clouds.

Mo Wen, who had been sitting in the center of the cold pool with his eyes closed, opened his eyes suddenly. Then, a startling Cold attribute power erupted from him. It was like a storm that wrecked through the valley.

The cold pool froze into ice in mere moments. This was a rare sight that had never happened in thousands of years. Even mysterious people who had become immortals were unable to do this. However, the moment Mo Wen had a breakthrough, he let the most original form of power in the world out and caused the cold pool to freeze over.

In the air above the cold pool, the prisoner trapped in chains could not help but shudder.

“What terrifying cold Qi.”

The man’s eyelids shuddered. He could not describe the startling sight before him. The last time the cold pool had frozen over was 300 years go. The tri-colored cold Qi mixed into the cold pool, and he saw with his very eyes how the extremely cold pool froze over. It only melted a year later. This was the second time he had seen the cold pool freeze over. Given the young man’s capabilities, it was almost impossible for him to do this. He must have caused the most original tri-colored vital Qi to move in his moment of breakthrough for such a miracle to occur.

Mo Wen slowly got up from the cold pool and stood on the frozen surface of the lake. He could sense that the Nine Yin Qi in his body had changed completely.

Its nature had changed. It had changed completely.

“The cold attribute power that you have now is no weaker than mine in terms of quality.”

The man’s gaze, which was on Mo Wen, was a little complicated. He was a warrior in the Primordial Soul Realm who had cultivated in esoteric cold attribute techniques. The young man had managed to helm an attribute power that was no weaker than his while he was still an ordinary warrior.

Even though the amount of cold attribute power Mo Wen had could not compare to his, the quality of his power was similar. How many ordinary warriors could beat this cold attribute power? The young man’s cultivation levels might not be high now, but in terms of combat abilities, one could count on one hand how many warriors below the immortal realm can beat him.

“I did not expect the ninth level of the Nine Yin Divine Technique to be like this. If it wasn’t for the power of the cold pool, I probably won’t have been able to reach the ninth level even if I were to cultivate for a hundred years.”

Mo Wen lamented matters to himself. The 34th Ming Cult leader was really a rare talent. He was able to refine an ordinary technique to such perfection. He must definitely have achieved extraordinary things even after he became an immortal.

However, while his Nine Yin Divine Technique was already perfect, there was a new problem. His Nine Yang Divine Technique remained on the eighth level. Even though he was just one level away, the difference was as great as the one between heaven and earth. The balance that he had maintained had been destroyed by this breakthrough. This had a great effect on his cultivation.

The imbalance in his body would make it even more difficult for him to reach the martial arts grandmaster realm. One could even say that it was not quite possible.

However, if he could cultivate his Nine Yang Divine Technique to the ninth level and establish balance once more, it would be almost guaranteed that he would be able to breakthrough into the martial arts grandmaster realm.

Yet, perfecting the Nine Yang Divine Technique and reaching the ninth level was going to be difficult.

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