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«Invincible Kungfu Healer (Web Novel) - Chapter 642: Brilliant Galaxy

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Chapter 642: Brilliant Galaxy

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

After Mo Wen awakened, the faint white light quietly receded, then completely disappeared.

He got up from the ground and glanced around at his surroundings. He discovered that all around him was lake water. Aside from him, there were no other human ancient martial art practitioners on the entire Lotus Lake.

The architecture of the lotus pavilion was traditionally simple. There was a square table inside made from white jade. It was warm to the touch, with a soft shimmer. On the table, a painting scroll was placed. Aside from that, there was almost nothing else.

Mo Wen walked up to the square table and unrolled the painting scroll. It was an ink painting. On it was a drawing of mountains and rivers. The mountain towered into the clouds, reaching up to the heavens. It was as though it was a stone pillar holding up the sky. It stood magnificently as it pierced through the clouds, its top hidden by them.

Mo Wen had merely glanced at the large mountain when he felt an emotion as though he was standing on the peak and looking down at the hills below.

If he considered this mountain as one of the Five Sacred Mountains of China, then it would be the number one of the Five Sacred Mountains of China, the Taishan Mountain.

The mountain range was surrounded by a stretch of river rapids. The rivers were like a jade belt, winding and swirling around the mountains.

“The reward is actually a profound level weapon!”

A look of astonishment flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes. A surging spiritual power kept emanating from the painting scroll. Only a profound level weapon could create such strong and flourishing spiritual power waves.

It was only the first trial of the Fighting Spirit Tower, and the reward was already a profound level weapon. The Fighting Spirit Tower was certainly generous in giving out rewards.

Mo Wen had not expected that in a short amount of time, he would actually obtain his third profound level weapon. Also, this painting scroll was a rare shapeshifting defensive profound level weapon. This type of profound level weapon was certainly rare. Also, up until now, Mo Wen had lacked such a powerfully defensive profound level weapon.

Although the three profound level weapons that Mo Wen had obtained were just low-grade profound level weapons, for him, they were very rare treasures. With his current ability, he could not even unleash the full power of any one of the profound level weapons.

Even in the Immortal Cultivation world, only immortal cultivators at the level of the Primordial Soul realm and above could completely unleash the power of a profound level weapon. In his previous life, Mo Wen had only seen profound level weapons before: he had never owned one.

Mo Wen put the painting scroll safely away. The three tail feathers in his body suddenly shook. Then, a dazzling golden light poured down from the sky and enveloped Mo Wen. In the next moment, he disappeared from his original spot and left the place entirely.

When Mo Wen could see things again, he realized that he had appeared in a magical place.

A galaxy!

A beautiful galaxy.

Mo Wen was in awe of everything before his eyes. He seemed to have appeared in outer space, surrounded by stars. There were stars, planets, moving meteors, and agglomerated nebula. He could even spot the whirlpools caused by black holes.

The majestic beauty of nature had completely unfolded itself before Mo Wen’s eyes.

It was Mo Wen’s first time seeing such a scene. He was shocked beyond words. He was in the legendary sea of stars, a world that even immortal cultivators didn’t know much about.

In the legends, only the immortals had the ability to explore the sea of stars. But Mo Wen hadn’t even seen an immortal before. In the Immortal Cultivation world that he had previously been in, immortals remained figures of legend. It was said that immortals had not appeared for more than ten thousand years.

Mo Wen had never thought that he would be able to be in such close proximity to the sea of stars.

He looked around curiously. He noticed that standing on the galaxy seemed to be no different from standing on the ground. He stomped around and he felt like he was stepping on the ground. He walked around and everything was normal. He didn’t have the feeling of losing all gravity as one would expect would happen in space.

“It is most likely not a real galaxy.” Mo Wen pondered matters. If it was a real galaxy, he would most likely not be able to survive under those conditions.

A faint voice suddenly sounded in Mo Wen’s mind. “Congratulations on completing the Fighting Spirit Tower’s trial and getting the best result. Please accept the reward from the Fighting Spirit Tower.” The next moment, all the surrounding stars seemed to have brightened up a notch. Then, a brilliant light poured down from the sky and projected onto Mo Wen.

Mo Wen felt as though he had returned to the embrace of his mother and the placenta that had nurtured him to life. He felt as though he was naked. It was warm, natural, and comfortable.

After a while, the light of stars dissipated. Mo Wen slowly opened his eyes. His gaze was placid. However, if examined properly, one could sense a formless spiritual aura from his gaze.

Mo Wen blinked his eyes. He was slightly puzzled.

He wasn’t quite sure what had happened just now. He only sensed a radiance of the spiritual aura appearing in his mind. The light was like the radiance of the sun, lighting up his whole mind.

“Why do I feel like I am equipped with an immortal cultivator’s spiritual aura?” Mo Wen was perplexed. Right now, he felt slightly different from before. There seemed to be a spiritual aura glow in his body.

The spiritual aura was something only immortal cultivators had. Immortal cultivators with stronger spiritual auras had higher talents in cultivating immortality. Under such circumstances, they would naturally have higher achievements in the future.

Only people with spiritual roots had a spiritual aura. In other words, the spiritual aura was a manifestation of the spiritual roots. The stronger the spiritual aura one had, it meant the quality of his spiritual roots was higher too.

