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«Imperial Phoenix Rules (Web Novel) - Chapter 525: Goodnight Kiss

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Chapter 525: Goodnight Kiss

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Su Zhiyun, who was ranked third, had only managed to get three drops so far.

Yun Lan in first place had obtained five drops while Yao Xuan in second place had obtained four.

As for the other students, they could only watch helplessly even if they had a million Spiritual Value Points.

There was an eye-catching countdown message at the daily posting of the Silver Moon Spring.

There was still 15 days, 10 hours, 34 minutes and 23 seconds until the release of Silver Moon Spring next month.

It meant that she had to earn another million Spiritual Value Points in 15 days.

Jun Mohuang felt that this was truly a challenge. On average, she would have to earn over 60,000 Spiritual Value Points every day.

She had sold 20 spiritual weapons today and thought that she had a lot of money on her, but now…

Hehehehehehe. 80,000 Spiritual Value Points for accommodation and food. Less than 50,000 Spiritual Value Points left. She didn’t even complete today’s mission.

Furthermore, it was not every day that there would be people seeking to purchase spiritual weapons.

As for whether she could snatch it, that was another problem.

“Don’t worry, it’s just Silver Moon Spring. Whoever has the purest Spirit Qi will have a higher chance of getting it. I’ll go out and guarantee that you’ll get it 100% every time.”

Di Lingtian picked up her small hand and injected a wisp of red spirit qi into it, attaching it to the black iron bracelet on her wrist.

The red spiritual energy attached itself firmly to the bracelet and showed no signs of dissipating.

“You can use my spiritual energy to snatch it.”

Jun Mohuang waved her wrist and used her own spiritual aura to drive it away. The red spiritual aura was still firmly attached to the black iron bracelet.

“Don’t try it. This stream of spiritual energy will definitely complete the task of snatching 15 drops of Silver Moon Spring.”

In terms of spiritual qi purity, who in the entire Academy Of A Thousand Illusions could compare to Di Lingtian?

This cheating method was really awesome.

Jun Mohuang kissed him happily.

Di Lingtian raised his brows and whispered in her ear, “One peck is enough?”

“Then what else do you want? You kissed me so many times in the shower just now.”

Jun Mohuang tilted her head. He really liked to talk into her ear. His hot breath blew around her ear, making her heart feel soft and itchy.

“Time to sleep, give me a goodnight kiss.”

Di Ling carried her to the bed and extinguished all the light in the room. He pulled the blanket over both of them.

“So demanding.”

The moonlight shone through the window onto the bed. Jun Mohuang looked at his perfect side profile and her heart throbbed.

Despite her disdain, she still held his face and kissed him.

Di Lingtian’s embrace made her feel at ease. Jun Mohuang quickly fell asleep.

The next morning, Di Lingtian left, heading back to the Ninth Netherworld Realm.

Before Di Lingtian left, he repeatedly warned her not to put herself in danger.

However, given Jun Mohuang’s personality, it was impossible to completely avoid such things.

Di Lingtian gave her three Puppet Jade Talismans that could save her life at critical moments and a Voice Transmission Jade Talisman that could connect the two of them. These jade talismans didn’t require any techniques to be used and only required spiritual qi to be infused. Jun Mohuang could use them.

After sending Di Lingtian off, Jun Mohuang cleaned her slightly red and swollen lips. After breakfast, she brought a group of underlings to Trading Center 15, the nearest trading center to their accommodation.

At Trading Center 15, Su Zhiyu stood gracefully at the entrance in a snow-white muslin dress. She wore a long white dress and a silver belt. She was beautiful and otherworldly.

Beside Su Zhiyu was a slender, beautiful woman in green.

The two beauties stood there, attracting the attention of a large group of passing students.


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