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«Invincible Kungfu Healer (Web Novel) - Chapter 828: Punishing Evil and Praising Good

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Chapter 828: Punishing Evil and Praising Good

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

In the Taihang Mountains, the strongest sect was undoubtedly the Baili Sect. This sect had been ranked amongst the martial art circle’s Ten Great Sects for two consecutive rounds and was ranked fifth at that. There were many experts in the Baili Sect, far more than the Five Tigers Sect could compare with. The Baili Sect had always been very overbearing when going about their matters in the Taihang Mountains.

Leaving aside other matters, the area five hundred kilometers around the Baili Sect was claimed by them. At most, other sects could only claim one hundred kilometers.

Wang Qian saw that this person was wearing the clothes of the Baili Sect. He was also suspicious and did not look like a good person. Her expression turned ugly.

“From what you are wearing, how can you be a relative of an elder? Are you trying to scare me off?” the nasty youth said with a cold laugh. From their clothing, he could tell that these two women were the lowest level disciples of their sect. Would an elder’s daughter come out to gather medicinal herbs? What a joke.

“It’s up to you whether you believe it or not. You’d better not do anything funny.” Wang Qian’s face was tense. She dragged Wan’er away and slowly stepped back. She could tell that this youth’s cultivation was far higher than theirs. Even if the two of them were to join forces, they would most likely not be a match for him.

In reality, Wan’er’s father was indeed an elder of the Five Tigers Sect. However, that was many years ago. Wan’er was different from her. She was an inner disciple that inherited the Five Tigers Sect line. It was just that her family had strained circumstances and went through a huge shift, meaning that she ended up in such a predicament.

“I don’t care who you are. In the Taihang Mountains, there is no one that I, Cheng Shuangjiang, don’t dare to touch. The two of you had better know who you are dealing with. Don’t force me to be rough on you two. Hehe, I am a person that has a tender heart for the fair sex. As long as you listen to me obediently, not only will I not harm you, I will instead give you many benefits.”

Cheng Shuangjiang laughed as he looked at Wan’er and Wang Qian. It was as though he wanted to strip them both naked with just his gaze. In order to hone him, his grandfather had thrown him into this wilderness. He had not touched a woman in a month.

Now that he had encountered two such delicate beauties in the wilderness, how could he hold back any longer? It was practically a heaven-sent opportunity.

Upon hearing this, the expressions of both Wang Qian and Wan’er changed drastically. It turned out that this person was Cheng Shuangjiang.

Cheng Shuangjiang was notorious far and wide. Everyone in the Taihang Mountains knew his vile name. This person was wretched and regularly committed despicable acts. The mountain folk all treated him as a venomous snake. No one wanted to approach him. His grandfather was a Sect Grand Elder of the Baili Sect. He was an existence that had authority, status, and ability that was at the pinnacle. He also rather pampered this grandson of his. No matter what trouble Cheng Shuangjiang caused, he would always defend him.

Many people in the Taihang Mountains could not wait for Cheng Shuangjiang to die a painful death, but he always was beyond the arm of the law. After all, touching him was like offending his grandfather, Cheng Zongping. With a Sect Grand Elder with later stage Embryonic Breathing Realm cultivation backing Cheng Shuangjiang, anyone who wanted to touch him had to think twice.

Wang Qian felt terror well up inside. They were just the most ordinary disciples in the Five Tigers Sect. Even if Cheng Shuangjiang killed them both, the Five Tigers Sect would not stand up for them. After all, they were just insignificant ordinary disciples, and Cheng Shuangjiang was the Baili Sect’s Sect Grand Elder’s own grandson.

“Wan’er, run.” Wang Qian realized the severity of the situation. She dragged Wan’er with her and began to run.

“The two of you are of the Regulated Breathing Realm. Did you think that you could escape me?” Cheng Shuangjiang laughed lustfully. His silhouette leaped up like an eagle spreading its wings and furiously pouncing on two chicks frantically escaping.

Although Cheng Shuangjiang did all sorts of evil deeds and did not engage in honest work, his grandfather, Cheng Zongping, had been very strict regarding his practice. He would be punished at the slightest evidence of a slowing down of his progress. The reason he had appeared in the wilderness was that he had been sent by his grandfather to practice here. He could only return when he reached his goal.

No one thought that even when punished, the stray thoughts in this person’s mind would never cease.

Because of his grandfather cultivating him, Cheng Shuangjiang’s cultivation was high. In his early twenties, he was already at the beginning stage of the Sea of Qi Realm. Although in the martial art circle, he could not be considered a genius, among the disciples of the Baili Sect, he was considered among the elite.

With a swoop, his silhouette leaped across the trees and he caught up with Wang Qian and Wan’er who were escaping. He reached out and grabbed hold of Wang Qian’s shoulder. He applied force slightly, and Wang Qian’s entire person was immediately sent flying out, furiously crashing into a large tree.

Ah! Wang Qian’s face was pale. She had a look of pain on her face. The crash had nearly knocked her unconscious.

“Aiya, Sister Wang Qian.”

Wan’er, who was dashing forward with all her might, realized that Wang Qian had been caught. She paused and turned around to look at Wang Qian. Her face was as pale as a sheet.

“Wan’er, run.” A sense of fear welled up in Wang Qian’s heart. She crawled up from the ground, intending to stop Cheng Shuangjiang from chasing Wan’er. Right now, in Wang Qian’s eyes, Cheng Shuangjiang was far scarier than any ghost. She was well aware of what would happen to them if they fell into his hands.

“Humph, neither of you beauties are going anywhere.”

Cheng Shuangjiang softly snorted. He flipped his wrist and sent out a palm strike from a distance, sending Wang Qian flying from the impact. His own person appeared behind Wan’er in a few dashes.

