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«Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 8 - Cave of the predecessor

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Chapter 8: Cave of the predecessor

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“Cousin Xiao Chen, don’t move, it’s me.” Xiao Yulan stood at Xiao Chen’s side as she said in a soft voice.

After getting a clear picture of who it was, Xiao Chen released his breath and dissipated the flames on his finger. “Cousin Yulan discovered them too?” he leaned on the tree and asked.

She nodded her head, looking at the group of people in front, frowning, “cousin, do you know who they are?”

“I am not very sure, but I know that those in brown attire are people of the Zhang Clan.”

Xiao Yulan withdrew her gaze and proceeded to scan Xiao Chen’s body. She found it strange and decided to inquire. “Cousin Xiao Chen, are you alright? You seem to be hurt.”

Within just a day, Xiao Chen’s figure had shriveled up, appearing incredibly weak. However, he had no overt wounds on his body, which was very strange.

Xiao Chen smiled bitterly. “It’s a long story.”

In the forest in front, where the person in blue was located.

“Elder Zhang, where is the cave of the predecessor you mentioned? Where have we been walking for all this time? I am running out of patience.” The voice of the person in blue carried a trace of anger as he spoke impatiently.

The person who was addressed as Elder Zhang appeared to be more than fifty years old, and his cultivation had already reached the peak of Martial Grand Master long ago. He was the Clan Head of the Zhang Clan.

At this moment, when he faced the person in blue, he did not dare to slight him at all, instead replying respectfully. “Senior, don’t worry. That cave was accidentally discovered by one of my clan members, we should arrive there in another fifteen minutes.”

The person in blue just coldly snorted. “Then lead the way!”

The cave of a predecessor—it was likely that strong Martial Techniques and Cultivation Methods were stored there. There were often such legends, of some coincidental discovery of a predecessor’s cave that eventually lead to great cultivation gains for the individual who lucked out. The Seven Horn Mountain actually also had one of these caves of some predecessor.


“So, cousin has already condensed his Martial Spirit, congratulations.”

Xiao Chen kept quiet about the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit, only explaining that he was in this state due to condensing his Martial Spirit. It seemed this Xiao Yulan also knew of his reputation as trash, thus she did not question him further.

“Should we follow them?” Seeing that the group of people had already gone far away, Xiao Chen sought Xiao Yulan’s opinion.

“We follow!”

Xiao Yulan leaped down from the tree and gently landed on her feet. Afterwards, her figure flew forward by ten-some-odd meters, as though she was a green fairy. Within a few breaths of time, she was already more than a hundred meters away.

What a fast speed, Xiao Chen quietly murmured. He leaped down from the tree and used all of his strength to keep up. Xiao Yulan evidently did not wish for Xiao Chen to participate in this and dashed ahead at great speed with every intent to leave him behind.

However, Xiao Yulan was afraid of drawing the attention of the person in blue, thus she did not use her Essence. Although she moved fast, it was only due to the strength of her body. With that alone, it would be difficult to leave behind Xiao Chen.

Ten minutes later.

Xiao Yulan was flabbergasted at the sounds of Xiao Chen rushing over. Although she did not use any Essence, her cultivation was already in the realm of a Medial Grade Martial Master.

The strength of her body should be vastly stronger than that of a person who had just condensed his Martial Spirit, which meant that leaving Xiao Chen behind in the dust should be a very easy thing to accomplish.

Xiao Chen met Xiao Yulan’s gaze and craftily spoke. “Cousin’s speed is really fast, I nearly could not catch up with you.”

Xiao Yulan understood what he meant by these words, replying with a solemn expression, “the cultivation of that person in blue has reached the realm of Martial Saint. It is best for cousin to not enter these troubled waters.”

“In front of a Martial Saint, there is no difference between a Martial Disciple and Martial Master. They would both die in one blow.” Xiao Chen stated without backing down.

Xiao Yulan’s expression changed slightly, a slight amount of anger to her tone. “I frequently cultivate on Seven Horn Mountain, so I am familiar with every tree and every blade of grass here. Even if I am no match for him, it would not be difficult for me to escape, cousin, but you……”

“Hush! They are about to go in, cousin, take a look.” Xiao Chen interrupted Xiao Yulan’s words and pointed in a direction.

Xiao Yulan turned her head to take a look. There was a cliff in front. That person in blue just laughed coldly and threw out a fist on its stone wall. Cracks extended out from where that person punched the wall, spreading in all directions, and the cracks kept getting larger and larger, with pieces of rocks continuously falling off the cliff.

When all the rocks finished falling, it revealed a hidden stone door. With a loud rumble, the door opened automatically. Elder Zhang flattered the person in blue and left behind someone to guard the entrance before entering with the person in blue.

“Let’s go!” When Xiao Chen finished saying that, he did not bother himself with Xiao Yulan and led the way forward.

The Zhang Clan disciple stationed outside was only a Medial Grade Martial Disciple. Xiao Chen hid himself in a place about a hundred meters from the stone door, confirming that the person in blue had moved far away.

Xiao Chen used his consciousness to control the Essence to move towards the meridians in his legs, to which the Azure Dragon within his body opened its eyes once again. Only this time, the expression in its eyes were not clear and pure like earlier, but it was now filled with a baleful look.

It was as though it felt Xiao Chen’s intentions. The three white clouds floated around gently, and two streams of even purer Essence spat out from its mouth, heading toward the meridians in Xiao Chen’s legs.

After the two streams of Essences trickled into Xiao Chen’s legs, he could feel strength brimming within them, as though they were able to flatten the solid Seven Horn Mountain with one stomp!


There was a loud shout, and Xiao Chen’s right foot ferociously pushed off from the ground, leaving behind a two feet deep footprint. His body left the ground and covered the distance of a hundred meters in an instant, the Purple Thunder True Fire burning in his palm.

The Zhang Clan disciple guarding the entrance only heard a loud shout before a purple flame had already hit his chest. Before he had the time to shout, his whole chest was already burnt up. A black hole occupied the middle of his chest, only for its size to rapidly expand shortly after. Within moments, this Martial Disciple had been turned into a pile of ashes.

What a domineering flame—looking at the Zhang Clan disciple, Xiao Yulan sighed. “This is your Martial Spirit?”

Xiao Chen did not deny it and smiled, “cousin, do you now believe that I have the ability to protect myself?”

Xiao Yulan bent over and dipped her fingers in the ashes. After she examined it, she shook her head and proceeded to explain. “This flame is indeed domineering, but it is not as powerful as you think. If this Martial Disciple was not suddenly ambushed and could not defend himself in time, as long as he released his Essence, he would be able to defend against these flames.”

Xiao Chen, who was seen through, awkwardly smiled and avoided the topic, “they should have already made it far away. If we follow them from a distance, given the large size of this cave, we might not even run into them.”

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