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«Invincible Kungfu Healer (Web Novel) - Chapter 1072: Fierce Fighting

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Chapter 1072: Fierce Fighting

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Back when Zhang Poxiao was alive, the Yin Yang Destruction was renowned in the Peng Lai Immortal Realm. It was one of the trump cards of Zhang Poxiao. He had used this technique to kill multiple Supreme Profundity Realm cultivators.

In terms of rank, the Yin Yang Destruction was at the fifth rank’s pinnacle, closely approaching the sixth rank.

Although Mo Wen had just managed to cultivate the Yin Yang Destruction, he was still a long way from mastering it. However, as a small-path remarkable power approaching the sixth rank, the destructive power of the Yin Yang Destruction was simply astonishing.

Mo Wen took a step forward and stood majestically like a glimmering light before the mayor of Muhong City. The Sacred Fire Sword in his hand slowly slashed in a downwards motion A blood-red Tai Chi Yin Yang trigram appeared and gradually rose up above Mo Wen like the sun.

All his actions seemed to be very slow. However, at this moment, no one could avoid them, not even the mayor of Muhong City was an exception.

Staring hard at Mo Wen, the eyes of the mayor of Muhong City narrowed. His six demonic figures gathered mow, lining up in a row. Then, they launched their attack against the Sacred Fire Sword, all charging at the same time.

Slash!The Sacred Fire Swordsmote the first of the mayor’s six demonic figures with a resounding thud and almost sliced in two. The second resisted but was quickly overwhelmed and cut down. The third figure continued resisting but to no avail and had sustained severe injuries. It barely managed to block a lethal slash as it backed away.

The might of the Yin Yang Destruction combined with the Sacred Fire Sword was formidable. The cultivators on the walls of Yingyun City could not believe their eyes. Mo Wen had eliminated two duplicates of the mayor of Muhong City with a single slash. How was that possible? Even though the mayor’s duplicates were far weaker than his original self, they were able to kill cultivators with great attainment at the Tide Changing Realm. Those were duplicates that were created using the Guiluo Mystic Yin Body.

“Damn it!”

The mayor of Muhong City was also shocked by Mo Wen’s slashing technique. The might of the slash would likely be able to cause him severe injuries even with his powers. Not only was this youth’s Primordial Soul cultivation highly elevated, but his treasures were also alarmingly menacing, and now, even the remarkable powers that he had cultivated were terrifying to go up against. The Yin Yang type remarkable power he possessed was most likely at the fifth rank of the small-path. It that was the case, it would actually be a level higher than even his own Guiluo Mystic Yin Body.

How could a mere Tide Changing Realm cultivator possess such profound, remarkable powers? Even ordinary Supreme Profundity Realm cultivators could not possess such skills. The highest-ranked remarkable power that the mayor of Muhong City had cultivated within himself was only at the fourth rank of the small path. And despite that, he was already renowned in the Ruyun Territorial Waters.

Mo Wen destroyed two of the mayor’s duplicates in one attack. However, he did not feel it was an achievement of note. Instead, he frowned, as, by his own estimations, he should have been able to destroy four of them. Had he done so, his confidence to succeed in killing the mayor of Muhong City would undoubtedly have been boosted significantly.

Of course, a Supreme Profundity Realm cultivator should not be underestimated. Mo Wen had even unleashed the Yin Yang Destruction, but the results he obtained were not what he had hoped for. During the time he had spent quietly cultivating inside the Junior Master’s Pagoda, he focused a lot of his time on remarkable powers such as the Star Emperor’s magnum opus, the Glory of Star and the Thunder Emperor’s magnum opus, the First Form of the Thunder Emperor Five Forms. Unfortunately, while he spent a lot of time on them, he did not successfully cultivate any of them.

The Glory of Star and the First Form of the Thunder Emperor Five Forms were seventh rank small-path remarkable powers. At his current level of cultivation, the chances of him successfully cultivating seventh-rank small-path remarkable powers were slim, at best. Fortunately, he had managed to make some progress with Zhang Poxiao’s Yin Yang Destruction. At present, this was one of the most incredible remarkable powers that he managed to cultivate.

“Who exactly is that Mo Wen?” Huai Hongxiu mumbled to herself.