Wan’er was completely stunned. She had never encountered such a thing. She was scared stiff, standing on her spot trembling. Cheng Shuangjiang’s nasty smile was like a ferocious beast intending to eat her in one bite.

“Beauties, none of you are leaving.” Cheng Shuangjiang laughed nastily. His hand reached out to grab Wan’er’s collar. He wanted to lift her up.

However, something flickered past and the next moment, Cheng Shuangjiang had indeed caught someone. But it was not Wan’er; instead, it was a youth with a stern expression. The youth stared at him coldly.

“F*ck, who the f*ck are you? You are seeking death.” Cheng Shuangjiang stared at the man in front of him and was enraged. His mood was spoiled. The feeling was akin to seeing a mouse when he was enjoying a scrumptious meal. Originally, he was reaching out to grab Wan’er’s wrist. Without thinking much, his hand formed a fist and exerted a forceful punch towards Mo Wen’s chest. Cheng Shuangjiang did not hold back on his Sea of Qi Realm cultivation at all, intending to kill the man before him.

A short distance, all-out attack from a Sea of Qi Realm ancient martial art practitioner was definitely capable of killing any ancient martial art practitioner at the Regulated Breathing Realm or below.

“Big Brother Mo!” Wan’er realized that the person standing in front of her was Big Brother Mo. Her eyes turned red in an instant. All this while, she was alone. Nobody had ever protected her before.


Cheng Shuangjiang’s punch landed on Mo Wen’s body. A terrifying force exploded, causing the surrounding plants to be uprooted. Wan’er shut her eyes in despair. Could Big Brother Mo survive such a terrifying punch? This Cheng Shuangjiang clearly wanted to kill Big Brother Mo.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Mo Wen stood unmoving while Cheng Shuangjiang was sent flying. He flew like a bomb, breaking four or five trees along the way before he could stop.

“You…” Cheng Shuangjiang spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. His face was as pale as paper. He pointed at Mo Wen, his gaze full of disbelief. He was actually heavily injured by the force of the recoil. It was as though his attack had landed on a mountain-type beast instead of a human.

Even though Mo Wen’s cultivation was sealed, he was not an ordinary man. He could defeat a pinnacle of the Golden Elixir Realm ancient martial art practitioner with just the strength of his flesh. Most likely no ancient martial art practitioner in the world was comparable to him when it came to the strength of their flesh. Cheng Shuangjiang, who was a nobody, had actually dared to attack him. Wasn’t he seeking death?

Wang Qian was stunned too. The tables had turned so quickly. She could not keep up with what was happening before her.

Mo Wen walked towards Cheng Shuangjiang expressionlessly. He picked him up from the ground as though he was picking up a scarecrow.

“You… you… what do you plan to do… I am a core member of the Baili Sect. My grandfather is the Sect Grand Elder of the sect. Don’t you dare mess with me! Otherwise, I will make sure you suffer before you die. These two b*tches will die a horrible death too.”

Cheng Shuangjiang was terrified and began to stutter. However, as he spoke, he thought of his grandfather, who was the Sect Grand Elder of the Baili Sect and a later stage Embryonic Breathing Realm ancient martial art practitioner. This calmed him down. His grandfather was a renowned figure in the entire Taihang Mountains. Cheng Shuangjiang stared at Mo Wen with an evil gaze. He was certain that Mo Wen would not do anything to him. In his mind, he was already plotting how he would take revenge on Mo Wen and make Mo Wen’s life a living hell.

“Are you threatening me?” Mo Wen said calmly.

“If I am, what can you do about it? He who knows the situation is a wise man. In the Taihang Mountains, nobody dares to mess with me in my grandfather’s territory. I’m his only grandson. If you dare to touch me, I am certain that you’ll die a horrible death. All your family members would suffer too.”

Cheng Shuangjiang stared at Mo Wen sinisterly. Right now, he was no longer afraid. In the Taihang Mountains, people who were not afraid of his grandfather could be counted on one hand. Exactly because of that, he had always been safe until now even though he had done much that was sinful and cruel.

In Cheng Shuangjiang’s mind, he was sure that Mo Wen would be afraid of his grandfather as well and so would not dare to do anything to him.

“Is that so?” Mo Wen nodded. The next moment, a horrible wail and the sound of bones cracking sounded in the forest. The agonizing scream could be heard from miles away.

Mo Wen grabbed onto Cheng Shuangjiang with one hand, while slowly crushing all his bones with another hand. Cheng Shuangjiang’s eyes rolled and he drifted in and out of consciousness due to the pain. He nearly fainted.

Wan’er and Wang Qian were completely shocked. They did not dare to look at the scene. Mo Wen, who was usually very amiable, actually had such a cruel side.

“A child is better unborn than untaught. Your grandfather is also responsible for having nurtured a shameful grandson like you. He better stay out of this. Otherwise, I will send him to Hell to accompany you.”

Expressionlessly, Mo Wen squeezed Cheng Shuangjiang’s throat, as though he was merely killing an ant. Mo Wen’s facial expression did not change at all.

Cheng Shuangjiang stared at Mo Wen in terror. Before he took his final breath, he suddenly came to the realization that his grandfather’s name was not an amulet that could protect him all the time. There would come a day where he had to pay the price for his sinister acts. He discovered something utterly frightening from Mo Wen’s pupils. It was the gaze of the Reaper. He felt a sense of remorse right before he sunk into the eternal darkness.

Mo Wen casually disposed of Cheng Shuangjiang’s corpse on the ground and turned around to walk out of the forest. Wan’er and Wang Qian followed him with their heads lowered. Neither of them said anything.

“What? Are you not afraid of me anymore?” Mo Wen asked with a smile while staring at them.

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