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«Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 656: Little Seven’s Influence

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Chapter 656: Little Seven’s Influence

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

When Sima You Yue was taking the alchemists’ examination, she used various refining methods to finish sixth grade pill in three and a half hours. It caused a frenzy in the inner sect, especially those alchemists wanted to see her.

But before she entered the inner sect, she asked for a year’s leave. Later, when she came to the inner sect, she appeared in the public’s eyes with strong strength, making people forget her alchemy for a while.

Tang Yan patted his head. “Yes, besides that two alchemists, Sima You Yue is an even more powerful alchemist. What do you say about the origin of these new students? There were so many professional masters at the beginning of their establishment in all fields.

“They’re all her relatives and friends.” Mo Bin siad. “So I’m curious what kind of environment they grew up in.”

“I think those in top 50 know about Little Seven. Afterall, they were all there.”

“That’s why those teams are more afraid to provoke the Lightning Team. Not to mention that today’s fight will make people wary of her, but that with Little Seven’s presence, the heads of other team will tell their subordinates not to provoke them.”

“Smart people won’t look down on her because there are few people in her team now.”

“It’s said that the lunatic is coming back. When he knows about Sima You Yue, it’ll be lively.”

“You have to see if Little Seven is with her then.”

“We’ll wait and see…”

As surprised as Tang Yan and Mo Bin was, the head of various teams were also. At first, they learned that a small team had been set up, and everyone wanted to show off their might. But when they saw Little Seven’s name, they became silent. Finally, they said, “Don’t cause trouble with them.” Without saying anything further.

After Xue Rong left, Sima You Qi and they had been waiting for other teams to find fault with them but no one showed up after waiting for a day, which made them very confused. But they didn’t think it had anything to do with Little Seven.

Sima You Yue spent several days quietly in Parting Garden. She had already contacted Ximen Feng. She calculated the time she needed to request for leave.

Xu Jin was a man of great temper, but his temper will bring his disciples a lot of convenience. For example, if she wanted to ask for leave, she didn’t need to go to Director Mao at all. She could leave with Xu Jin’s token

She went out of the outskirts of the inner sect, all the way east, through a mountain range, to a transmission array.

There was only one Pavilion here. Two people were guarding the pavilion. Seeing Sima You Yue coming, they asked, “going out?”


“Reason for leave.”

“None. I…”

She didn’t even finish when she was interrupted.

“No reason for leave, then you cannot leave. Today isn’t the day to apply for leave. Go back, go back.”

Sima You Yue handed Xu Jin’s token to them. “I have this.”

The person accepted the token. “Xu Jin’s token. You’re his disciple?”


“Identity token.” that person requested.

Sima You Yue was stunned for a moment, and then realized that he wanted her token. She quickly took it out and handed it to him. The person took it and put it against his forehead to check her identity. Then he returned both tokens to her.

“You can go.”

“Many thanks.”

Sima You Yue entered the transmission array, and that person immediately activated the array. Very soon, she arrived in the outer sect.

The transmission array connecting the outer sect and the inner sect was a small courtyard beside the array system. Usually, only one person was guarding.

When they saw the array lit up, the guard was curious about who can come out when it’s not a holiday. one should know that in the inner sect, as long as it’s not a time for missions, it’s very difficult to ask for leave. And on missions, they wouldn’t take the path to the outer sect.

The guard was relieved. It was Xu Jin’s disciple. No wonder he could come out at will.

Sima You Yue saluted to the person and left this courtyard.

She had lived in the outer sect for two years, but she was not familiar with it at all. In those two years, she spent nearly one year in the devil world. She spent most of her time either cultivating or researching materials for Ximen Feng. She seldom walked around the campus.

She asked two students before catching sight of familiar place. She sighed when she saw Ge Lang’s office. Originally, she had also said she would attend array classes when she had time. but she never did, so she was not able to find her way to the previous place.

Ge Lang was not in the office. He was teaching a class. Sima You Yue waited downstairs for a while and saw him coming with a group of students. Some of them were from previous research groups, and some of which she didn’t know.

When they saw Sima You Yue, some students greeted her. She smilingly replied. Ge Lang gave his book to the person beside him. He instructed, “Go up ahead and wait for me.”

“Yes, teacher.”

The students bypassed her and went upstairs. Ge Lang came over and asked, “why did you come today?”

“Teacher Ge, I got to the earth’s eye.” Sima You Yue excitedly said.

“What did you say?” Ge Lang doubted if he heard correctly and looked at her in surprise.

“It’s true.” Sima You Yue affirmed.

Ge Lang looked around and made sure there was no one. He grabbed her hand excitedly. “How did you get that so quickly?”

“Master gave it to me and told me someone else did.” Sima You Yue explained. Her answer rendered Ge Lang dumbfounded before she added, “I also think my master’s words are unreliable. No matter how he got it, it’s in my hands now.”

“Then what are you here for?’

“I already contacted Feng’er. He’s probably at home now. I came here to invite Teacher Ge to come together.” Sima You Yue said. “I don’t know if Teacher Ge is willing?”

“Do you want to go together?” Ge Lang didn’t expect Sima You Yue to invite him.

Sima youy ue nodded. “Teacher Ge, you came up with this method. Don’t you want to see its effect? Besides, I think it’s better to deal with any situation with Teacher Ge on the side.

“Alright, wait a moment, i’ll get the students to return.” Ge Lang said.

Teacher Ge, it’s not in a hurry. I’m here to inform you today. It will start tomorrow.” Sima You Yue said, “Come to my house tomorrow.”

“Alright, when will you start.”

“One in the afternoon.” Sima You Yue said

“Alright, tomorrow at one in the afternoon. I’ll be there on time.”

“I’ll go back first. Tomorrow, we’ll go cure Feng’er. I won’t delayed Teacher Ge’s time.” Sima You Yue cupped her hands.

After leaving the sect, she directly went home. Before she knocked, the door was opened.

“You Yue, you’re back? We’re about to contact you!” Bei Gong Tang quickly grasped her hand.

“What’s wrong?”

“Something happened to Brother Feng?”

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