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«Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 2251 The End Of An Age, The Beginning Of An Aeon! IV

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Chapter 2251 The End Of An Age, The Beginning Of An Aeon! IV

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2251 The End of an Age, The Beginning of an Aeon! IV

Beneath the calmness and ancientness he had honed over billions of years, feelings of unwillingness rose as his body and soul broke down while he stared at the unreasonable being that did not think of things from a grander perspective.

He could have chosen a different path and worked together. He could have gained the support of the NOBLESSE as when he entered the Aeonic Haven of Dissolution, boundless resources and support would have been waiting for him!



This being ignored all of this unlike the True Emperor of Destiny as he only stared down with tyranny!

And as everything broke down while his soul was about to be entirely erased, Desiderius stared up at the cold eyes of the Emperor on the throne as before his final moment, his voice boomed out with grandiosity!



The burning throne cleanly smashed and scorched everything on its path as the being known as Desiderius…was no more!


Silence permeated the surroundings as the tendrils of the Planar Palisades of Extremity seeped in even more!


A far, far distance away from the seeping tendrils of the Planar Palisades of Extremity entering the space where the past Barren Lands used to be.

Within the depths of the Planar Palisades.

The wisps of the verdant authority of the Boundary of Karma could be seen breaking down as the Automaton Boundary Modulators supporting them in a circular barrier were actually being decayed, the existences within this barrier of light currently extremely somber as it was one of the parties that had left the Quantum Dimension and entered the folds of the Planar Palisades of Extremity!

One was led by the Ancestral Descendant named Clytemnestra as Charlemagne was among others included in it, and the other group was led by an Ancestral Descendant named Jin!

The group that was currently facing a perilous situation that caused their enacted Boundary to decay was the one Ancestral Descendant Jin led- the one that had the figures of Royalties from a few Dimensions as well as the figure of Katelyn and the Mirare Queen, as well as…the 10th True Sanguine Clone of Noah that wasn't designated as a Quintessential Dimensional Chassis!

The very authority of Karma was decaying around them as they had come across one of the many possible dangers of the Planar Palisades of Extremity- an unknown Esoteric Entity that normally waded across these vast and endless regions as its home.

It was a massive creature that looked like an amalgamation of tentacles and crimson black eyes, its size being vaster than thousands of realities as a deadly Boundary with pulsing waves of authority at the 5th Boundary Layer emanated from it.

The surroundings were surrounded by a dark silvery light of the chaotic essences of the Planar Palisades of Extremity as countless crimson black tentacles surrounded this group, the Ancestral Descendants showing panicking faces as the most powerful among them reached the Second Boundary Layer of Karma!

The only reason they were all still alive after draining their Aeonic Souls trying to keep the barrier of Karma around them active…was because this Esoteric Entity had its eyes twisted into a cruel smile as it was playing with what it considered its food!

It brought about a dire situation for these Ancestral Descendants as they could see no paths of escape, with the threat of death being very near.

Those leaving the Barren Lands for the last time bellowed out in unfairness and fear as even on the pristine face of the Mirare Queen, a trace of fear could be seen.

Katelyn was within the center of the group as she didn't join the others in the rise of fear, and it was because when she looked at the man who floated beside her…she saw him staring at the Esoteric Entity with a smile on his face and a hungry light in his eyes.

This caused her heart to feel settled as even though there was no logical way that this man beside her could somehow protect her in these dangerous Planar Palisades of Extremity where even the Ancestral Descendants were turning fearful, she chose to believe in him as he…was the True Emperor of Quintessence!


A surreal moment came as Noah gazed at the burning flames around his throne calmly, utmost peace seemingly settling in as boundless information surged into his mind.

[The Aeonic Quintessential Treasure Cache of Desiderius has been obtained.]

A dazzling Aenoic Quintessential Treasure Cache specific to the 6th Boundary Layer Existence he had killed appeared along with dense waves of memories that were vaster than any that Noah had received before!

Mermories…that completely expanded and redefined what Noah knew as dense information on Boundaries, Civilizations, Lineages, Planes, and so many more things surged inside his mind.

[The Aeonic Haven of Dissolution…]

Noah uttered the name of the vast and endless region within the Havens of Extremity that the NOBLESSE Lineage moved in- the same region that the Ancestors were trying to establish Sacrariums and dominions across as there existed swathes of NULLITY Beasts, Esoteric Entities, and an unknown number of treasures that all creatures in this Haven sought and devoured as they were still in overabundance even after billions of years!

Boundless waves of such information came in as Noah devoured it all and began to sort it out, the flames around his throne dwindling down as he stared at the vastness around him.

He stared at the far reaches of the Planar Palisades of Extremity where the party his clone was in was facing great danger, and he then turned towards the vibrant barrier of his Infinite Plane that was luminous with grandeur- finishing the absorption of the very Source of Reality.

He attained utmost peace at this moment after successive grand accomplishments, his throne disappearing and reappearing at the peak of the Infinite Plane, his gaze coming to land beneath him where 9 Minor Planes pulsed and expanded rapidly, and countless massive Cosmos formed above them as the very source of Reality and all Parallel Planes were devoured to produce them!

Noah sat on the Throne of Quintessence as he oversaw all of this.

Achievements he had made in a period of days.

His actions began the churning of the Age of Quintessence mere weeks ago, and he rose to the peak of this Age as he even conducted the unbelievable actions of devouring Minor Planes and a Major Plane into his construct!

This was Quintessence.

This was tyranny!

And as he sifted through the memories of Desiderius and saw how this being truly had influenced the past few Ages and he even thought about the reason the Ancestors had set up the cycles of Ages and True Emperors…

His Aeonic Will was roused as it began to thrum and pulse.

The True Emperor of Quintessence oversaw the countless changes occurring below as he felt the souls of the countless existences contained within his Infinite Plane.

And towards all of them and the vast stretches of space within this Infinite Plane, his Will began to resonate outwards as the True Emperor of Quintessence came to a decision during the formation of this fantastical construct that would contain a countless number of Planes in the future!

[There shall be no more Ages.]


His Will resonantly spread all around as the souls of all those he was connected to heard it with majesty!

[No more Eras.]

The cycles the Ancestors had set up.

The Ages that came and went!

[The Age of Quintessence shall come to an end as from here on out…only the Aeon of Quintessence shall reign across Extremity!]



With this, the grand Volume 20: The Age of Quintessence, has come to an end!


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