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«Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation (Web Novel) - Chapter 1416: Outnumbered

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Chapter 1416: Outnumbered

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In the depths of the Dragon Burial Mound, three Demons with extraordinary bearing stood together and chatted casually.

The three shared many similarities. They all showed perfect appearances and an air of nobility. There was a purple mark on their foreheads, and their clothes were all inlaid with faint gold edging.

The only difference was that the race insignia embroidered on their clothes were all different. Their insignias looked very exquisite, signifying the Crown Scions of the Blood Demon Royal Hall, the Winged Demon Royal Hall, and the Fire Demon Royal Hall.

That was right. These three were the rumored three Crown Scions. However, the strange thing that was aside from an old man standing beside each of the three and a warship, there was no one else around.

The Crown Scion of the Fire Demon Royal Hall was Xuan Yan. After casually looking around, he looked at the Winged Demon Royal Hall's Crown Scion and asked, "Yi Xuan, which Royal Hall do you think is the most likely to obtain the Evil Shadow Demon Sword this time?"

"The one with the greatest chances are naturally the first-ranked Celestial Demon Royal Hall, the second-ranked Earth Demon Royal Hall, and the third-ranked Shadow Demon Royal Hall. The other Demon Royal Halls all stand a chance as well but not as much as these three." The Winged Demon Royal Hall's Yi Xuan calmly rendered his analysis after thinking for a while.

The Blood Demon Royal Hall's Wang Feng shook his head and said, "I don't think so."

[Note: This Wang Feng is different from the ones first appearing in Chapters 657 and 988.]

"What do you mean?"

Upon hearing that Wang Feng seemed to have a different opinion, the other two Crown Scions both looked over.

"Have you thought about what if that person from the Eros Demon Royal Hall comes? Hehe, that would be a huge variable."

After Xuan Yan and Yi Xuan heard that, the expression on their handsome faces changed slightly as they entered deep thought. Indeed, if that person came, that would be a huge variable.

"That's impossible. Although that person is incredible, he is also very smart. He knows that there are some things that he cannot touch. This is the Evil Shadow Sword!"

"It's hard to say."

"Whoosh! Whoosh!"

Just at this moment, two gusts of strong wind blew. The strong wind gathered, and two Winged Demon Royal Hall disciples appeared kneeling on one knee.

"Greetings, three Crown Scions. Qin Yun and the rest were killed already."

At this news, the three's expressions did not change. Qin Yun's group of four was not composed of people of peak strength. Having them guard the entrance was only meant to delay the other side's army, to prevent people from interrupting them.

However, unexpectedly, the army from the other domains arrived so fast. This development was not part of their plans.

"Who did it? The Heavenly Starry Ocean's Chu Yang? The Black Sea's Sima Lingxuan? Kong Yuan and his group from the Fiend Domain? Or perhaps it's the people of the Ghost Race and Corpse Race?"

"Reporting to the Crown Scion, it was none of them."


The moment that was said, the expressions of the three Crown Scions all changed slightly. Yi Xuan ordered in a deep voice, "Speak, who did it?"

"The Shadowless Saber Sovereign."

The place turned silent for a moment. The Blood Demon Royal Hall's Crown Scion smiled and said, "Good timing. My royal father wants his head. My second royal uncle is currently scouring the entire Kunlun Realm for him, yet he dares to appear here. I'll let my second royal uncle know about this. When Second Royal Uncle kills him, I will gain some merit."

After speaking, Wang Feng, the Blood Demon Royal Hall's Crown Scion, closed his eyes. The purple mark on his forehead flashed repeatedly.

The others knew that this was the Blood Demon Royal Clan's unique method for sending messages. Every Demon Race had something similar.

After a while, the Blood Demon Royal Hall's Crown Scion smiled and said, "My royal uncle is in the Tianwu Domain. He will rush over."

"If that is so, the two of us will not interfere in this matter."

Both Xuan Yan and Yi Xuan knew that the Shadowless Saber Sovereign had snatched away something that the Blood Demon Monarch wanted, which resulted in a grudge, so they wisely sold this favor to Wang Feng.

Yi Xuan said to the Demons kneeling on the ground, "You may take your leave first. Continue searching the dragon graves. There is no need to care about the Shadowless Saber Sovereign's matter."

The two Demons stood up, and their figures faded, turning into a gust of wind and moving into the distance.


However, these Demons just got one kilometer away when two gusts of an even more ferocious wind blew in the distance. Furthermore, it was no ordinary wind; it was a saber wind. This was not a saber hiding in the wind but a boundless saber intent that had turned into wind.

The strong wind was accompanied by lightning and thunder as it tore through the void.

Two sharp shrieks rang out, and the two Winged Demon Royal Hall disciples originally moving away fell down with wounds riddling their bodies, dropping by the three Crown Scions.

The saber wounds on these people even had electricity flashing in them. The two Demons moaned in pain, their bodies shocked immobile, unable to stand up.

There was another 'bang,' and another figure fell down heavily, kicking up an enormous cloud of dust.

The Blood Demon Royal Hall's Crown Scion raised his eyebrows and said, "Wang Tian?"

"Crown Scion, it is the Shadowless Saber Sovereign. He is here to save Bai Wuxue."

Tinkling sounds rang out, and two mutated flood dragons pulling a war chariot slowly descended.

