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«Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 2250 The End Of An Age, The Beginning Of An Aeon! III

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Chapter 2250 The End Of An Age, The Beginning Of An Aeon! III

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2250 The End of an Age, The Beginning of an Aeon! III

In the Halcyon Plane of Loot.

The figure of Theseus was nowhere to be seen as Desiderius was not within this Planar Domain either, the vibrant stanchions of Loot losing all of their targets as the treasure Caches on the edge of this domain began to close at this moment!

They were tabulating and giving an account of just how many full Caches were attained, as well as what boons came from the death of a newly risen 6th Boundary Layer existence!

When Noah peered into what could be the best possible way to treat the existences of Theseus and Desiderius, it wondrously wasn't to devour their Blood at this moment as the light of Loot covered what remained of Theseus to produce fantastical results.

All of the golden stanchions of light retreated into the Treasure Caches as the Halcyon Plane of Loot retracted speedily, becoming absorbed into one of Noah's nearby bodies as the many Caches entered his Expansive Space!

[The Aeonic Quintessential Treasure Cache of Theseus has been obtained.]

[25x Aeonic Quintessential Treasure Caches have been obtained.]


A Treasure Cache that was uniquely designated to the name of the being it came from appeared.

All of his accumulations, the Boundary he focused on, his Blood! Everything was culminated into a single Cache as on top of all this, Billions of years worth of memories were sinking into Noah's soul!

Memories of those who called themselves the Ancestors.

Memories of the Vaults of Extremity!

Memories of fantastical Sacrariums that these beings had established across an endless Region called…the Aeonic Haven of Dissolution!

A region where they fought against the NOBLESSE for supremacy.

Noah's Aeonic Soul began to sift through such dense information as he was bombarded with even greater memories of the connections this being had.

The Ancestors that were his parents in the Sacrarium of the Sword who would no doubt know of his death at this moment- and also a method to send word to the Ancestors of what was happening in the past Barren Lands that Katya nor Theseus thought of!

His death…was something that would be found out very quickly as the Ancestors would know right away that the forces they had sent down to quell a few forces within their home Plane had all but perished.

But this Plane itself was no more.

Even if they could spare more beings to leave their defensive posts to send back, they would not find the Barren Lands to go back to as the Pylon of Ascension that connected to another, even larger Pylon within a Sacrarium in the Vaults of Extremity…Noah's Infinite Plane had nearly devoured this Pylon entirely as it was being recreated anew as his own Relic!

And if they truly did come to this space where the past Barren Lands used to be…

[Let them come!]

The bodies of the 9 clones all reappeared as the glow of Loot still surrounded them, their will resonant as they still thirsted for Loot!


Tendrils of the Planar Palisades of Extremity leaked through.

A myriad of essences were mixed in as one could see traces of NULLITY in the tendrils of the Planar Palisades of Extremity, waves of abstruse authorities converging and contracting constantly in this region!

Amidst all this, a dazzling True Throne of Quintessence floated grandly as the Emperor atop it gazed at the enemy he had thrown a Planar Xyston of Infinity towards.

Somehow through undetermined means, a thin layer of the right side of Desiderius remained as a portion of his abyssal right eye and barely a third of his mouth was still present!

His obsidian halos were shattered and broken as a dense life force still wrapped around the very little remaining portion of his body.

The voice of this ancient being continued to emanate outwards even in this state as he gazed at the anomaly that brought this reality to fruition.

"You will not see rage, incredulity, or disbelief from me if that was what you are looking for. I will implore you again to steer away from this path. Recall that it was my planning that paved way for you to rise…recall that I steered these past Ages as even the True Emperor of Destiny is living well in the Vaults of Haven due to me. You will come to realize that having friends in the Vaults of Extremity is much better than making enemies. Because having a single enemy means having a whole Lineage worth of enemies! So, what path will you tak-"


The words of Desiderius never finished.

The massive True Throne of Quintessence was bathed in gold blue flames as it instantly appeared in front of Desiderius, the answer of the True Emperor of Quintessence being swift as he actually smashed his throne onto this NOBLESSE!

He came in close proximity with the remaining aspects of existence of this being as he gazed down with an overabundance of tyranny, his voice dominating the surroundings!



[The oh so great Desiderius who schemed and hid in the folds of reality. Portraying himself as an ancient being who accounted for everything and had grand plans! 1 had a thought that you would be more of a challenge…! will tell you now that it has been disappointing!]


As flames of singularities released Aeonic Soul Damage Values approaching 20,000 torrentially came and thundered down, this regal NOBLESSE was not treated with any sense of respect as the residual life force and power remaining was ground down towards nothingness!

He said he would not show anger or incredulity.

But…he was still someone with a soul.

He still held emotions.

Even in his calmness where he was looking at all possible paths, when he saw them all close as only a single one remained…how could he not show any emotion?!

His path should have been a glorious one as he should gave returned victorious to his lineage as a grand champion who had weakened their enemies. He had planned and planned, and he had even succeeded! But this…

This was not what his glorious path saw as the remaining soul of the NOBLESSE began to tremble with instability!

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