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Chapter 2802

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“The Dragon King also has the strength of the celestial thearch. How… How is this possible? wasn’t he at the peak of the Celestial Thearch not long ago?”

“What a terrifying speed of improvement. The Dragon King of the Dragon Palace also has such strength. Including the Celestial Thearch of Heaven’s formation, there are two of them!”

“Is this the trump card of the Dragon Palace?”

When everyone in the imperial court saw the strength that Wang Xian had unleashed, their expressions changed drastically.

The trump card of the Dragon Palace had exceeded their expectations.

The appearance of a Celestial Emperor of Heaven Array had already shocked them. Now, the Dragon King had also reached the Celestial Emperor Realm.

There were two celestial emperors in the small Dragon Palace.

“This is bad. That Dragon King also has the strength of a celestial emperor. We might be in trouble.”

On the imprisonment platform behind them, the people from the imperial star field who came to watch the battle instantly had ugly expressions on their faces. They stared at the gigantic Dragon Claw with fear.

Crack! Crack! Crack

In the abyss, Wang Xian’s terrifying Dragon Claw landed on the Heaven’s net and earth net, producing the sound of thunder and lightning.

The entire Heaven’s net and earth net began to transform.

“I didn’t expect that. I really didn’t expect that your Dragon King had also reached the realm of celestial thearch. However, even if you have reached the realm of celestial thearch, is our imperial court afraid of You?”

“We are not afraid of you when it comes to fighting with our trump cards.”

The Great Protector of the imperial court gritted his teeth and roared with a sinister expression.

“Divine web, open!”

He waved his arm and another large Web appeared in the sky above the command hall.

The entire web was formed from dazzling lightning and there was a shadow of a spider flickering on it.

The spider was over a hundred kilometers in size. The entire divine web seemed to be formed by this mysterious spider.

“Heaven’s web, Earth’s web, Divine Web!”

In the next moment, in the Command Hall, The Guardian of the imperial court, who had not made a move all this while, rushed out and controlled the three large webs.

The three large webs that blotted out the sky and the Sun were connected together, once again blocking out the void.


Wang Xian’s expression changed slightly when he saw the three large webs.

Boom! Boom! Boom

Crack! Crack

When their attack was launched, the three nets of Heaven, earth, and God covered it directly.

The Thunder Spider on Top of the three huge nets jumped. Wang Xian’s heaven formation and the rest’s full-strength attack was blocked directly.

“Hahaha, the three nets of Heaven, earth, and God are the Supreme Treasures of our imperial court. With your strength, which has just advanced to the level of celestial thearch, you can forget about breaking through the defense of the three nets of Heaven, earth, and God!”

The Great Protector of the imperial court roared with a face full of laughter when he saw this scene.

“Is this all the trump card of your imperial court?”

Wang Xian roared with a face full of coldness.

“Hahaha, then you can try again and see if our imperial court still has any trump cards!”

The great protector of the imperial court raised his head slightly and said with a sinister face.

“We blocked it. Our imperial court blocked two celestial thearchs!”

“Is this our imperial court’s foundation and Trump Card? It’s too powerful!”

“Hahaha, we’ve blocked them. We’ve completely blocked them with ease!”

The disciples of the imperial court looked excited when they saw this scene.

Everyone on the imprisonment platform behind them also heaved a heavy sigh of relief. Their faces were filled with excitement.

“Does the imperial court have so many trump cards?”

At this moment, a voice sounded from the side of the imprisonment platform.

“Of course. How can our imperial court be defeated by a small Dragon Palace? Humph, the array god Emperor and the Dragon King will be killed soon!”

This voice was very loud, causing some of the people on the imprisonment platform to answer without hesitation.

“Oh, then my heaven array wants to see how many trump cards the imperial court has!”


A slightly calm voice continued to ring out, followed by a vast pressure suddenly soaring into the sky.

“Ka Ka Ka!”

The imprisonment platform at the side instantly collapsed.


“Sky Array, sky array, is he the sky array divine emperor?”

An incomparably violent power suddenly surged up from their side. The expressions of everyone at the side changed drastically, and their eyes were filled with fear.


However, before they could react, a terrifying attack headed straight for the disciples of the imperial court.

The terrifying attack instantly covered a radius of several hundred million kilometers!

“Not good, there’s an expert at the divine emperor level behind us!”

“Oh no, there’s a sneak attack from behind us.”

When the Heaven Array’s attack headed forward, at this moment, all the disciples in front revealed shocked expressions.

In the command hall, the great protector of the imperial court sensed the great change behind him and his heart trembled.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

“Oh no, Lord Protector, Help!”

“Ah! Ah!”

However, the imperial court and the others couldn’t react at such a fast speed.

The terrifying attack landed in front of them and covered an area.

Everyone in that area was instantly covered by energy.

In the next moment, tens of millions of experts and disciples of the imperial court were instantly killed.

“There are still existences at the god Emperor Level!”

The Great Protector of the imperial court let out a low roar. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

“Hahaha, back then, my heaven array swept across the eight desolates and six harmonies. Even if it hasn’t recovered to its peak, it isn’t something an ordinary god emperor can compare to.”

“Continue. Let Me See Your Imperial Court’s Trump Card!”

The sky array roared crazily. He waved his arm, and a wind and thunder array condensed in front of him.

“Damn it! Light God Palace, Rise!”

The Great Protector of the imperial court had an ugly expression. His arm heavily sat on the table of the command hall, and the entire hall trembled.


A majestic light power suddenly bloomed from the command hall. No, it should be the light god Palace!

The Divine Hall of light directly soared into the sky and attacked the sky array.

“TSK, TSK, tsk. You really have many trump cards!”

The sky array felt the power of the Divine Hall of light and pursed his lips as he said coldly.

“Our Imperial Court’s foundation is beyond your imagination!”

The Great Protector of the imperial court gritted his teeth and roared at the sky array.


The sky array’s array attacked the Divine Hall of light. The entire divine hall shone brightly as a pair of wings of light appeared around it.

The powerful wings of light directly blocked the attack of the sky array.

“Hiss, our imperial court has blocked it again!”

At this moment, even the disciples of the imperial court and the spectators at the back were shocked.

Their imperial court was too powerful.

However, the Dragon Palace was also a bit terrifying.

“Hahaha, I’m the last trump card of the Dragon Palace. Come on, imperial court, let me see if you still have any trump cards!”



At this moment, a maniacal laughter came from not far away.

Along with the terrifying attack and the screams of the disciples of the imperial court.

At the place where the imperial court and the Abyss were fighting, a crack that was hundreds of millions of kilometers wide was torn open.

All the disciples of the imperial court at the crack were killed in one move.

The last trump card of the Dragon Palace, the last avatar of the Tianchen God Emperor.

All the trump cards were revealed, and they were risking their lives!

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