Be it heaven spiritual treasures or high-ranking remarkable powers, both were things that were impossible for ordinary cultivators to possess. It could even be argued that a heaven spiritual treasure was more valuable than the entire Yingyun City. It was therefore highly unusual for a Tide Changing Realm cultivator, to have so many heaven spiritual treasures and cultivate such extraordinary remarkable powers. Anyone watching would be able to tell that there was more to this person than met the eye.

The mayor of Muhong City stared darkly at Mo Wen with an expression of anguish. There was a look of bewilderment in his eyes, as though he was hesitating.

Mo Wen was not interested in what the mayor of Muhong City thought. His only goal was to kill this person. As such, he saw no reason to bandy hollow words or exchange provocative thoughts with the mayor. He continued attacking grimly and with a single-minded purpose.

A huge Yin Yang trigram appeared in the sky. The next moment, the force fields in the heavens and earth altered radically. Relentless and powerful energies enveloped a radius of a hundred miles. Those energies were directed toward the mayor of Muhong City, causing his powers to be significantly restrained.

The Yin Yang Heaven and Earth Great Shift. A fifth rank small-path remarkable power.

Then, Mo Wen once again slashed out with the Yin Yang Destruction.

The mayor of Muhong City felt his body being sequestered by a formless force bearing down on him from the sky. Even he could not escape its grasp completely, and he became more and more confounded. This was a control-type remarkable power that had affected him, and it was being unleashed by a Tide Changing Realm cultivator at that. That would mean that he would be at least at the fifth-rank of the small-path. So far, the mayor of Muhong City had not cultivated a single fifth-rank small-path remarkable power himself.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Of the mayor’s remaining four duplicates, three were dispatched, each receiving a deadly slash of the Sacred Fire Sword. Only the original body remained. The mayor of Muhong City easily parried the residue power in Mo Wen’s slash.

“Damn it. Mo Wen already poses a threat to me and can even hurt me.” The mayor of Muhong City realized that the youth before him was far more threatening than he had first imagined.

“Young man, since you insist on meddling in the affairs between Yingyun City and me, I have no choice but to go all out against you. I have given you a choice to leave, but you have chosen to go to your own death.”

The mayor of Muhong City took a deep breath and made the decision to kill the youth. This youth had too many treasures with him, and the number of treasures he owned made even the mayor of Muhong City fear him. Moreover, the remarkable powers that the youth practiced were far more mysterious than his own. If the mayor of Muhong City could kill the youth, everything that the youth possessed would become his. All these treasures that the youth carried with him were most likely extraordinary. With those treasures, the mayor might have a chance to advance to the great attainment at the Supreme Profundity Realm. Perhaps even the Divine Illusionary Realm, a level that he dared not dreamt of before.

To advance to a higher level of cultivation, an immortal cultivator needed a considerable amount of resources, such as mysterious martial arts techniques, remarkable powers, treasured weapons, pills, and many others. Only those equipped with ample resources such as these could go higher and further in their path toward immortal cultivation. The lifelong goal of the mayor of Muhong City was only to cultivate up to the intermediate stage Supreme Profundity Realm. There have been times that he had dreamed of breaking through to the higher stage; however, he was never too committed to such ambitions. He was aware that he had limited talents and a very finite amount of resources. If he didn’t have any fateful encounters, it would be impossible for him to advance further.

The Path of Immortal Cultivation was long and arduous. The journey became more difficult the further one advanced. Many ambitious immortal cultivators had risked their lives in search of a fateful encounter.

Mo Wen was a tempting fateful encounter for the mayor of Muhong City that would set him up to seek his Path of Immortal Cultivation. Should the mayor be able to snatch all the treasures from Mo Wen, he would definitely obtain higher achievements. As for offending the faction behind this youth, the worst case was that the mayor would give up on Muhong City completely. He could let go of everything he had achieved in Muhong City and escape to a foreign land. Then the faction behind Mo Wen would not be able to take any action against the mayor.

The mayor of Muhong City breathed deeply, he had decided to kill Mo Wen and hesitated no more. He coalesced his aura and split into yet another five duplicates.

The Guiluo Mystic Yin Body was a fourth-rank small-path remarkable power. Even after the duplicates had been destroyed once, the mayor could still split into more duplicates. As long as the energy in his body was not exhausted, he could split as many times as possible to replace the lost duplicates.

Mo Wen stared at the five new duplicates of the mayor of Muhong City impassively, and he was not surprised. These duplicates were formed from energy. As long as the mayor of Muhong City had enough energy remaining in him, he could split as many times as he wanted. However, the splitting was limited by the remarkable power’s rank, so the mayor could only split into five duplicates at most.