If a person had no spiritual roots at all, he would not have any spiritual aura. Such people were not destined to set foot on the Way of Immortals.

Mo Wen had noticed a strange occurrence. Since he had come to this world, he had been observing everyone carefully. However, he had never discovered spiritual aura on anyone before.

It meant that among everyone that he knew or had encountered, nobody actually had any spiritual roots. Mo Wen was shocked and confused by this occurrence. Even though the probability of spiritual roots appearing in commoners was very small, it wasn’t as low as zero. With so many people in the world, there would most likely be quite a number of people with spiritual roots.

In his previous life, he had discovered quite a number of people with spiritual roots, some of them rather good. However, in this world, he had encountered none. It seemed as though people in this world were inherently not qualified to cultivate immortality. But he had discovered the tracks of immortal cultivators in this world. They seemed to be closely related to the ancient martial art practitioners as well.

This discovery was strange. Mo Wen couldn’t make sense of it at all.

“Could it be that there are some spiritual roots planted in me now?” Mo Wen was shocked. An indescribable feeling welled up in his heart. He shut his eyes immediately. When he examined himself closely, he was nervous, anxious, and he had his hopes up.

In the Immortal Cultivation world, there had always been rumors about ‘planting spiritual roots’. Some people who didn’t have any spiritual roots had some heaven-defying strange encounters and by coincidence, they were planted with spiritual roots. Because of that, their achievements skyrocketed and they embarked on the Way of Immortals.

After a moment, Mo Wen opened his eyes slowly, frowning. “There is a spiritual aura, yet there aren’t any spiritual roots. This is strange.”

There was definitely a cloud of spiritual aura in his mind. However, he couldn’t touch it; he could only vaguely sense its presence.

“I’ll just let nature run its course.”

For a while, Mo Wen’s expression kept changing, like clouds. Then, he sighed and forced himself to stop imagining things. The cloud of spiritual aura was hidden in his mind. He had no idea what use it had or how to use it. Right now, he could only go with the flow. The cloud of spiritual aura was a reward from the Fighting Spirit Tower. It would most likely not be harmful.

Just when Mo Wen was wondering what other rewards the Fighting Spirit Tower had, the three tail feathers in his body flew out suddenly, transforming into three gigantic birds with different forms. At first, the three birds weren’t big; however, after absorbing the starlight in the galaxy, they expanded quickly. In the blink of an eye, the largest bird was more than 50 kilometers in size. Even the smallest bird was more than 30 kilometers long. They were unbelievably huge.

Mo Wen felt like a flea when faced with the three birds. He was so infinitesimally small.

He couldn’t tell what creatures two of the birds were but he knew one of them. It was a phoenix!

The legendary mythical beast, the Phoenix!

He had never seen a real phoenix before. However, he had seen a picture of a phoenix on the mural painting of the Divine Pill Sect before and so was able to recognize it immediately.

The mythical beast phoenix had most likely transformed from the golden red tail feather. The Phoenix was majestic and its feathers were royal gold and red in color. It was like a brilliant, burning sun.

A shocking thought popped up in Mo Wen’s head. Could it be that the golden red tail feather was a tail feather taken from the legendary phoenix? The Phoenix was a legendary mythical beast; it was an existence at the pinnacle of heaven and earth. In the Immortal Cultivation world, even masters of unparalleled power would not dare to mess with existences like the Phoenix.

The Seven Star Heavenly Fire Fan was a treasure made primarily with seven tail feathers from seven different birds. If one of the tail feathers belonged to a mythical beast phoenix, then Mo Wen wouldn’t dare to fathom what rank the Seven Star Heavenly Fire Fan was.

The three mythical beasts cried, then surrounded Mo Wen and slowly flew around him in a circle.

Their actions were followed closely by a white, foggy light which descended from the sky and shone on Mo Wen.

Mo Wen suddenly knew what to do. Immediately, he sat cross-legged on the ground. He experienced the power of the light with all his heart. He sensed that all the Inner Qi in his body had started to move around under the influence of the light.

He practiced three martial arts methods, with three cultivation routes. However, right now, all three cultivation routes were beyond Mo Wen’s control. The routes moved around slowly under the control of the white foggy light.

At first, the three cultivation routes still abided by their own courses. However, each cultivation route started to gradually experience change. They no longer followed their initial path. Some even crisscrossed and merged with each other.

These changes frightened Mo Wen. He broke out in a cold sweat. Normally, the three martial arts methods that he practiced didn’t contradict each other. Besides, he would do his best to keep them balanced. There had never been a time when the three cultivation routes had merged and crisscrossed like this.

Mo Wen knew that once he didn’t follow the rules, there was a possibility that he might lose control of himself. Even when he wanted to change, he couldn’t do it so hastily. He could only try to change it a little at a time.

However, right now, under the guidance of the white foggy light, the three cultivation routes were functioning at high speeds, and they were changing constantly. If anything went wrong during this series of changes, Mo Wen might be faced with the threat of death.

Mo Wen’s body was stiff. He didn’t dare move a muscle. His heartbeat was like a drum. He was very nervous, worrying that he might die an untimely death at any moment.

However, as time progressed, Mo Wen discovered that the Inner Qi in his body was actually flowing more and more smoothly. There did not seem to be any negative reaction.

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