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«Invincible Kungfu Healer (Web Novel) - Chapter 995: The Multicolor Queen

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Chapter 995: The Multicolor Queen

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Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

A fierce battle erupted in the sky above Multicolor City. Using his spear, Mo Wen battled against dozens of strong practitioners of the Multicolor Clan. The wind and clouds above Multicolor City changed. The sky rumbled, and the earth trembled.

In truth, the dozens of Multicolor Clan warriors were no weaker than the Flame Horn King. All of them had surpassed the pinnacle of the Primordial Soul Realm. If they were not under the suppression of the preliminary ancient land, all of them would have probably broken through to the Tide Changing Realm a long time ago.

Their combat power was indisputable. With dozens of them joining forces, it was rather difficult for even Mo Wen to defeat them.

However, things were different now. Mo Wen had mastered the illusionary spirit release technique. He was unpredictable and mysterious, causing the Multicolor Clan strong practitioners to be unable to surround. They had no chance of killing him at all. It was as if they could do nothing. The advantage of the dozen of them joining forces was reduced to the minimum.

Under such circumstances, Mo Wen was like a god of war annihilating an army of thousands. He was fighting against an army alone. Not only was he at ease, but he was at an advantage.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

A ten-thousand-foot long spear swept across the horizon and sent three of the Multicolor Clan’s strong practitioners flying. Terrifying lightning rampaged. The sky above Multicolor City became a huge pool of lightning.

“So powerful!”


Xiao Jinghe and the others hid away under a roof as they watched the battle in the sky above. They had looks of astonishment on their faces. Even Xiao Jinghe was not an exception. He had an even more complete understanding of Mo Wen’s ability.

“This Mo Wen is practically a freak. Isn’t he too ridiculously powerful?” Chu Yu stuttered.

Before this, he was concerned as to whether Mo Wen could obtain the highest result in the seventh test, Hundred Battle Test. Recalling it now, he had been worried about nothing. Mo Wen had probably defeated the eight bull-headed monsters easily.

“He still has not broken through to the Primordial Soul Realm? Impossible! In theory, we should have reached the limits before the Primordial Soul Realm. How could Mo Wen possibly defy common sense and be powerful to such an extent?”

Wen Jiuhai was also staring wide-eyed. He was astonished, far more intensely than even Xiao Jinghe. At least Xiao Jinghe knew roughly what to expect. This was Wen Jiuhai’s first time seeing this youth in action.

“Mo Wen is already unbelievably powerful. If we only compare him to those below the Primordial Soul Realm, he is most likely the most powerful cultivator that the Huatian Palace has seen in tens of thousands of years!” Xiao Jinghe exclaimed.

He believed that Mo Wen was definitely not showing the full extent of his abilities yet. Otherwise, he would not have dared to suggest challenging the Multicolor Queen.

“Below the Primordial Soul Realm, he is indeed a legend. However, there are some geniuses at the Primordial Soul Realm that are extraordinary, such as the Multicolor Queen. Mo Wen’s current ability is indeed very powerful, but there will still be a huge difference between him and her,” Chu Yu calmly said.

If Mo Wen was an absolute genius below the Primordial Soul Realm, the Multicolor Queen was an absolute genius at the Primordial Soul Realm. The two of them were not ordinary cultivators. With a difference of an entire realm, one could imagine the gap between the two of them.

“Mo Wen dares to consider taking her on. Naturally, he is confident. If you can imagine it, he will be able to as well. I think that Mo Wen must have a trump card that makes feel no fear at the prospect of taking on the Multicolor Queen,” Xiao Jinghe said analytically.

“This world includes Demonic Sky, Hades Mountain, and Demon Native, but Mo Wen’s current ability can probably already be considered the number one example of a powerful practitioner below the Primordial Soul Realm. If he still has a trump card that can withstand the Multicolor Queen, doesn’t that mean that right now, he can already go toe to toe with the pinnacle geniuses at the Primordial Soul Realm?”

Wen Jiuhai was secretly shocked. He was originally a very proud person. He had suppressed his cultivation below the Primordial Soul Realm for dozens of years in the hopes that one day, he could improve leaps and bounds and be comparable to those pinnacle of the Primordial Soul Realm geniuses.

Ordinary cultivators being able to break through to the Primordial Soul Realm was a crucial transformation process. It was also why as Huatian Palace geniuses, they had put it off until now although they could have broken through a long time ago.

“There will most likely be another absolute figure in this world,” Chu Yu exclaimed.

There were countless talents in the world. They were considered at the very pinnacle. However, there were still more powerful geniuses above them. For example, the geniuses in Demonic Sky, Hades Mountain, and Demon Native were also very terrifying. However, those people had already broken through to the Primordial Soul Realm. Being a realm apart, there was still a difference between them.

In the sky above, the battle was very simple. One person was completely suppressing the attacks of dozens of people using positioning, movement techniques, and powerful and sharp attacks.

After a short while, the Multicolor Clan strong practitioners were all injured.

Everyone in Multicolor City was shocked. That human was actually this powerful! Even when he was surrounded by more than ten Multicolor Clan pinnacle strong practitioners, he showed no sign of being at a disadvantage.

“A bunch of trash. All of you, step down.”

Suddenly, a gravelly voice sounded from the queen’s palace, followed by two silhouettes walking out of the palace. With a few steps, they had traversed more than a few hundred miles and appeared on the battlefield.

They were two elders who resembled humans. From their faces, one could tell that they were old and experienced. Neither of them emanated any powerful aura; however, as soon as they stepped in, their domineering manner was evident. The seemed to be controlling everything.

