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«Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System (Web Novel) - Chapter 2801 Trump card

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Chapter 2801 Trump card

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“Roar! Roar! Roar!”

“Hahaha! Block them! Block them!”

“With the strength of the imperial court, they won’t be able to break our defense if we want to defend with all our strength.”

“I thought that the beasts of the Dragon Palace were so strong. But now, they can’t break our defense at all!”

In the Abyss battlefield, as time went by, the tense atmosphere at the beginning began to dissipate.

Especially for the imperial court, after a whole day, the abyssal seed and the Dragon Palace could not do anything to them, which made their faces look much more relaxed.

According to this situation, even if they fought for two days, they were still very relaxed.

They originally thought that the battlefield here would be very tragic, and they would suffer a lot of casualties.

But at this time, unless they were not careful, or if their luck was really bad, it would be very difficult to die.

This made the disciples of the imperial court laugh as they talked and laughed.

“Dragon King, the formation has been set up. I’ll go over with two doppelgangers at the front. Later, I’ll rush over first and see if they still have any trump cards to deal with!”

“If the imperial court exposes their trump cards to block me again, you can make your move again, Dragon King!”

At the same time, the members of the Dragon Palace were equally relaxed at the position of the Dragon Palace.

The Heaven Formation sensed the position outside the abyss and said with a smile.


Wang Xian nodded his head slightly.

His gaze swept across everyone from the imperial court in front of him. A cold glint flashed in his eyes.


At this moment, the formation of heaven beside him moved and transformed into three strange monsters.

The other two smiled at Wang Xian and disappeared.

“Hahaha, imperial court, I shall teach all of you a lesson today!”

The formation of heaven laughed out loud. A terrifying aura surged from his body instantly. His body moved and he flew forward.


The sky array that suddenly flew into the sky emitted the pressure of a god Emperor, which made everyone in the imperial court slightly surprised.

Especially those disciples who looked relaxed just now. Their relaxed expressions instantly stiffened.

“Is this the last trump card of Your Dragon Palace? Can’t hold it in any longer? Sky Array God Emperor!”

At the Command Hall, the great guardian stared at Tianchen god-emperor with a strange look and his expression changed slightly.

However, he didn’t panic too much.

They had made a guess that Tianchen had the strength of a god-emperor.

This was the worst guess, but now it had come true.

However, even if it was the worst situation, they still had ways to deal with it!

“Oh? An expert from the small imperial court can actually recognize me?”

When Tian Chen heard the words of the great protector of the imperial court, a trace of surprise flashed across his eyes as he asked coldly.

“Hahaha, in our imperial star field, nothing can be hidden from our imperial court!”

“Tianchen God-emperor, you should never have offended our imperial court. It wasn’t easy for you to revive and you’re about to die, Hehe!”

The great protector of the imperial court stared at Tianchen Celestial Emperor with a cold face, full of killing intent.

“Die? If I’m not wrong, you guys are now in front of the Heaven Wizard region to inform the members of the Wizard Association and then join forces with them to destroy me, right?”

When Tianchen Celestial Emperor heard his words, his eyes flickered slightly. He had also guessed why the imperial court wanted to destroy the Dragon Palace within a month.

Because the imperial court knew his identity, they naturally had to inform the Wizard Association.

The imperial court and the Wizard Association were united. In their opinion, they could definitely destroy the dragon palace and even the abyssal seed here.

“Tianchen, you’re courting death. You’ve offended our imperial court!”

From the sky, a solemn voice of the imperial court’s divine emperor could be heard.

“Hahaha, is that so? In that case, we have to destroy you all as soon as possible!”

Tian Chen laughed arrogantly.

The aura of a peak expert from the starry sky could be seen clearly.

“Destroy us? If you have already recovered to your peak, you can destroy our imperial court by yourself. But now, you have no chance!”

The god Emperor above continued to shout coldly.

“Is that so? Then let’s take a look!”

Tian Chen waved his arm and the five elements array formation condensed in front of him blasted towards the imperial court.

“Heaven Net, Earth Net, open!”

The Great Protector of the imperial court flew out of the command hall.

Behind him, two huge lightning nets appeared.

The two nets met the formation of the Heaven Formation.

“Hiss, something happened. The God Emperor of Heaven Formation? which God Emperor of Heaven Formation?”

“Is it the god Emperor of Heaven Formation who died more than ten million years ago? Why is he still alive and making an enemy of our imperial court?”

“Don’t panic. Our imperial court has long been prepared. So what if it’s Tianchen divine emperor? wasn’t he almost destroyed tens of millions of years ago? Moreover, he’s no longer at the peak now!”

“No wonder the Guardians of the imperial court said that they would destroy the Dragon Palace within a month. This war is mainly about defense. We are waiting for the powerhouses of the Witch Formation Association. As long as they come, we will join forces with the Witch Formation Association and destroy them easily!”

The revelation of the identity of the sky array divine emperor caused quite a stir, especially for the people watching from behind.

This was a legendary figure, the main character of the Battle of the Fallen Emperor.

However, when they saw that the imperial court was already prepared, they also let out a slight sigh of relief.


The Sky Net and the earth net were two extremely terrifying divine emperors.

The two large nets directly enveloped the sky array’s formation.

The powerful array formation destroyed the Heaven Array’s attack.

“Weng Weng Weng Weng!”

At this moment, the Heaven Array’s arm continuously waved as array formations attacked forward.

However, the Heaven Net and earth net seemed to cover the entire void as it once again enveloped the array formations.

Any attack that was enveloped was completely destroyed by the Heaven Net and earth net.

The divine lightning descended like terrifying tribulation lightning, destroying everything within.

“Hahaha, Celestial Emperor of Heaven’s formation, is that all you have?”

“Heaven’s net and Earth’s net can break all laws!”

The great protector of the imperial court laughed out loud when he saw the attacks of the heaven’s formation being destroyed one after another.

“I have to say, your imperial court really has a lot of trump cards. However, the real war has only just begun!”

Wang Xian saw that the heaven’s formation could not break the defense of the Heaven’s net and Earth’s net. His body moved and he flew directly into the sky.


As soon as he finished speaking, he let out a dragon-like roar. His arm transformed into an incomparably terrifying dragon claw. At this moment, the might of the divine emperor erupted instantly!

The incomparably huge Dragon Claw attacked the Heaven Net and earth net.


Seeing Wang Xian charging out and the might that erupted instantly, everyone from the imperial court was slightly moved at this moment.

“Dragon King, you are also a god-emperor level powerhouse!”

The great protector of the imperial court stared at Wang Xian with slight shock and anger as he shouted sternly.

“Didn’t you guys say that you wanted to destroy our Dragon Palace? Today, I want to see who is going to destroy who!”

Wang Xian hovered in the air above the abyss as he waved his dragon claws!

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