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«Imperial Phoenix Rules (Web Novel) - Chapter 467: A Short Moment of Peace

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Chapter 467: A Short Moment of Peace

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The 58th assassin indeed did not have the strength to lift the huge tower and shake it. There was a huge slope not far from here, and he directly pushed the huge tower down the slope.

The huge tower rolled down. Bai Leiming was dizzy from the collision and several of his teeth were knocked out.

The huge tower rolled to the bottom of the slope and the world finally fell silent. Bai Leiming had already fainted.

The 58th assassin looked at the huge pagoda below the slope. The doors of each level were still closed. He clenched his fists indignantly and chased after Jun Mohuang again.

Just as he turned to leave, a bolt of lightning suddenly emitted from the top of the huge tower and struck the 58th assassin.

This was not Bai Leiming’s doing, but because this tower could change shape and had the most basic intelligence.

It had just felt the 58th assassin’s provocation, so it released a bolt of lightning as punishment when he turned around and relaxed his guard.

The 58th assassin did not notice this change. His back was suddenly hit by the purple lightning and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

He glanced hatefully at the huge tower behind him and suddenly recalled that there was also an identical nine-storey Exquisite Pagoda standing in the middle of the Academy Of A Thousand Illusions. It was the place where the most powerful weapon in the Academy Of A Thousand Illusions was kept.

Could this pagoda be a replica of that one?

With this in mind, the 58th assassin’s eyes narrowed and he left as quickly as possible.

Even a replica of this weapon was terrifying.

He was just a small Spirit Casting expert and could not afford to provoke her.


When Jun Mohuang left this time, she used teleportation but not the Earth Spirit’s Shrinking Skill.

She suspected that the 58th assassin’s body had wood elements that could track her whereabouts.

The Earth Spirit had repeatedly said that it was impossible. It said that wood elements could only restrain earth elements but not track them.

Jun Mohuang was doubtful. After all, the truth was right in front of her.

It proved that her concerns were reasonable.

Half a day later, the 58th assassin did not chase up. Jun Mohuang took advantage of this time to find a lake, take a simple bath, and eat something.

In the morning, she was still digging the pit with two short swords. She was still covered in dirt.

She had tried walking out of the assessment area to find Chi Chi.

But strangely, just as she was about to leave the assessment area, she was blocked by a barrier.

Jun Mohuang tried but to no avail. She had no choice but to return.

Chi Chi and Zi Zi couldn’t help. Furthermore, there was a Space Lock Spell here that couldn’t be opened in Huangyu Space. Her large pile of treasures couldn’t be used.

She could only rely on herself to resolve the current crisis.

Soon, night fell and Jun Mohuang found a narrow cave.

Calling it a cave was an overstatement. Instead of a cave, it was more like a small depression in the cliff.

The entrance was small and only allowed one person to curl up and squat inside. The entrance was blocked by thick bushes.

If one did not observe carefully, no one would have discovered a small cave in the dense bushes.

Jun Mohuang deliberately restrained her aura and suppressed her heartbeat and breathing to the limit. She tried her best to integrate herself into the surrounding environment.

She had been on the run the whole day and had expended too much energy. She had to sleep to replenish her mental strength.

Jun Mohuang was still very vigilant in her sleep.

Xiao Jin was still worried and volunteered to crawl out of the Black Mystic Iron bracelet to let Jun Mohuang have some rest. The Earth Spirit had no choice but to accompany Xiao Jin and keep her company.

After Jun Mohuang fell asleep, a bean-sized black flame emerged from the Gold-Swallowing Fire.


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