As soon as the Multicolor Clan strong practitioners who were attacking Mo Wen saw these two elders, they backed off immediately and saluted them respectfully. Then, they stood quietly behind these two elders.

“They are… Elder Gong and Elder Qian! Who would have thought that these two Multicolor Clan elders would step in.”

“With these two elders making an appearance, that human will certainly be unable to continue acting presumptuously.”

“Elder Gong and Elder Qian have personally come to deal with this matter. That’s wonderful! I can’t stand that presumptuous human any longer.”

In Multicolor City, excited voices sounded. Clearly, the appearance of these two elders had given them intense confidence.

“Elder Gong and Elder Qian!”

Xiao Jinghe was shocked as he immediately recalled the information regarding these two people. They had been so worried about the Multicolor Queen before this that they had overlooked the Multicolor Clan’s other strong practitioners. Without a doubt, Elder Gong and Elder Qian were the strongest practitioners below the Multicolor Queen.

Rumor had it that the two of them had qualifications that were even higher than that of the Multicolor Queen. They had lived longer than she had. They had long become relic level existences.

“Human, you dare to stir up trouble in Multicolor City. I hereby sentence you to death.”

One of the elders was dressed in a human-style gray robe. He was the one who had spoken. In his gaze, a faint black light that could pierce an empty space flashed.

“Sentence me to death? This is not something that your Multicolor Clan can decide,” Mo Wen said calmly.

“In the preliminary ancient land, our Multicolor Clan is the law. Since you humans have come here, you have to adhere to our laws regardless of whether or not you are willing,” Elder Qian said with a cold laugh. Perhaps in the outside world, the humans ruled above all. However, in the preliminary ancient land, their Multicolor Clan was the ruler.

“Is it so? I want to see for myself how you are going to sentence me to death,” Mo Wen said expressionlessly.

“You are digging your own grave.”

Elder Gong, who had not yet spoken, suddenly took a step forward and extended his hand. As his arm extended, his palm continuously grew larger. In an instant, his palm appeared above Mo Wen and blocked out the sun, like a mountain floating in the sky.


The gigantic palm slammed downwards. A thundering sound rumbled within the area of a hundred miles radius. The air exploded due to the immense pressure exerted downwards. Even the ground was shaking.

Mo Wen was at the center of the destruction. The energy was tearing the space around him inch by inch.

Mo Wen was shocked. These two old things were very powerful. Most likely even ordinary beginning stage Tide Changing Realm cultivators could not unleash such an attack.

Mo Wen did not dare to belittle them. With a howl, his body suddenly enlarged. In an instant, he had transformed into a gigantic creature that was a hundred meters tall. He had two heads and four arms and was wearing ancient armor. He was not hideous. Instead, there was an inexplicable charm to him.

As soon as the Celestial Body appeared, the gigantic palm which was moving downwards was bounced back by an ultimate power. The force which could tear even space swept across Mo Wen. However, it did not cause any damage. It was as though it was merely a gust of a spring breeze caressing Mo Wen.

“A giant!”

Elder Gong was taken aback. He had not expected to see a hundred-meter-tall giant appearing before his eyes. Could it be that this person in front of him was not human?

The hundred-meter-tall giant floated in mid-air with a domineering manner, wielding a lightning long spear that was a thousand meters long in his hand. The giant had two heads and four arms, with an armor that emanated a wild and savage aura. However, everything fitted together in harmony. In fact, the giant was extremely charming.

However, everyone in Multicolor City felt the terrifying pressure emanated by the giant. It was as though a god had descended into the mortal realm.

“He can actually transform! What the heck is that?”

Chu Yu was stupefied. Mo Wen’s appearance was so handsome that it was blinding to his eyes. What was domineering? This was!


The hundred-meter-tall giant sent out a punch and instantly shattered the gigantic palm above him. Even Elder Gong was affected and was sent flying for more than a hundred miles.

“Fury of Thunder!”

The Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear flashed, and the sky thundered as though the god of thunder had been enraged. Terrifying forces poured down. A terrifying pressure burst out from the Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear which contained the force of the Immemorial Heavenly Serpent, directly blasting Elder Qian away.

In terms of power, even Elder Qian and Elder Gong combined were no match for Mo Wen in his Celestial Body form.

“As expected, you are somewhat capable. No wonder you dare to stir up trouble in Multicolor City.”

A lazy voice came from the queen’s palace. The voice was delicate and crisp and sounded as though a woman who had just woken up had languidly said these words. They were clearly hundreds of miles apart, but when the voice sounded, it was as though it was a whisper right beside their ears.

At the same time, a beam of colorful light appeared on the wall before the queen’s palace. From the colorful light, an enchanting woman gradually walked out.

The woman had an indescribable nobility to her. She seemed endlessly luxurious like a phoenix in the sky.

The Multicolor Queen!

A thought flashed in Mo Wen’s mind. Right now, the one who appeared must be the famous Multicolor Clan’s queen.

Outsiders could not see the Multicolor Queen’s appearance clearly at all because the queen was covered with colorful lights. She appeared dream-like. The colorful lights were like a thin veil over her body, making her extremely enchanting.

Beside the Multicolor Queen was another woman in a white dress. The woman’s face was pale and her appearance was very beautiful. However, she seemed worried, as though she was in trouble. She appeared to be a maiden in distress.

“Nie Junxue!”

The eyes of Xiao Jinghe, Wen Jiuhai, and Chu Yu lit up at the same time. The woman that had appeared beside the Multicolor Queen was obviously Nie Junxue.

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