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«Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 2248 The End Of An Age, The Beginning Of An Aeon! I

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Chapter 2248 The End Of An Age, The Beginning Of An Aeon! I

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2248 The End of an Age, The Beginning of an Aeon! I

His path for the future was bright.

Born from the Lineage of Ancestors that followed the Boundary of the Sword, he had all the privilege he could ever ask for as he bathed in the Essence of this Boundary while he was still in the womb!

And he knew the upper layers of Extremity were all but promised to him as he just had to put in the effort and time.

And he did.

He had!

He reached the 6th Boundary Layer of the Sword!

It was immensely strong and sharp as he felt like he could cut apart everything!


Why was it that he couldn't cut apart this obscene golden light?

Just what Boundary had this nonsensical Esoteric Entity enacted as he bellowed out nonsensical things like [Everythingis Loot]?!


The utmost potential from his Aeonic Soul was pulled out as the stellar scene of Theseus arching upwards like a blazing white gold sword trying to pierce countless stanchions of golden light played out.

A vast sea of sword light bathed with his very soul surrounded him as it cut apart the surrounding space, but the golden light from the Stanchions was deadly as it devoured these sword lights and everything else it came across!

The only reason it hadn't devoured him entirely was that the Aeonic Soul Damage Values seemed to cancel each other, but Theseus could feel the values of his enemy scaling upwards at a dangerous pace that he couldn't understand!

So the only path was to escape as Theseus could see the edge of the Boundary.

He could see the radiant treasure chests surrounding it as his Soul burned with even more brightness, his Heart feeling that a possible path was close for him to achieve!


The white gold sword shone with utmost luminescence as at this moment…

One of the golden stanchions of light released a hand burning with blue gold flames of singularities. But…the hand was grasping something. Something profound and extremely, completely, utterly heavy on all accounts as it had Layers of colors on its shaft, with its Spear point releasing blinding multicolored radiance that would singe the eyes landing on it.

Vortices of millions of singularities bloomed as this Spear thrust out with the hand of one of the Clones of the True Emperor of Quintessence, the Boundary of Loot barely being capable of wrapping the edges of this spear as it was…the Planar Xyston of Infinity.

The [Planar Xyston of Infinity]!

A feature of the Infinite Plane as it was the weapon that took into account the weight of this ridiculous construct under Noah and displayed it into fantastical Damage Values!

And Noah's construct had just finished swallowing 9 Minor Planes and one Major Plane of Existence.

Just…how would this weapon express its grandiosity?

[Planar Xyston of Infinity]:: An offensive feature of the Infinite Plane under the True Emperor of Quintessence. It currently bears the weight of 9 Minor Planes and 1 Major Plane of Existence as quantifying its damage values is currently not feasible since there are no points of comparators to compare to. Even wieldingitis a Massive task as within a short period of time, the True Emperor of Quintessence at his current stage can only effectively wield the Planar Xyston of Infinity three times to release the weight of all the Planes within it unto his enemies. Uniquely, a strike from this Xyston releases a type of Damage Value at the same tier as Aeonic Soul Damage Values- known as Aeonic Planar Damage Values that have a quality of being immensely harder to defend against. The more usage of the Planar Xyston of Infinity, the more information can be obtained from it as quantifying its actual damage values is possible in the future…



A weapon that even Noah's system could not quantify the extent of!

He himself didn't know as to find out, he would have to use it as eventually…he should come across something that could possibly repulse it as he would be able to confirm for sure exactly what level of damage the weight of this Planar Xyston of Infinity could deal out.

And…his current self could only use it three times in a short period of time!

As for what this meant?


The clone that grasped the Planar Xyston of Infinity felt a third of the Aeonic Soul Values of the Main Body course through it the moment he called for this Spear, and it now surged right in front of Theseus who was cutting apart the golden light of Stanchions as be rose upwards.

But the moment that this Spear that reflected the colors of the 9 Dimensional Realities on its shaft alone appeared, the waves of sword light surrounding this being in a protective barrier were crushed entirely as the Planar Xyston of Infinity descended like an unstoppable force!

An unstoppable force.

And facing it…was not an immovable object.


Theseus was only able to feel his pupils dilate at the appearance of the incandescent Spear of light as it completely erased the countless sword lights around him.

He wrongly found himself questioning in his incredulity if this being had somehow raised the Boundary of the Spear all the way to the 7th or 8th Boundary Layer to be capable of releasing such a sharp Spear of light.

And then, the terror that no being who had lived for billions of years should feel arose and spread like a wildfire.

Beings who had lived for such a long time did not fear many things.

But the one thing they all feared the most…was death.

It was death as they had grown too fond of life in those billions of years!

So when his very own Boundaries and soul cried out while warning him of the threat of death- as a Spear descended at such a fast pace that he knew he could not evade it…he was reduced to a being no different than common planetary life forms that lived and died within a hundred years.

The waves of sword lights protecting him were crushed into nothing as he himself felt the unbelievable weight of the Spear coming down, his scalp only tingling for an instant before it began to be crushed along with the rest of his head!

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