In the sky, Mo Wen and the mayor of Muhong City battled head-on and caused the entire Yingyun Island to tremor violently. The agitated sea around the island swirled savagely and heaved up gigantic waves.

Mo Wen’s fighting ability far exceeded the mayor of Muhong City’s expectation. Even when the mayor pushed his limits, he could not triumph over Mo Wen quickly.

“Such a frightening immortal cultivator.”

Huai Hongxiu stared at Mo Wen, and she was inspired to awe. Mo Wen was challenging someone who was a realm higher in the level of cultivation than him. This would be remembered as a legend. Never had a Tide Changing Realm cultivator taken on a Supreme Profundity Realm cultivator with such supremacy. Such an epic scene was now actually playing out right before her eyes. What made it so special was that the Tide Changing Realm youth was someone who had yet to break through to the great attainment at the Tide Changing Realm.

“Elder sister, is that guy really only a Tide Changing Realm cultivator?” The Huai Clan second young mistress asked as she stared wide-eyed at the battle.

“Judging from his aura, he is a Tide Changing Realm cultivator,” Huai Hongxiu said calmly. Cultivators could not hide their aura even if they wanted to. If Mo Wen was not a Tide Changing Realm cultivator, but instead a Supreme Profundity Realm cultivator like the mayor of Muhong City, he would most likely have killed the mayor much earlier.

“Then how can he…” The Huai Clan second young mistress covered her mouth in shock. How could a Tide Changing Realm cultivator be so terrifying? Even her elder sister, Huai Hongxiu, had to utilize the thousand-year-old stratagems in Yingyun City to fight with the mayor of Muhong City. Yet, Huai Hongxiu could not possibly fight with the mayor like how Mo Wen was doing now, exchanging blow after blow with the mayor.

“He is not an ordinary cultivator. Although his level of cultivation is only at the Tide Changing Realm, his remarkable powers, energy, treasures, and even his Primordial Soul are all extraordinary. There are some aspects of his powers that are on par or even better than some Supreme Profundity Realm cultivators,” Huai Hongxiu explained patiently.

In the world of Immortals, there were always some certain special people who could achieve extraordinary things. These people were favored by God, and most likely, Mo Wen was one of them. The successors of some ancient Aristocratic families and sects were born exceptional. Ordinary cultivators paled into comparison to them.

All the cultivators in Yingyun City went silent. Before this, all of them thought that Mo Wen was a lunatic. It seemed like Mo Wen was not just any madman; he was also a terrifying one.

In the sky above, the combat range of Mo Wen and the mayor of Muhong City grew larger and larger. They battled from the island, across the ocean, and back again.

After battling for some time, Mo Wen discovered that he was not a match for a Supreme Profundity Realm cultivator. He had lasted for so long due to his miraculous illusionary spirit divine wings, and illusionary spirit release technique. There was also his special Yin Yang Qi that allowed him to recover his injuries and energy rapidly.

However, even so, he had still sustained severe injuries. He had been taken on a Supreme Profundity Realm cultivator head-on for quite a while. Many a time, he had been unable to evade the attacks from the mayor, but his ferocity had thrown the mayor off his game and, at times, had even made his afraid to risk himself. So much so that it was easy to mistake Mo Wen as the real Supreme Profundity Realm cultivator instead.

The more they battled, the more the mayor of Muhong City was shaken. He began to doubt himself, and he started to question if he could actually deal with this youth. How could a dignified Supreme Profundity Realm cultivator, like himself, not be able to deal with a Tide Changing Realm cultivator? Just thinking about it made him feel like coughing up blood. He could see clearly that this youth was somehow unkillable. No matter how severely injured the Mo Wen was, he seemed to recover and kept going against the mayor.


Knowing that he could not deal with Mo Wen, the mayor of Muhong City decided to retreat, he saw no advantage in continuing this fight. After all, this Mo Wen was dead set on protecting Yingyun City, and that meant that he would not leave any time soon. The mayor of Muhong City concluded that, once he found the perfect plan to deal with Mo Wen, he would return to kill him.

The mayor of Muhong City comforted himself with this thought. Unfortunately, someone would not allow him to do so.

“Trying to escape? You will not be leaving today,” a voice calmly said.

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