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«Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System (Web Novel) - Chapter 2804 Imperial star area was silent. Imperial court escaping 1

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Chapter 2804 Imperial star area was silent. Imperial court escaping 1

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Sky Array’s maniacal laughter sounded again. Sky Array’s avatar turned around and immediately attacked the Light God Palace!


The light and dark avatar moved and directly attacked the injured imperial court’s protectors.

“Oh No, run!”


The 20 protectors could still fight against the light and dark avatar, but if there were more than 10 of them, they wouldn’t have the ability to fight against the god Emperor.

They could only escape quickly.

“Array Formation, Darkness Cage!”

The light and Darkness Avatars of the sky array roared, and the darkness cages sealed them one by one.

“Not good, save us!”

More than ten imperial court protectors’expressions changed drastically, and they shouted with fear on their faces.

“Not good, more than ten of our imperial court protectors have been killed!”

“How can the Dragon Palace have so many experts? How can they have so many experts!”

“Hurry up and run! The abyssal seed behind us is going to chase us.”

“Not good, the Guardians are in danger.”

In the surrounding area, when the powerhouses and disciples of the Imperial Court heard the Guardian’s Cry for help, their hearts pounded violently. When they looked over, they felt their scalps go numb.

This was the guardian of their imperial court, an existence at the peak of the godly monarch realm.

Usually, each of them held the power of life and death for many people.

But now, more than a dozen guardians were trapped and all of them looked on in a daze.

At this time, no one dared to go and save them.

The disciples of the imperial court didn’t have the strength either.

More than a dozen guardians were trapped by the array. They watched helplessly as they were killed and destroyed.

“All Disciples, escape the Abyss immediately.”

One of the imperial court protectors looked over and roared with blood-red eyes.


The Heaven Array Light-dark avatar sneered. His gaze locked onto the gathering place of the Imperial Court Abyss. He waved his arm and the array formation covered them directly.

“No, no, no!”

“Ah, ah, ah!”

Futile resistance and desperate screams sounded. The tens of thousands of imperial court godly monarchs gathered together were directly killed.

After killing him, heaven array waved his arm and kept his corpse.


He locked onto the imperial court experts and quickly attacked.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

At this moment, due to the retreat of all the imperial court disciples, Heaven Array’s wind and thunder avatars found an opportunity. They attacked the Light God Palace one after another and shifted the battlefield toward the imperial court disciples.

The great protector of the imperial court controlled the Divine Hall and could only contend against the divine emperor. However, it was impossible to completely tie him down and trap him.

Under such circumstances, the sky array’s wind and thunder avatar shifted the battlefield. Just the aftershock alone caused countless imperial court’s disciples to die.

Faced with such a situation, the great protector of the imperial court’s body trembled.

He could neither attack nor not attack.

“Ah Ah Ah Ah!”

Suddenly, endless screams sounded. Some of the powerhouses of the imperial court hurriedly looked in that direction.

Tens of thousands of strange figures suddenly appeared behind them.

They were covered in black and white energy and suddenly appeared behind some of the powerhouses of the imperial court.

Their incomparably sharp claws directly pierced through their bodies.

In an instant, more than 40,000 powerhouses of the imperial court had died.

They put away all the corpses and disappeared from everyone’s sight in the next moment.

“Be careful, those are assassins of the Dragon Palace. Be careful!”

“The powerhouses who are good at Scouting are always alert to their surroundings. Don’t let those guys of the Dragon Palace succeed!”

An angry voice sounded and ordered the disciples of the imperial court to retreat.

“Sky Array, don’t let these guys escape. Get the three nets of Heaven, earth, and God!”

Inside, Wang Xian’s sky array was fighting against the three nets of Heaven, earth, and God.

The three nets of Heaven, earth, and God were worthy of being called the most precious treasure by the imperial court. They were able to completely trap him and the sky array here.

“Don’t worry, Dragon King. As long as they don’t escape now, the three nets of Heaven, earth, and God will belong to the Dragon Palace. hahaha!”

Tian Chen laughed loudly and didn’t try to hide it.

This made the three guardians of the Imperial Court, who were controlling the heaven, earth, and divine net, change their expressions continuously.

In the current situation, if they didn’t escape, they would be killed when the divine emperor attacked them.

Moreover, the heaven, earth, and divine net in their hands would also become a treasure of the Dragon Palace.

However, if they were to retreat now, the other disciples of their imperial court would be slaughtered by the Dragon King and the sky array god Emperor.

“Don’t let them get the three Heaven Earth god Nets!”

At this moment, an angry roar of a god Emperor came from the sky.

The Three Heaven Earth god Nets were the treasures of their imperial court, existences that could contend against the imperial court.

Once it was obtained by the Dragon Palace, it would be equivalent to adding two void God emperors to the Dragon Palace.

This was a huge blow to the imperial court.

Furthermore, if the Dragon Palace had the three nets of heaven, earth, and God Emperors from the Dragon Palace and the abyss, they would doubt if they could destroy the other party even if they joined forces with the formation Sorcerer Association.


The three protectors of the imperial court looked at each other when they heard the great ancestor’s order. Without any hesitation, they immediately fled.


When Wang Xian saw them fleeing, his expression changed slightly.


He moved his body and stretched out his dragon claws to attack the blazing divine star.

“Not good!”

“Run, we have to run too!”

When the Guardians on the blazing divine star saw the Dragon King’s attack, their expressions changed drastically.

They were already fighting against the powerhouses of the imperial court. At this moment, they could not withstand the attack of a divine emperor.


Seeing the attack coming, the tens of thousands of fire-attributed disciples of the Imperial Court roared.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The Dragon Claws landed on it, and flames flew in all directions. The terrifying defense collapsed.

“Dragon King, leave it to me. This divine flaming star is also a treasure!”

The sky array roared, and water snakes appeared around it.

Countless water snakes flew directly into the Divine Flaming Star.


A series of miserable screams rang out as the few guardians of the imperial court were surrounded.

“Kill! At least 20 guardians of the imperial court will be enough!”

Wang Xian saw that the flaming celestial star was taken care of and he looked ahead.

The three guardians of the Imperial Court led the three divine nets of Heaven and earth to escape quickly. They did not bother about the heaven’s formation’s light and dark clones that were wreaking havoc in front of them.

Wang Xian roared at the Heaven Formation itself. His body moved and he arrived directly above the disciples of the imperial court.

His gaze locked onto the elders of the imperial court who were at the ninth level of the godly monarch realm and the Guardians of the imperial court who were at the peak of the godly monarch realm. He charged straight at them.

“Roar Roar Roar! Dragon Palace, you are courting death! You are courting death!”

At this moment, in the sky above them, a great ancestor of the imperial court managed to escape the attack of an abyss seed of the godly monarch realm. His eyes were blood-red and he let out a beast-like roar as he attacked Wang Xian and the rest of the godly monarchs of the imperial court.

The four God emperors of the imperial court started to fight with their lives on the line!

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