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«Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System (Web Novel) - Chapter 2799 The Battle had caused the entire world to fall silent

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Chapter 2799 The Battle had caused the entire world to fall silent

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The Heaven Shrouding fan was another great god weapon of the imperial court.

A void God Emperor Rank 1 god weapon was obtained by a protector of the imperial court through a great opportunity.

This heaven shrouding fan was incomparably powerful and could temporarily unleash the power of a void God Emperor Rank 1 god weapon.

“Hua La!”A clear sound rang out as the entire heaven shrouding fan expanded to an area of over a hundred million kilometers.

The terrifying sky-shielding fan headed straight for the attack fans of the Dragon Palace.

Waves of tornadoes formed directly in front of them, forming a tornado domain.


Everyone from the Dragon Palace looked over with astonishment on their faces.

“As expected of the imperial court. This foundation is really terrifying!”

Wang Xian mumbled. He had no choice but to accept the strength of the imperial court.

With all the members of the Dragon Palace working together, they were indeed able to suppress the attack of a level one divine emperor.

However, the imperial court was able to hold them back even when they had to fight against countless abyssal seeds.

He swept his gaze across the entire battlefield. Even if the imperial court did not rely on divine emperor powerhouses, their strength could still contend against one or two divine emperors.

The powerful divine weapons and Dharma Treasures were truly astonishing.

“For a force of such level, there are naturally countless treasures. After all, they take up more than half of the resources in the entire Imperial Star Field.”

Heaven array spoke from the side.

“Dragon King, one flaming divine star and one heaven-shrouding fan can withstand the attacks of our Dragon Palace.”

Prime Minister Gui watched as the heaven-shrouding fan entered the battlefield. He frowned slightly and spoke to Wang Xian.

In the entire battlefield, the imperial court was able to contend against the entire dragon palace with such a small amount of strength.

There was still a huge gap between the Dragon Palace and the imperial court.

“It’s fine. Let’s continue to hold the stalemate. We’ll wait for a while longer.”

The Heaven Array at the side spoke.

They could wait for the best opportunity to arrive when the countless abyssal seeds had depleted the imperial court’s energy.

If they were to make a move now, even the Heaven Formation could not guarantee that they would be able to defeat the imperial court.

However, if they were to wait for a day or two, it would be much easier.

The imperial court would defend while the abyssal seeds would launch their violent attacks. Based on this situation, a huge battle could erupt for a few days.

If they were to remain in a stalemate for a few days, the abyssal seeds might have to retreat. They would have to rest and prepare for the next attack!

However, they knew that the imperial court might have a powerful trump card.

They could not bring out this trump card now. If they did not defeat the imperial court this time, they might be in danger in the future.

“Humph, Little Dragon Palace. If not for these abyssal seeds, we would be able to eliminate all of you now!”

When the protectors of the imperial court saw that the attack of the Dragon Palace was completely blocked, they smiled and mocked loudly.

“There aren’t so many IFS. If you die suddenly, we won’t even need to do anything to kill you!”

Hearing the mockery of the protectors of the imperial court on the Flaming God Star, the eight-limbed Demon Fiend roared coldly.

“Hahaha, you bunch of trash from the Dragon Palace. You’re just trying to talk your way out of this. However, you won’t be able to do it for long!”

“Soon, the imperial court will exterminate all of you and cut off your tongues. We won’t kill you immediately. We will suppress you in the purgatory star and let you enjoy thousands of years of torture and pain!”

A protector of the imperial court said with a cold smile.

“TSK, TSK, tsk. I’m afraid you don’t have the ability to cut off my tongue right now. You Bunch of dogs of the imperial court!”

Mo sha shouted at them loudly.


“We don’t need to talk too much with these people who are about to die. Even if your dragon palace is with the beasts, they can’t break the defense of the imperial court!”

Another imperial court protector said with a cold face.

“Great Protector, the situation has completely stabilized.”

The Dragon Palace’s side was completely in a stalemate. The attacks were blocked one after another. In other places, the imperial court had also blocked the attacks of all the abyssal seeds.

The battle had even erupted for five minutes, and less than a hundred people had died.

Strength and foundation!

A protector of the imperial court stood on the command platform and said to the great protector with a smile on his face.

“Hehe, a bunch of animals want to fight with the imperial court. They are far from it.”

The Great Protector said with a cold face.

The situation had been completely stabilized, and the imperial court still had their trump cards.

Even if the abyssal seed and the Dragon Palace still had their trump cards, they could still resist it.

“The war has broken out!”

“What a terrifying power! Haha, I’m afraid that the entire imperial star area can’t believe that someone dares to come to the battlefield at this time!”

“Don’t be complacent. Be careful. If there’s any danger, we can run back to the divine nation directly!”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. I just want to see this war with my own eyes. Cheer for the imperial court and report the situation here to the artificial intelligence system. By then, we will be rich!”

“All the Lords of the imperial court, cheer up. Kill the beasts of the Abyss and kill the beasts of the Dragon Palace!”

“All the Lords of the imperial court, cheer up. Kill the beasts of the Abyss and kill the beasts of the Dragon Palace!”

At this moment, hundreds of people appeared at the entrance of the Abyss behind the battlefield of the Abyss.

They stared at the front with some shock, some disbelief, and some hot-blooded roars.

They shouted together.

“What are you doing?”

Hundreds of people suddenly appeared behind them, immediately attracting the imperial court’s attention. A few imperial court godly monarchs flew over and immediately asked coldly.

“Sir, we are disciples of the imperial court. We want to cheer for our imperial court. Destroy the abyssal seed and destroy the Dragon Palace!”

A group of people hurriedly said respectfully when they saw the imperial court experts flying over.


“Leave the Abyss battlefield immediately.”

A godly monarch reminded them with a cold expression.

“It’s fine to watch. Let them enter the imprisonment platform!”

At this moment, a majestic voice came from the front.

In the command hall, a pair of sharp eyes looked over.

Their imperial court had suffered considerable losses in the Battle of the Abyss. Letting some people watch from the back was also a form of propaganda for the imperial court. After this battle ended, there might be quite a number of talented disciples and experts joining.

“It’s The Guardian!”

The Godly King bowed respectfully to the commanding palace. With a wave of his arm, a halo with a radius of more than 1,000 kilometers appeared.

The confinement circle was also a warning circle.

Once the energy exploded here, it would be instantly confined and discovered.

This was also to prevent any accidents from happening in the back.

Of course, they also had some defenses in the back. This line of defense was enough to deal with a first level godly monarch. Therefore, they were not afraid of the Dragon Palace attacking from the back.

“Thank You, Sirs! Thank you, Sirs!”

“Haha, Quick, Quick! The battle ahead is too terrifying and vast. Is this the strength of our imperial court? If this were to happen to the AI, it would definitely cause a commotion. Our Imperial Star Field is paying attention to this battle!”

“Pat the situation over at the Dragon Palace and let the others curse at the Damn Dragon Palace!”

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