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«Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System (Web Novel) - Chapter 2806 Imperial star area was silent. Imperial court was on the run 4

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Chapter 2806 Imperial star area was silent. Imperial court was on the run 4

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They were defeated, completely defeated!

At this moment, everyone in the imperial court had lost the ability to resist. After losing their high-end combat power, they could only run for their lives.

The experts of the Dragon Palace were massacring the abyss behind them.

At this moment, everyone in the imperial court wished they could have more legs.

They wished they could return to their own divine kingdom in an instant.

The short distance of a few hundred million kilometers was like a chasm to them.

However, this distance was only a few minutes’journey for the godly monarch powerhouses.

However, they were blocked by the Heaven Array Avatar previously.

With Wang Xian’s help, they didn’t manage to escape in time.

After Wang Xian and the rest were pulled back, the group of people who were fleeing at the front had already arrived at the edge of the Abyss. Once they charged over, they would be able to escape back to their own divine kingdom in an instant.

For powerhouses, they could unleash thousands of attacks in a second.

On the other hand, every second that the people from the imperial court stayed in the abyss, hundreds of millions of people would die.

That was how terrifying it was.

“Ah, I escaped, I escaped!”

Finally, at the front, a disciple of the imperial court escaped from the Abyss. He had escaped a calamity and his face was filled with excitement.

After leaving the Abyss, he did not stop. He continued to run forward. Finally, he turned his head and looked behind him.


In the next moment, he disappeared and left the battlefield as soon as possible.

At this moment, the battlefield was the slaughterhouse, and they were the prey.

“Take the three divine nets of Heaven, earth, and God and leave first. We will meet in the vast divine hall.”

“All disciples who haven’t reached the god Lord Realm, flee to the teleportation array immediately!”

At this moment, the imperial court protector who controlled the heaven, earth, and God’s three nets also fled from the abyss.

They looked at the abyss behind them, their faces pale, and their bodies trembling as they roared.

“Run, run!”

“I’m out, I’m out!”

“Buzz, Buzz, Buzz!”

More and more disciples of the Imperial Court escaped from the Abyss. Hearing the screams coming from behind, they didn’t hesitate at all, and immediately fled back to their God countries.

This was a great escape. Whoever escaped slowly could die in the abyss.

More and more disciples of the Imperial Court escaped from the Abyss, and smiles appeared on their faces.

A group of disciples who had yet to reach the divine Lord Realm immediately left this place through the teleportation formation and returned to the center of the imperial court.

“Sky Formation, leave everyone around you behind!”

Seeing that more and more people from the imperial court were escaping from the abyss, Wang Xian’s gaze swept toward the light and dark avatar of the Sky Formation. He immediately flew over and shouted loudly.

“It’s the Dragon King!”

The light and dark avatar of the sky formation swept his gaze across the area in front of him and instantly set up a trapping formation.

Around him, the 20 guardians and nearly 100 elders of the imperial court saw the Dragon King suddenly flying over. Their faces instantly revealed a look of fear.

“Oh No, run!”

“Run, run, run!”

Their expressions changed drastically as they fled frantically towards the exit of the Abyss.

However, at this moment, Wang Xian had already rushed over. His terrifying dragon claws tore straight ahead.

The group of guardians and elders of the imperial court who were restraining Wang Xian earlier were overjoyed when they saw this scene. They didn’t dare to rescue the rest and flew out of the Abyss in a frenzy.


While they were running for their lives, screams of agony came from behind.

Their bodies trembled as they gritted their teeth and flew out desperately.

“It’s settled!”

In less than half a minute, the 20 guardians and over a hundred elders of the imperial court were all eliminated.

After putting away the corpses around him, Wang Xian looked at the area in front of him.

Almost all the disciples of the Imperial Court had escaped. There were not many people outside the abyss.

Boom! Boom! Boom

At this moment, a terrifying attack sound came from the sky.

Wang Xian raised his head and locked his gaze on the four celestial thearchs of the court. His eyes were sparkling.

Among the four celestial thearchs, one of them was besieged by the Heaven Formation and an abyss seed of the Celestial Thearch.

The other three wanted to get rid of Xiao Lan and the rest at this moment and flew toward the location outside the abyss.

“Heaven Formation, leave one of them here forever!”

Wang Xian’s eyes revealed a cold glint as he shouted at the Heaven Formation.

“Alright, it’s no problem to destroy one of them!”

Without any hesitation, the light and dark doppelganger and the wind and thunder doppelganger charged towards the Emperor of the imperial court who was being besieged.

Wang Xian followed closely behind.

“Xiao Lan from the small house, don’t let the opponents in front of you support you!”

“Hahaha, the Four Emperors of the imperial court. Today, we will definitely leave one of you in the Abyss Forever!”

Wang Xian flew over and immediately instructed Xiao Lan and Xiao Yan. He laughed out loud.

“Damn it!”

The Celestial Emperor of the imperial court who was being besieged had a drastic change in expression. He cursed in shock and anger.

“Oh no, let’s use all our strength to escape. Old Yan, go all out!”

In the sky, the Celestial Emperor of the imperial court, whose entire body was shrouded in light, looked down and immediately shouted at the Celestial Emperor.

“Ah, get lost!”

The Celestial Emperor of the imperial court, who was already besieged by the heaven formation and the Celestial Emperor’s abyss seed, had a vicious expression on his face as he roared furiously.

Streams of flames swept across the surroundings.

Boom Boom Boom

However, Wang Xian and the rest had already rushed over at this moment.

Streams of energy instantly covered him.

Five against one!

“Hahaha, imperial court, one of you will definitely die today. If the rest don’t escape now, I’m afraid it won’t be just one!”

Wang Xian laughed out loud as dragon claws tore forward.

The Heaven Formation, which included two avatars, immediately formed a formation.

Beside him, the abyss seed that was covered in flames and had huge wings flapped its wings and attacked continuously.

“Damn it! Damn it!”

The heart of the imperial court’s divine emperor that was besieged beat violently. He had a bad premonition when he saw this situation.

The other three imperial court’s divine emperors gritted their teeth and looked down.

Four against eight, the difference was double.

They were absolutely not a match for the Dragon Palace. If they were not careful, they might be broken one by one by the Dragon Palace!

“Great-grandfather, we…”

A divine emperor shrouded in light was fighting with the small house. Seeing this scene, he looked extremely embarrassed and shouted at the figure who was fighting with little blue.

“Old Yan, fight with your life. Whether you can escape or not depends on yourself!”

The blood-red eyes of the divine emperor of Light, who was in the lead of the Imperial Court, Roared.

His breathing was a little hurried.

The giant beast in front of him was too terrifying. No matter what attack he launched, it could not cause any damage to him.

He had to dodge the giant Beast’s attack. Otherwise, all his energy and defense would be instantly destroyed.

Just now, his body was accidentally hit and exploded.

If he didn’t react quickly and instantly condense his body, all of his energy and blood would have been absorbed by the Strange Giant Beast.

He wasn’t a match for this terrifying giant beast!

“Dragon Palace, and that Woman!”

He roared indignantly in his heart.

It was also because of the characteristics of this terrifying giant beast that the imperial court had been chasing after them, wanting to obtain this giant beast.

But they never thought that this day would come…

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