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«Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System (Web Novel) - Chapter 2808 God destroying emperor occupied the center of the imperial court

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Chapter 2808 God destroying emperor occupied the center of the imperial court

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“Buzz, Buzz, Buzz!”

Balls of fire clouds appeared in the sky above the abyss.

They covered hundreds of millions of miles of the Abyss!

This was the destruction of the Emperor and the change of Heaven and earth!

“Let’s Go!”

At the edge of the Abyss, the imperial court emperor’s body trembled. He roared with blood-red eyes and flew out of the Abyss.

They were already at the edge of the Abyss. It was impossible to keep them there.

They had lost. This time, the monarch’s court had completely lost.

Countless disciples and guardian elders had suffered heavy losses.

Even a god Emperor had died in the abyss.


Thinking of this, they could not help but let out a low roar. After flying out of the abyss, they turned their heads to look into the abyss.

They would definitely take revenge for this.

“Great Ancestor!”

When the more than ten guardian elders of the imperial court outside saw the three great ancestors, their voices trembled as they shouted.

“Go Back!”

The three divine emperors closed their eyes slightly and their figures slowly disappeared.

The Guardian Elders of the imperial court clenched their fists tightly and left with pale faces.

Everyone from the Imperial Court left. In the Abyss, a group of Abyss species were devouring the corpses.

The entire abyss was filled with the thick stench of blood.

“Roar! Roar! Roar!”

Located in the void, the inferno celestial emperor Abyss species stared at the corpse in Wang Xian’s claws and let out a roar.

“Roar! Roar!”

Sensing the energy contained in the dragon blood, the eyes of the inferno celestial emperor Abyss species lit up. It opened its mouth wide and swallowed the dragon blood.


Wang Xian waved his arm again. A ball of Dragon’s blood was thrown towards the abyss seed that looked like an insect.

Roar! Roar

The abyss seed sensed the energy in the dragon’s blood and swallowed it in one gulp.

Wang Xian smiled and kept the corpse into his interspatial ring.

“Xiao Xian!”

At this moment, Lan Qingyue flew over and shouted at him with a smile on her face.

“I’ve avenged the imperial court a little.”

Wang Xian smiled.


Lan qingyue nodded and looked around.

The corpses on the battlefield were either kept by the members of the Dragon Palace or devoured by the abyssal seed.

To them, this battle was a great victory.

“Dragon King, we need to convert the resources into strength as soon as possible.”

At this moment, Tian Chen flew over. Two of his clones had already merged into his body.

“The imperial court has found out that I didn’t die. They have already contacted the Witch Formation Association. If they find out that I’m still alive, they will definitely go crazy!”

“I reckon that they will rush over soon!”

Tian Chen said to Wang Xian with a solemn expression.

“Oh? How is the strength of the Witch Formation Association?”

Wang Xian retracted his smile and asked him.

A faction that could destroy Tian Chen at his peak was much stronger than the imperial court.

“There are not many divine emperors in the Witch Formation Association. There are only six of them. However, when they surrounded me, I had severely injured one of them. His injuries were extremely serious and it was impossible for him to recover. Hence, his strength was greatly reduced. Now, there should be five divine emperors in the Witch Formation Association.”

“However, the strength of the god Emperors of the success Wizard Association is not that of ordinary God emperors. Any one of them can fight against two god Emperors. In other words, they can fight against ten God emperors.”

“Among them, the Wizards of the Success Wizard Association can fight against two rank two void God emperors.”

Sky Array said.

“That means that the success Wizard Association and the imperial court can be equivalent to thirteen god Emperors.”

Wang Xian frowned slightly.

“There will only be more than this. There won’t be less than this. Furthermore, they have the means of a shaman. Even if we hide to the ends of the earth, they will still be able to find us.”

Tian Chen said.

“Prime Minister Gui, Count Our Gains.”

Wang Xian frowned and ordered Prime Minister Gui who was not far away.

“It’s the Dragon King!”

Prime Minister Gui nodded and immediately started counting.

“Xiao Lan is very strong. It would be difficult to kill him even if there were two or three level two divine emperors.”

Lan Qingyue spoke from the side.

“Dragon Queen, it won’t work. As long as the Wizard from the Wizard Association is able to restrain Xiao Lan, the monarch of the imperial court is not someone we can contend against.”

Sky array shook his head.

His words caused Lan Qingyue to frown.

“Dragon King, we’ve finished counting.”

“There are three corpses at the peak of the godly monarch realm, 25 at the ninth level, and more than 50,000 other godly monarch corpses!”

At this moment, prime minister turtle walked over and reported.

“I have 23 at the peak of the godly monarch realm, and five at the ninth level.”

Sky Array looked at his interspatial ring and said.

“I have 18,110 level-nine godly monarch experts and one godly monarch expert.”

“In other words, there are a total of 44 peak-stage godly monarch experts’corpses. If we use the resources from the level-nine godly monarch experts’corpses, we can produce five godly monarch experts with combat strength. Including one godly monarch expert’s corpse, there will be six.”

Wang Xian calculated as he scanned his surroundings.

Eight plus six was equivalent to 14.

In terms of numbers, it was more than the imperial court and the Witch Formation Association combined. However, the other party had two level-two godly monarchs.

In addition, the imperial court also had powerful divine artifacts like the Heaven, earth, and God’s three nets.

“What if we fight on the main battlefield of the Abyss?”

Lan Qingyue spoke from the side.

“It won’t be of much use. The Abyss doesn’t have much of an impact on the godly monarchs.”

Tian Zhen shook his head.

“Dragon King, let’s use this time to attack the imperial court!”

All of a sudden, Tian Zhen said to Wang Xian.


Wang Xian was slightly taken aback. He stared at Tian Zhen with a twinkle in his eyes.

“According to some news released by the imperial court, it might take half a month for the Witch Formation Association to arrive.”

“We have sufficient time to attack the imperial court and occupy the center of the imperial court.”

“Forces at this level are usually established around the blessed land with abundant spiritual energy.”

“As long as we occupy that place, I can set up a sky-reaching great array there. At that time, I alone will be able to resist six or seven God emperors of the same level.”

The sky array said confidently.

His current strength might be much weaker than before, but in terms of potential, it was dozens or even hundreds of times greater than before.

This was especially so for his bloodline, the Dragon Wizard!

He could easily control the seven attributes. As long as he was given some time, he could set up the sky-reaching formation in the center of the imperial court.

The most powerful thing for a formation master and a powerful wizard was not to attack, but to give him enough time to set up the formation in one place.

When the formation was activated, it could connect the heaven and earth, and its defensive effect was extremely powerful.

“Are we going to attack the imperial court?”

Wang Xian’s eyes sparkled as he looked at the location outside the abyss.

“We can’t stay in the Abyss forever. The world outside the Abyss is our world.”

He looked at Lan Qingyue with a smile and said.

“Control the Imperial Star Field?”

Lan Qingyue’s eyes sparkled.

“Control the Imperial Star Field!”

Wang Xian nodded his head heavily.

“Kill Them Now!”

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