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«Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 2249 The End Of An Age, The Beginning Of An Aeon! II

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Chapter 2249 The End Of An Age, The Beginning Of An Aeon! II

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2249 The End of an Age, The Beginning of an Aeon! II

His defenses were utterly shredded as his head was nearly vaporized from the pressure!

At such a juncture, his soul lit up brightly as from its depths, an illusory white scale rose and flared out to cover the remaining aspects of existence of Theseus, but a moment later…


This illusory white scale racked as the Planar Xyston of Infinity continued downwards and utterly ground apart the Aspects of Existence of a Boundary Expansion Realm expert that had reached the 6th Boundary Layer!

The moment it did so, potent waves of authority from the cracked scale that erupted from the center of his Soul released a shocking brightness- a circular wavelength spreading from it and spreading outwards in all directions!

Just like that, a genius in the Boundary of the Sword fell in a place that wasn't even in the Vaults of Extremity!


Extremely far, far away from the deadly battle within a Halcyon Plane of Loot.

A ridiculously vast distance that could not be quantified properly due to the foldings of the spacetime continuum and countless wormholes stretching out across the Planar Palisades of Extremity and the Vaults of Extremity itself!

A graveyard of massive white swords could be seen, each of these swords shockingly holding pierced bodies of beings that gave off residual waves of the authority of Boundaries that seemed to be a Layer or two above the 7th Boundary!

At this moment, another sword began to rise as this was white gold in color, making the fall of yet another being who followed this austere Lineage of the Sword.

The rising of this sword in this mass graveyard alerted multiple Wills as they descended at this moment to see, the identity being affirmed soon after as a mournful howl screeched out like countless shattered swords soon after!


The Death of a 6th Boundary Layer Existence.

Noah didn't feel any sense of accomplishment at doing such a thing as the Planar Xyston of Infinity disappeared from his hands, his Will affirming that for now- his Spear could easily exceed 50,000 Aeonic Planar Damage Values as it had crushed Theseus who even erupted with final life-saving measures!

His focus was only on the visage of Desiderius as this being gazed at what had just happened to Theseus and actually sighed.

"A fight to the death it is."

This ancient being released such words as the swirling Halos of Obsidian light around him became ever brighter, a terrifying aura leaking from his very Lineage as he seemed ready to stake it all!

"I have lived for countless years before i arrived here, and i steered the past Ages of this Plane after I came."


"What you have attained now, I helped bring it to fruition. For you to not even listen to reason…let me show you the result of my patience and power over all these years!"


Dense tendrils of The VOID erupted as it seemed Desiderius was going to release an ultimate attack, all the remaining golden stanchions of light surging towards him on all sides as when the time came…


A heavy explosion akin to a myriad of singularities collapsing echoed out as the VOID tried to drown out the countless stanchions of light, and when the Stanchions devoured all the darkness to continue towards the center where the enemy lay…


Emptiness was all that remained.

The figure of Desiderius was nowhere to be seen!

Outside of the dazzling Halcyon Plane of Loot, in the areas where dense VOID still persisted even after the fabric of Reality was devoured.

The figure of Desiderius manifested from the VOID as his ancient face was ashen, his Obsidian Halos dimmed as to pull off the move he just carried out, a significant portion of his Aoenic Soul was spent!

But he had escaped the folds of the terrifying Planar Domain as his vision changed to the unfamiliar surroundings, his Will catching the streams of the chaotic essence of the Planar Palisades of Extremity actually entering this area where the Barren Lands used to be.

The dangerous make up of the Planar Palisades of Extremity would have made him cautious before, but he now welcomed it as he wasted no time sucking in the surrounding VOID and surging towards the tendrils of the Planar Palisades of Extremity that were beginning to fill up the space of a displaced Major Plane when…


Immense waves of danger instantly erupted from the very depths of his Soul as amidst the tendrils of the Planar Palisades of Extremity, the abyssal eyes of Desiderius caught the appearance of a dazzling Spear arching towards him.

The Spear was akin to a javelin that was thrown over as while pushing away the tendrils of the Planar Palisades of Extremity, a multicolored throne appeared ahead of Desiderius just before the full folds of the Planar Palisades of Extremity as sitting on top of it…was no clone.

Atop the True Throne of Quintessence, the True Emperor of this Age appeared grandly with his Main Body as he gave off stellar bursts of radiance!

[I told you that I could see you…Desiderius!]

His eyes were shining with golden grandeur and utmost coldness as he stared down at the NOBLESSE that had actually tried to make an escape and the Planar Xyston of Infinity that had sucked away yet another third of his Aeonic Soul Values that appeared right in front of this being!

The Boundary of Loot would make sure to get its full due.

It had seen countless possibilities as it showed Noah a very likely one that Desiderius who was already designated as Loot would take, and so his Main body had appeared here!

He looked at this terrifying schemer with his eyes as the weapon bearing the weight of the very Dimensions he tried to destroy bore down.

The first to fall and splinter were his Obsidian Halos thar were already dim- the Planar Xyston of Infinity being so fast that it passed through the trajectory that this NOBLESSE was taking and pierced clean through- this weapon once more not meeting any resistance as it meant even now, Noah had not seen what the True extent of the damage was as even a being that should have had stacks of tens of thousands of Soul Damage Values was pierced cleanly through!

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