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«Invincible Kungfu Healer (Web Novel) - Chapter 643: Meeting Bu Xingyi Again

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Chapter 643: Meeting Bu Xingyi Again

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

As time passed, Mo Wen realized that his cultivation path was growing wider and wider. Even he felt that it was odd. In a normal cultivation method, the path was fixed. Veering from it slightly could lead to a person going mad. Some cultivation methods were interesting because they were different in terms of the cultivation path one needed to follow.

Mo Wen’s cultivation path was changing now. That meant that his cultivation method was also changing.

The cultivation path of the Nine Yang Divine Technique and Nine Yin Divine Technique slowly changed. The path seemed to have changed into that of a different method. The Celestial Scripture Sun and Moon technique that had been passed down through his family was changing. In the end, the three different methods seemed to have merged and were no longer separated.

Mo Wen was surprised. This change had merged the three different paths that were originally independent. This meant a lot to him. The most difficult thing about cultivating in three different methods was to merge them in the future. If Mo Wen had tried to figure out how to do this himself, it might have taken him decades.

Now, all his problems seemed to have been solved. Under the guidance of the mysterious light, the three different methods had merged in such a short period of time. This was a merger and not just a matter of the different techniques combining. The three different methods had merged to become one method.

He had always hoped to combine the three methods and step on the path towards reaching the pinnacle stage of a warrior. Furthermore, only when the three methods have been equally merged, would he be able to create a neidan method. This was no longer a problem he needed to face. After the merger, the three different methods would become one and would not need to be combined.

It could be said that the divine light shining on Mo Wen had reduced his work by several dozen years. It would be much easier for him to create his neidan in the future. The previous obstacles no longer existed. Furthermore, the merger of the three methods would be a great help to his cultivation in the future. It would at least lead to a great increase in his cultivation speed.

The white hazy divine light gradually faded. The three divine birds suspended in the starry skies chirped brightly. Then, they turned into three rays of divine light and returned into Mo Wen’s body.

Mo Wen continued to sit cross-legged in the starry sky. He examined himself and realized that the three different inner Qi attributes that had once been clearly separated were mixing and merging gradually.

However, this sort of merger was not a complete one that merged the three into one. Instead, it was like the mixing of oil and water. There were no longer any signs of rejection.

This sort of mixing had doubtlessly led to a great change to Mo Wen’s inner Qi. Even though there was no change to his cultivation, he felt that his inner Qi was much stronger than before. It had increased by at least thirty percent. Now, the strength of his inner Qi was comparable to Gong Zhangyan’s.

“This change is really incredible. It has saved me a lot of hard work. I will go into seclusion and cultivate later and will definitely be able to soon break into the Golden Elixir realm.”

Mo Wen was delighted. He had not expected that such an amazing change would happen in the Fighting Spirit Tower. The Fighting Spirit Tower seemed to understand his needs, and it had chosen his reward based on his situation.

He could not help but touch his chest. This incident must have something to do with the three tail feathers from the Seven Star Heavenly Fire Fan.

There was a flash of light and Mo Wen’s figure disappeared from the starry sky. An instant later, he appeared in yet another mysterious space. Mo Wen looked around him curiously. He realized that there were several other human warriors in this space as well as him.

The sky around him was a dark-red color. They were in the wilderness and there were dilapidated buildings in the distance. The abandoned city and the broken walls made the place seem desolated.

There were a few other human warriors where Mo Wen had appeared. The expressions on their faces were that of bewilderment.

“Mo Wen.” A voice rang out behind Mo Wen. Then, there was a flash of blue light, and a lithe figure appeared beside him. Who else could it be other than Jin Yin?

“Miss Jin, how have you been?” Mo Wen asked with a smile.

“Did you make it to the end at the lotus lake?” Jin Ying sized Mo Wen up with an odd glint in her eyes. Earlier, all the young human warriors had gathered in the Fire Domain and crossed the lotus lake. Among them were geniuses such as Hao Qian and Hou Jinfeng. If Mo Wen had taken first place even under those circumstances, then she feared that she would have to examine him more carefully.

Of course, she was not sure whether Mo Wen had come first and also did not know if he had made it to the end. Mo Wen had been in third place when she had been eliminated from the lotus lake. However, she did understand Mo Wen a little and knew that he would usually go all out later in the game. She believed that Mo Wen could very likely rise above others at the end. He was capable of creating miracles. Many things that she had thought impossible happened around him.

“I just got lucky.” Mo Wen nodded. He did not know why Jin Ying thought that he would be able to make it to the end. However, there seemed to be no use in hiding what had happened.

Jin Ying breathed in deeply and nodded. She looked at Mo Wen meaningfully but did not say anything else.

