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«Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System (Web Novel) - Chapter 2800 The battle had caused the entire world to fall silent

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Chapter 2800 The battle had caused the entire world to fall silent

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“Hiss, what a terrifying battle. Is this the Battle of the Abyss? The densely packed abyssal seeds are simply endless!”

“Our imperial court’s strength is so strong. Is there a battle between the Divine Emperors in the Sky? We can’t see the actual battle situation at all.”

“Even through the video, we can feel this suffocating aura. It’s too strong.”

“The Dragon Palace is attacking the people of the imperial court. They want the abyss to devour our territory. They are our enemies.”

“I want to go to the Abyss battlefield, too. I want to cheer for the Warriors of the Imperial Court!”

The entire imperial star area was paying attention to the outbreak of the Abyss War.

However, no one knew the details of the war.

When someone was sharing the video of the war at the front line, and a group of people even started the live broadcast of the war, it instantly attracted the attention of the entire imperial star area.

Through some blurry images, they could feel a corner of the war.

Some people saw that someone had come to the back of the battlefield, and some were bold enough to make a move.

Such a vast war was a visual feast for many people.

Of course, they wanted to see the imperial court defeat the abyssal races and destroy the Dragon Palace to achieve a complete victory.

People from other places in the imperial star area could not help but rush over.

The imperial court did not stop some people from coming to watch the battle, but everyone was also tested by the imperial court to prevent accidents from happening.

“There are so many abyssal races. There is no limit to how dense they are. Can Our imperial court win?”

“My grandfather and the others are also on the battlefield. I hope that grandfather and the others can destroy these beasts!”

“Look over there. Those are the people from the Dragon Palace. They are attacking us. Kill them. Kill them.”

More and more people gathered at the back of the battlefield. They stared at the vast war ahead and roared with excitement and anger.

Standing here and feeling the battle between the powerhouses of the imperial court, they felt that they had a common enemy.

Especially those who had their own family members fighting in the war ahead, they hated the Dragon Palace even more.

“Why didn’t the Imperial Court fight back? Why didn’t We Fight Back?”

“Yes, the imperial court has been defending all this time and didn’t take the initiative to attack. However, we completely blocked the opponent’s attack.”

“It seems that the imperial court is waiting for an opportunity to find an opportunity to completely destroy the abyssal seed and the Dragon Palace. I heard that this battle is the main defense!”

On the imprisonment platform, people were discussing animatedly. In just one hour, the number of people gathered here had reached more than 100,000.

All of them were disciples of the imperial court who had rushed here after hearing the news and were paying attention to the war.

There were also special media who came here to carry out live broadcasts and live explanations.

The entire imperial star area was paying attention to it.

Such a huge amount of attention naturally made the dragon palace’s name even more infamous.

The comments about including the nine clans, exterminating them all, locking them up, torturing them for billions of years kept increasing.

“Humph, Little Dragon Palace, even if you borrow the power of countless abyssal seeds, don’t even think about breaking through our defense. In the future, just wait for our imperial court to punish you, Hahaha!”

Three hours later, the battle lasted for a total of three hours.

The entire battlefield was in a stalemate. Even the fighting spirit of the countless abyss seeds around them had been greatly diminished.

On the blazing divine star, a protector of the imperial court roared at Wang Xian and the rest with a face full of laughter. His face was filled with malevolence.

“Being together with beasts means that your dragon palace is destined to be destroyed. Killing the people of our imperial court and killing the human celestial emperor is an unforgivable crime for your Dragon Palace!”

In the command hall, a protector also shouted out in delight.

This was the ideal situation for their imperial court.

After dragging out this war and waiting for the Heaven Magus region’s success Shaman Assembly to arrive, it would be the time for the Dragon Palace and even the abyssal races to be completely destroyed.

“Destroy the Dragon Palace! Destroy the Dragon King!”

“Destroy the Dragon Palace! Destroy the Dragon King!”

Three hours later, several million people had gathered on the imprisonment platform at the back of the abyssal battlefield.

They looked at the situation on the battlefield and shouted with flushed faces.

The laughter of the Guardians meant that this battle was beneficial to the imperial court.

This was also an exciting thing for them.

“Eight-limbed demonic fiend, ignore them.”

At the side, the eight-limbed demonic fiend and the demonic fiend wanted to curse but were stopped by Wang Xian.

The next attack was to be unexpected.

Since it was a surprise attack, the people of the Imperial Court felt that the Dragon Palace no longer had any trump cards left.

“Keke, since the Dragon King has said it, let’s put away the quality language!”

The eight-limbed demonic fiend smiled faintly and said.

“Wait, let’s continue to wait!”

Wang Xian said faintly.

The war would not end so quickly. Even if they could not break through the imperial court’s defense, this battle would last for two to three days.

It had only been three hours.

He glanced at the back of the imperial court and sneered when he heard the faint voice coming from inside.

Soon, all of you will shut up!

“Hehe, those guys from the Dragon Palace have already shut up.”

In the command hall, a protector stared at the Dragon Palace with murderous intent and said coldly.

“It’s just a grasshopper after autumn. It Won’t last for more than a few days.”

The Great Protector glanced over and turned to the side.

Compared to the entire abyssal race, the Dragon Palace was not important. The abyssal race was the key enemy.

“The Dragon Palace and the abyssal race attacked our imperial court together. It’s already been more than ten hours. The casualties of our imperial court are almost negligible!”

“The attack of the Abyss race and the Dragon Palace is doomed to fail. They are doomed to be unable to break through the defense of our god-emperor realm experts.”

“Our Imperial Court is invincible in the entire imperial star area. The defense of our imperial court master will be our counterattack in a few days. At that time, the Dragon Palace and the others will be destroyed.”

“Since the start of the war, our imperial court has less than 10,000 disciples killed or injured, while the abyss race has suffered thousands of times more losses!”

“This is our imperial court, Our Foundation.”

The situation of the war was quickly spread on the AI.

News after news made many people slightly excited.

At least for now, the imperial court was in the upper hand.

Everyone discussed crazily, and time passed bit by bit.

A Day quickly passed since the war broke out.

The entire battlefield was still in a stalemate, and the abyssal seed in the Abyss was still roaring.

The attacks of the Dragon Palace were still being unleashed continuously.

However, the situation had not changed at all.

“It’s almost time. The imperial court has not released any powerful trump cards to break the situation for an entire day. They should not have many trump cards left.”

When it was close to thirty hours, Wang Xian scanned his surroundings and muttered.

“It’s almost time, Dragon King. I also feel that we can make a move now. Ao Yao has already entered the other side.”

Tian Chen’s lips curled up slightly.

“Well, it’s time to silence the Imperial Star Field!”

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