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«Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 1751 VENERABLE! lV

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Chapter 1751 VENERABLE! lV

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The weaving of destiny churned with unknown splendor as in the Cosmic Holy Land, a crimson stellar red sea was becoming increasingly more colorful as millions of Cosmos filled it every microsecond!


The light of empowerment was maddeningly fast as the aura Noah displayed continued to skyrocket ever higher, his Origin skating past 25 Billion Royal Cosmos as it just continued higher.

While this process occurred, the will of the Unnamed Kainos Emperor resumed the receiving of information through prompts on all the new changes!

Well, he was about to- when he noticed a particular peculiarity.

There were still some prompts left for the boons of the TABOO Sanguine Emperor and its gift of a VENERABLE Bloodline, but from them…Noah had yet to feel any changes to the limitation of Ascendancy Halos.

Not an increase. Not an alteration.

Even though the Sanguine Emperor went to TABOO, was the limitation of 60 Edicts into a single Halo truly left unchanged?

Noah's will surged out to find an answer to this as it rose up soon enough, causing his expanding stellar red sea to surge with shock as the answer lay in another unlocked feature that was mentioned in a previous prompt!

[Sanguine Aggregation has been commandeered by the VENERABLE Unnamed Kainos Emperor Bloodline as under it, the sub ability of [Sanguine Ascendancy Domain] is born.]

The prompt that had appeared before as it mentioned [Sanguine Ascendancy Domain]!

The ability to pack many Edicts from a single Halo stemmed from Sanguine Aggregation, and this ability was commandeered by the Unnamed Kainos Emperor Bloodline to cause the birth of [Sanguine Ascendancy Domain].

The boon from ascending a tier this time wasn't being able to pack more Edicts into a single Ascendancy Halo as this disappointed Noah, but his disappointment had turned into shock when he looked at Sanguine Ascendancy Domain.

[Sanguine Ascendancy Domain]:: Link your Ascendancy Halos, expand your domain, and eradicate your enemies! Exceeding quality trumps quantity. This is one of the core concepts behind the VENERABLE will of the Unnamed Kainos Emperor as through the ability of Sanguine Ascendancy Domain, all of the Ascendancy Halos under the Unnamed Kainos Emperor can be pulled together and fused seamlessly to bring about something accessible only to LEGENDS with extremely proficient control of their Halos. Through the fusion of Halos, the Primogenial Ascendancy Domain can now be called upon as when fused with it, an Ascendant True Form of the chosen Bloodline shall bloom. When reinforced by one's Reality Passages, the Primogenial Ascendancy Domain will achieve the authority of Primogenial Sealing against its enemies…


Not the doubling of the number of Edicts into a Halo, but instead, the unlocking of an authority that only LEGENDS who were proficient in the control of their Ascendancy Halos came to be as Noah could now call upon his [Primogenial Ascendancy Domain] by fusing all his Halos!

And when he fused with this Domain…he wouldn't achieve a True Form as it would be an Ascendant True Form of the Bloodline he chose.

What did this mean? Just what was the distinction to this?!

As Noah sought answers, his will focused on the details of the past prompt as he scrutinized everything.

One feature was mentioned as [Primogenial Sealing]- something that actually required Reality Passages to achieve as this was the only thing in the description Noah could not get more information about since he could not do it!

But there was one thing he could see more of as he could personally utilize it.

[Primogenial Ascendancy Domain]:: An unyielding authority born from TABOO that expands out to cover nearby enemies. It requires the burning of 600,000 Units of the Essence of Reality to activate as it targets all those in the surroundings and Locks down 2 of their Aspects of Existence up to the Primogenial Strata along with anchoring them to their surrounding space. A natural suppression comes down on all targets as multiple TABOO authorities or even more unique means are required to override the Ascendancy Domain, or a similar domain cast out to oppose this. The laid out abilities up to the level of REIFIED Abilities can be instantly disrupted and canceled, with the Locking effects of the Primogenial Ascendancy Domain lasting on all affected individuals even after the duration of the domain has ended as the only way to overcome the Lock on their Aspect of Existence is for them to break out themselves, or with your permission, or they perish. Under the Ascendancy Domain of the Unnamed Kainos Emperor, your enemies can only tremble under your gaze as its abilities will evolve and change depending on the number of Halos and the qualities of Edicts within it. The domain remains active and carries out in effect as long as 200,000 Units of the Essence of Reality are sacrificed every microsecond to maintain it…


A glorious new working of the Ascendancy Halo appeared as its effects…were ridiculous to say the least!

So glorious that even Noah was questioning them.

Didn't portions of [Primogenial Ascendancy Domain]…sound extremely similar to the authority of [Reality's Oversight] that Ancestral Beowulf had utilized to dispel the casting of Noah's abilities?!

From the elevation of a single TABOO Edict that gave way to this VENERABLE Bloodline…he was actually getting things only LEGENDS were privy to?!


A sonorous voice rang out amidst Noah's shock and wonder.

[You're beginning to attain the abilities of LEGENDS before even forming your Reality Passages…I can commend you for this. But I guess it is logical for a Bloodline that was named after this Era…]


A VENERABLE Bloodline that had the name of this Era inscribed within it. Its effects were astounding as always, Noah wondered what else could be out there.

[Well, yours is still Unnamed, and it is unknown how many other Destined beings have managed to forge a Bloodline with an Affix of this Era…but you'll probably come to know their names soon enough.]

Lavalliere spoke freely as Noah thought about the area where he would meet the upcoming Generation of LEGENDS, his gaze becoming firm once more as he tried to understand more about what he had just gained.

"Can you speak upon the means of Primogenial Sealing shown in the Primogenial Ascendancy Domain?"

[.25 Uses.]


The reply was fast as Noah's stellar red sea radiated bountiful stellar light, his will shaking itself out of his stupor as he let the answers come by themselves in time!

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