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«Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System (Web Novel) - Chapter 2810 God destroying emperor occupied the center of the imperial court

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Chapter 2810 God destroying emperor occupied the center of the imperial court

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“During the Battle of the Abyss, the Heavenly Array God Emperor appeared out of nowhere in the Dragon Palace and helped the Dragon Palace defeat our imperial court. Hundreds of millions of disciples were killed, a great ancestor was killed, and more than 40 protectors were left in the Abyss forever

“Our imperial court was defeated in this battle, but we will pay back the grudge of this battle ten times or a hundred times in half a month

“We will unite with the Sky Shaman Realm to form the Wizard Association, destroy the Dragon Palace, the sky array God Emperor, and all the abyss seeds to pacify everything!”

“Only half a month!”

On the panicking and chaotic AI, the imperial court released a message.

When they saw this message, everyone’s faces were shocked.

“The sky array God Emperor? It’s the sky array god Emperor from the fallen Emperor battlefield. Isn’t he already dead? He actually helped the Dragon Palace fight against us!”

“Oh my God, a great ancestor of the imperial court has fallen. That was a divine emperor level existence, but he actually fell. More than forty protectors have fallen. Hiss!”

“That Tianchen divine emperor was a famous expert of our resplendent star field back then. He actually didn’t die and even joined the Dragon Palace. No wonder our imperial court was defeated. This is the Tianchen divine emperor who swept through all corners!”

“The Tianchen Celestial Emperor hadn’t fully recovered his strength yet. After the Witch Formation Association arrived, the imperial court and the Witch Formation Association could easily destroy them.”

“The Witch Formation Association will come in half a month. In half a month, it will be time for us to take revenge!”

“Oh, I see. I saw the Guardians of the imperial court desperately resist the Dragon King and Tianchen Celestial Emperor in the Battle of the Abyss. Let the ordinary disciples escape first. They are the heroes of the imperial court. In half a month, we must tear the Dragon Palace into pieces!”

“Half a month. I hope that this half a month will pass as soon as possible. I hope to see the Dragon Palace destroyed as soon as possible.”

This piece of information from the imperial court also completely stabilized the hearts of everyone in the imperial star area.

However, the intensity of this battle also caused the entire imperial star area to tremble.

Even the divine emperor was damaged, and more than forty guardians died.

It was too terrifying!

This made everyone in the imperial star area look forward to their arrival in half a month’s time.

They looked forward to the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace and the heavenly array divine emperor being punished.

The citizens of the imperial star area quickly stabilized.

The disciples and experts of the imperial court were also stabilized.

The Flames of revenge made them even stronger.

Everyone was looking forward to their arrival in half a month’s time.

Boom! Boom! Boom

Their speed was very fast.

It was not rare for abyssal seeds to fly out of the abyss. However, it was probably something that no one could have imagined that all of them would fly out of the Abyss and fly toward the center of the imperial court.

In their opinion, at this moment, the abyss seeds were expanding the abyss and expanding their territory.

“They will take our lives in half a month. Hehe.”

On Xiao Lan’s body, the heaven array was standing beside Wang Xian. Looking at the messages on the AI, his face was filled with mockery.

“I’m afraid they will have to flee dejectedly in less than half a month.”

Wang Xian took a look and said mockingly.

In half a month, the Dragon Palace would be able to do many things.

Ao Qitian and the rest would be able to break through.

They would be able to conquer the Central Palace of the imperial court.

They would be able to set up a formation…

Half a month was sufficient.

“Woo Woo!”

Time flew by quickly. Two days later, Xiao Lan, who was beneath her, let out a roar.

An incomparably huge black hole appeared in front of them.

Its body slowly drilled into the black hole.

Countless abyss creatures followed behind it and drilled into the black hole.

“Hiss, look, what is that? What is that?”

The Cold Sky Water Peak was a massive mountain peak that was comparable to a planet.

On the mountain peak, endless waterfalls flowed down, forming a rainbow in the sky.

This place was a very famous tourist spot in the imperial star area

At this moment, because of the Battle of the Abyss, the number of people on the cold sky water peak wasn’t many.

But even if it wasn’t many, there were still more than a hundred million people.

All of a sudden, a middle-aged man stared at the void in front of him, his eyes wide and his face full of shock.

In front of him, a black hole that covered an area of more than a hundred million kilometers appeared directly in the void.

A terrifying aura came from the deep black hole.

“HMM? What’s going on? Why did a black hole suddenly appear?”

“What’s going on?”

The middle-aged man’s words attracted the attention of many people. When they looked over, their eyes immediately widened, and their eyes were filled with shock.

“Wu Wu!”

At this moment, a voice that sounded like ancient times came from within. Everyone’s bodies trembled as they felt a great terror descend.

Soon after, an incomparably huge figure drilled out from within.

When everyone saw this huge object, they felt their scalps go numb.

“What… What is this? A Space Beast?”

A young man’s body trembled as he spoke.

Everyone within the cold sky water peak looked over, their eyes wide open.

“Wu Wu!”

In the next moment, another huge creature came out from the inside. The Aura it gave off was equally terrifying.

“There are people on that huge beast. Look, look quickly.”

Suddenly, an expert pointed at the top of the huge beast and shouted with his eyes wide open.

“Roar Roar!”

However, what happened next caused their bodies to tremble.

In the black hole, many abyssal seeds that gave off a powerful murderous aura and bloody aura came out.

One by one, densely packed!

“This is… This is…”

Everyone on cold sky water peak looked on in horror.

After a full minute, all the abyssal seeds inside the black hole flew out.

One could not see the end of it.

Tens of billions? Hundreds of billions? or even more.

“Wu Wu!”

That terrifying group of existences did not stay any longer and continued to fly forward.


Until the two giant beasts disappeared from sight, until all the abyssal seeds disappeared from sight, everyone swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Unknowingly, their backs were already filled with cold sweat!

“That’s the Dragon Palace, that’s the abyssal seeds in the abyss. Where are they going? Where are they going?”

A middle-aged man was somewhat agitated and said with a trembling voice.

“That’s the direction of the imperial court, the direction of the imperial court. They actually flew out of the Abyss to attack the Imperial Court!”

An old man shouted loudly.


Everyone took a deep breath as their expressions kept changing.

The Dragon Palace had led all the abyssal seeds to attack the imperial court.

How could the imperial court defend against them?

“Dragon King, we have already entered the densely populated area of the planet. I reckon that our news will reach the imperial court very soon.”

At this moment, Prime Minister Gui, who was on Xiao Lan’s body, looked at the map on the AI and said to Wang Xian.

“It doesn’t matter if it reaches there. I just want to know if the imperial court will dare to resist us.”

Wang Xian narrowed his eyes slightly and said with a smile.

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