Earlier, she had only managed to walk 600 meters when they tried to cross the lotus lake. However, the reward that she received from the Fighting Spirit Tower had excited her. She believed that if she continued to cultivate in seclusion for a year or two when she returned to her sect, she would definitely be able to enter the later stage of the Golden Elixir Realm. No wonder the immortal cultivators of the past all wanted to enter the Fighting Spirit Tower. It was indeed a place that could spur one’s growth easily.

Her results were not outstanding amongst those who had taken the test. She had done a little better than Jun Wulei, but she was still not part of the first five. She had not even done as well as Pei Fengwu. Of course, Pei Fengwu had been able to surpass her mostly because of Mo Wen’s help at the end. Jin Ying felt very resentful of that. When she saw Mo Wen, she intentionally pulled a face and looked as if she did not want to talk to him.

If not for her intense curiosity about whether Mo Wen had made it to the other side of the lotus lake, she would not have come over and spoken to him. Now that she knew Mo Wen had made it to the end, an inexplicable and complex feeling arose within her.

She had received such a boon for making it to the 600 meters mark. Mo Wen had made it to the end of the lotus lake. How much higher was his reward?

At the start of their time in this place, Mo Wen had been inferior to her. But she watched as he surpassed her step by step in such a short period of time. This was the first time the talented Jin Ying had experienced this sort of feeling.

“Where are we?” Mo Wen asked curiously. He had just appeared in this place and did not know what was happening.

He had given his surroundings a once over earlier and realized there were quite a few warriors around. Almost all the human warriors had appeared here. Most of them were warriors of the older generation. The Fighting Spirit Tower’s test was not only for the younger generation of warriors.

“I don’t know,” Jin Ying replied blandly. Then, she stopped speaking. She placed her hands behind her back and appeared to be looking at the scenery. She did not know what was happening either. She had been in this space for less than 15 minutes. Other than feeling that the place was very desolate, she did not have any other information about it.

Generally speaking, there would be some hints about every test the Fighting Spirit Tower set. However, plenty of time had passed, but the Fighting Spirit Tower had not told them anything.

Mo Wen frowned. Jin Ying did not sense anything odd happening, but he did.

The place they were in seemed to have an invisible law that bound everyone present. He could sense that his cultivation levels were being suppressed. His inner Qi was not as powerful as when he was at his peak. It seemed that his cultivation levels had dropped for no reason. However, only a small amount of his cultivation was missing. It would not be discovered if one did not check carefully.

“What is it? Have you discovered something?” Jin Yin had intentionally tried to look as if she could not be bothered with Mo Wen. However, when she saw Mo Wen’s expression and saw that he seemed to have realized something, she could not help but question him.

“Did you realize that this space suppresses a warrior’s cultivation levels?” Mo Wen asked. Even though the suppression was not strong, it did exist.

A flash of doubt in Jin Ying’s eyes. She carefully sensed the changes in her cultivation levels. She shook her head after a moment and said, “No. Everything is normal.”

She did not know why Mo Wen would ask such a question. However, she had examined her cultivation levels carefully several times. She did not feel that her cultivation levels were being suppressed.

“That’s odd…!” Mo Wen muttered to himself. His suspicions were definitely accurate. However, Jin Ying’s senses could not be wrong either. Their cultivation levels were high enough that they could sense any change that happened in their bodies.

A flash of light suddenly appeared 50 meters away on Mo Wen’s left. Then, an elder dressed in grey robes appeared. The elder looked around him. At first, there was some doubt in his eyes, but it quickly disappeared. When he saw Mo Wen, he fixed his gaze on him. He stared at Mo Wen.

“So it’s you, rascal. Enemies always end up meeting.” The elder dressed in grey robes laughed sinisterly. His eyes suddenly flashed with a terrifying intent to kill. The elder dressed in grey robes was no other than the third grand elder of the Ming Temple. He was the martial arts grandmaster, Bu Xingyi.

The corners of Mo Wen’s mouth lifted up. He could not help but laugh bitterly. His luck had always been so “good”. He had only just appeared in this space and he had already met a great foe who could threaten his life.

Bu Xingyi did not do much to him earlier when they were at the altar. That was because Gao Hanshan and Pei Fengwu’s master, Zong Changsheng, were both present. However, he was not as lucky here. He had met a few people he was familiar with.

“I couldn’t find you when I searched for you. But now, you come before me when I am not looking for you. Since you are so unlucky, then die.” Bu Xingyi laughed sinisterly. He took one step forward. The air rolled with a terrifying aura. However, his power, which was that of a martial arts grandmaster stopped suddenly, just as he was approaching Mo Wen. It was as if he had encountered an invisible force that suppressed his powers.

“What’s going on? Why have my cultivation levels been suppressed! Where is this damned place?” The sudden change caused Bu Xingyi’s expression to change drastically. He realized that there was an invisible power between the heaven and the earth that was suppressing his cultivation levels. He could not use his powers, which were that of a martial arts grandmaster. Instead, his cultivation was only that of a warrior of the intermediate stage of the Golden Elixir Realm.

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