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«Invincible Kungfu Healer (Web Novel) - Chapter 883: Cold Pool

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Chapter 883: Cold Pool

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The voice in the valley was filled with surprise. It was as if it had encountered a monster, and its tone was incredulous.

Deified Soul Power was a power that only warriors who had become immortals could possess. How could an ordinary warrior have such power?

Mo Wen was shocked as well. Was there an immortal cultivator in the Primordial Soul Realm or a warrior who had become an immortal in the valley?

The Deified Soul Power attack on him was rather unadulterated. It was much stronger than Mo Wen’s Deified Soul Power. Other than a powerhouse of that level, he could not think of anyone else who possessed such power.

“Even though Mo Wen had managed to block the Deified Soul Power attack, he was still startled and dispirited. If an immortal cultivator in the Primordial Soul Realm or a warrior who had become an immortal were to make things difficult for him, it would be almost impossible for him to escape.

“Come here. Let me see what’s the matter.”

The voice rang through the valley once more. It seemed to be asking Mo Wen to go even further into the valley.

Mo Wen’s expression was grave. He had no intention of continuing further into the valley but backed away slowly instead. He had now realized that this was not a valley he could enter as he wished.

“Hrmph, you’d rather take the difficult path than the easy one.”

The person in the valley harrumphed angrily when he saw that Mo Wen would not cooperate. Then, a terrifying cold gale exploded and swirled throughout the valley immediately.

In the blink of an eye, the entire valley was sealed in ice. Everything around Mo Wen was enveloped in ice. It was as if he was living in a frozen world.

The entire valley was extremely cold. This coldness was far beyond what an ordinary warrior could withstand. Even a martial arts grandmaster would instantly become an ice sculpture. It was incredibly cold.

Mo Wen shook slightly. Even he was barely able to withstand this cold. He could not describe how terrifying this coldness was and he only knew that the Nine Yin Cold Qi that he cultivated was insignificant compared to the coldness here. In such a cold environment, Mo Wen’s mobility was restricted by more than half.

Furthermore, he was highly practiced in the Nine Yin Cold Qi and had a strong ability to withstand such coldness. If it had been that old woman who had been chasing after him, she would have been frozen immediately by the cold Qi here.

An invisible power rose from the valley and traveled several thousand meters. It descended slowly and enveloped Mo Wen, attempting to pull him into the valley.

The power was very strong. Mo Wen was dragged several dozen meters without him noticing. However, retrieving something from a distance was a skill that could only be used up to 10% of one’s ability. Mo Wen struggled hard and managed to free himself from the bindings of the power. Then, he quickly backed three thousand meters away, to the lands outside the valley.

Mo Wen did not doubt that the person in the valley was a warrior who had become an immortal. The force that had descended on him earlier was a high-quality power and was high in spirituality as well. It was unadulterated and powerful but it was neither spiritual power nor Inner Qi.

It was obvious that it was a power that could only be gained after a warrior became an immortal. Even though Mo Wen had not had any encounters with warriors who have become immortals, he could guess about some things as well.

“Oh? That’s weird?”

Mo Wen thought that the person would give chase after he escaped from the valley. But after a long while, there were no signs of movement from the valley…

“I did not expect that a young man like you would not only have gained the Deified Soul Power as an ordinary warrior but would have also cultivated the Cold Ice technique to such a realm. This is very rare indeed.”

After a long while, the voice in the valley could be heard once more.

“If you have such an ability, why would you need to be afraid of a dying person who is locked up here? There is something you need in this valley.”

“Someone who has been locked up?”

Mo Wen was shocked. Was the warrior who had become an immortal locked up in the valley? Was that why he did not come out after Mo Wen to kill him?

The more Mo Wen thought about it, the more likely he thought it was. Otherwise, how could he have escaped from the valley so easily? Or perhaps, he would not even have the opportunity to escape from the valley if he were to encounter a warrior who had become an immortal.

“There is an amazing cold pool in this valley and it can increase your skills in the cold technique. Don’t miss this opportunity.”

The voice in the valley spoke once more.

Mo Wen frowned with an uncertain expression. The person had talked about this again and again. It was obvious that he wanted to lure Mo Wen into the valley. But what was his goal?

Mo Wen hesitated for a while before he decided to enter the valley to see what was going on. The person might be telling the truth. There might be something in the valley that could help to raise his cultivation levels. He realized that the Qi of Nine Yin in his body had moved somewhat oddly earlier when he entered the valley. It seemed excited and lively.

He turned into a ray of golden light and entered the valley once more. This time, he was very careful and entered the valley bit by bit, ensuring that he could back away at any time should anything happen. If the immortal was really imprisoned there, then Mo Wen was confident that he would be able to escape once more.

After walking for about 2000 meters, Mo wen realized that the cold Qi grew more and more terrifying the further he went. The cold Qi was not one that was released by humans but seemed to be born out of nature. Mo Wen sensed the cold Qi entering his body bit by bit, causing the Nine Yin Qi in his body to become excited.

There was indeed something extraordinary in the valley.

Mo Wen did not dare to barge into the depths of the valley just like that. Instead, he released his Deified Soul Power and sent it forward to check out the environment. At the same time, it could also defend him against attacks from the terrifying powerhouse.

After Mo Wen trekked forward for some distance, an odd sight appeared before him. There was a pool in the middle of the valley. It was very calm and there were no signs of any ripples. The Cold Qi from the entire valley seemed to have originated from that pool.

There was a person on the surface of the pool. To be more exact, it was a person who had been locked up in chains.

Metal chains hung down from the mountain peaks and secured to the other end, was the man. There were eight metal chains that were the thickness of a man’s arms in total and they were wrapped around the man like one would wrap a dumpling. The metal chain was obviously not an ordinary item. There were talisman scripts glistening on the metal and occasionally, lightning would spark on it.

Mo Wen was surprised. He did not expect that a warrior who had become an immortal would be imprisoned in such a valley. It was obvious that Huatian Palace had imprisoned him.

Mo Wen immediately relaxed quite a bit when he saw the situation the man was in. He walked toward the pool bravely. No matter how powerful the warrior who had become an immortal was, he would not be able to cause much damage to Mo Wen in his state. Mo Wen was unlike ordinary warriors. Some of the tricks used by those in the immortal realm were useless against Mo Wen.

The man looked unkept and his clothes were torn and shabby. The clothes he wore were not even clothes anymore but were just strips of cloth that hung over his body. Behind his long messy hair, was a pair of icy cold eyes that watched Mo Wen intently.

That gaze was unlike the gaze of any human being. Mo Wen felt cold all over after being stared at by the man. He felt uncomfortable.

The person was not a good man. How could an ordinary person have a gaze like that?

“You are indeed very young. How is such talent in the world?”

The man stared at Mo Wen for a very long time and a devilish smile appeared on the corners of his lips. Given his experience, he was able to see what others could not. The young man’s cultivation might not be enough to shock him but his body and soul truly stunned the man.

He had never once seen or even heard of warriors who possess the Deified Soul Power even before they became immortals. Furthermore, he could tell that the young man’s physical body was very powerful. It was almost comparable to his own. Even the physical body of a third realm martial arts grandmaster was not this strong.

The young man did not seem like someone who had cultivated his body especially, but he had such a terrifying physical body. It was incredible.

What shocked him the most was not that, but the young man’s spirituality. It was a spirituality that ordinary warriors might not be able to sense. However, warriors who become immortals could definitely sense it because to them, spirituality was very important. It almost decided everything.

The young man’s physical advantage would explode completely when he became an immortal. He would be a rare talent and would become almost unstoppable.

How could a young man be so talented? This was something he could not understand no matter how he thought about it.

“Are you done looking?” Mo Wen asked lightly. He found the person’s gaze on him uncomfortable. It was as if he wanted something.

“This cold pool is an extraordinary thing in the Heart of the Red Stone. You have cultivated in the Cold Attribute power and with tempering from this cold pool, you might be able to make great strides forward,” the man said lightly. He could tell that the Cold Technique the young man cultivated in was extraordinary. It would get more and more difficult the further one cultivated in that kind of Cold Technique. At Mo Wen’s level, it would be extremely difficult to make further progress.

Furthermore, he could also tell that while Mo Wen’s Cold Attribute power was stunning, it was not perfect. He must not have cultivated it to perfection yet.

The perfection level for different techniques was different. For slightly weaker techniques, it was not difficult to reach perfection. But for such techniques that Mo Wen cultivated in, there would not be any accomplishments even if he were to cultivate it to the pinnacle stage. Techniques were like mountains: you might reach the peak in just a few hundred meters on the mountain you climb, but the mountain someone else was climbing might be tens of thousands of feet tall, towering in the clouds.

You would both be climbing mountains, but the experience and the journey are vastly different. As such, the result would vary greatly as well.

The young man’s Cold Attribute power was stunning and he could not even affect the young man with his Cold Ice Domain. The realm of his cultivation was beyond imagination.

Even so, his Cold Attribute power was not yet perfect. This shocked even him, a warrior who had become an immortal. The young man was far from becoming an immortal but the Cold Attribute power that he possessed was already this shocking. The technique that he cultivated must definitely be the best Cold Technique in the world.

Mo Wen’s Nine Yin Divine Technique was not yet perfect. There had only been seven levels to the Nine Yin Divine Technique originally. However, after the 34th Ming Cult leader changed it, there were now nine levels.

He had only cultivated it to the eighth level and was still quite a distance from the ninth level.

In fact, the Nine Yin Divine Technique was the best technique in the world back then. After that, it evolved to have nine levels and was at almost the very peak of ordinary techniques. There was even some hint of it being a rite of passage martial art. However, the Nine Yin Divine Technique and Nine Yang Divine Technique were techniques that the 34th Ming Cult leader passed on to his disciples. It naturally could not become a rite of passage martial art.

If Mo Wen managed to cultivate the Nine Yin Divine Technique to the ninth level, he would be close to the rite of passage.

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