The three old men beside the three Crown Scions scattered quietly, moving to a spot where they could best protect their Crown Scions.

The three unremarkable-looking old men were the mysterious Dao Protectors of their respective Demon Royal Halls.

Inside the war chariot, Xiao Chen looked at the three Demon Crown Scions and felt somewhat surprised. There was actually only one old man by each of the three. Where were the other people of the Demon Royal Halls?

"Very good. You have accumulated great merit by luring the Shadowless Saber Sovereign here. After you die, I will get my royal father to confer you a title posthumously!" the Blood Demon Royal Hall's Crown Scion said indifferently. Then, he threw a palm strike and extinguished Wang Tian's final lifeforce.

Before Wang Tian died, he opened his mouth, trying his best to say something. He wanted to warn the three Crown Scions not to underestimate the enemy. However, Wang Feng did not even give him this opportunity.

In the end, Wang Tian did not get to say what he wanted.

"Who gave you the courage to come and seek the three of us out alone?" Yi Xuan, the Winged Demon Royal Hall's Crown Scion, smiled faintly as he sized up the Cycle War Chariot with interest.

Xuan Yan smiled and said, "This war chariot is pretty good. I want it. Wang Feng, it's not that we are not giving you the opportunity; he was the one who delivered himself to us. You can't blame us for this."

"I know," Wang Feng said indifferently.

Xiao Chen could not understand what the three were talking about. The reason he was here was because of something Wang Tian said.

Bai Wuxue had not managed to flee far before he was captured. However, the three Crown Scions did not kill him. Instead, they locked him up together with some Water Moon Alliance elites.

According to Wang Tian, this was so that they could use these people as hostages.

After they obtained the Evil Shadow Sword, the bigwigs of the Kunlun Realm might try to stop them. At that point, they would need hostages on hand. No matter what, there would be some benefits.

"I don't understand what you are talking about. I'll just ask one thing: is Bai Wuxue in your hands?" Xiao Chen asked from the war chariot.

The Blood Demon Royal Hall's Crown Scion clapped his hands, and some Demons immediately came out of that warship in the air. These Demons brought out the bound Bai Wuxue, Ling Feng, and others and forced them to kneel on the deck.

Xiao Chen took a glance and relaxed.

"Let them go, and I'll immediately leave this place. I'll not participate in the struggle for the Demon Sword."

The three Crown Scions laughed at the same time. Wang Feng said coldly, "Shadowless Saber Sovereign, it seems that you are still not clear on your current situation. Release them? Soon, you will be joining them in kneeling there, and yet you are still speaking such bold words?"

The Crown Scions of the Winged Demon Royal Hall and the Fire Demon Royal Hall revealed mocking expressions as they clapped their hands.


Instantly, strong winds, howling fires, and scarlet light shot out of the various dragon graves.

Fires filled the sky and fell like meteors. After they landed, the fires wriggled and took on a physical form.

Demons emerged from the strong winds, appearing with cold expressions. As the blood light shot out, Blood Demons manifested.

The empty ground immediately became packed with Demons surrounding the Cycle War Chariot in rings.

A casual count gave at least three thousand Demons of the three Demon Royal Halls—and one-third of them were Martial Emperors.

An overwhelming Demon Might gathered, and instantly, winds blew and clouds churned. The black Dragon Qi swimming in the air looked like it would scatter from this Demonic Might.

The air immediately thinned, the atmosphere turning tense and suppressive. A cold murderous feeling spread out.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!"

All the Demons shouted three times and simultaneously drew their weapons, pointing them at the Cycle War Chariot.

The killing Qi of the three-thousand-odd Demons seemed to solidify. The war chariot started to creak as if it could not take the pressure.

The seven Divine Weapons trembled endlessly, buzzing loudly.

"Outnumbering me?" Xiao Chen seemed to be muttering to himself in the war chariot.

Wang Feng smiled coldly and mocked, "You fool. You can't be thinking that we will personally attack you, right?"

Xuan Yan said indifferently, "We are Crown Scions, nobilities. How can we not cherish ourselves?"

"Don't get angry about it. Today, we outnumber you, surround you, and we will kill you!" Yi Xuan said with a tone of cold derision.

The Shadowless Saber Sovereign foolishly delivered himself to them, yet he wanted to blame them for outnumbering him. This Shadowless Saber Sovereign was only so-so.

"Angry? No, that's not it. It's just that I normally do not like bullying others by outnumbering them. Hence, I very rarely use certain means. It looks like I do not have to restrain myself today and will be able to use them. Many thanks."

Inside the war chariot, Xiao Chen's expression remained calm. There was no hint of nervousness in his tone.

What does he mean?

For no reason whatsoever, the three Demon Royal Clan Crown Scions felt something was not quite right.


The seven Divine Weapons unsheathed at the same time, and seven figures appeared on the ground around the war chariot. Each of them held a Divine Weapon, guarding a different direction.

Xiao Chen was not done yet. Inside the war chariot, a bright light flashed in his eyes, and his aura suddenly soared.

A multitude of sabers flew out of the war chariot, turning into thousands of saber lights, each of them looking as piercing as the sun.

The light was too dazzling. The three Demon Royal Clan Crown Scions squinted, unable to see clearly.

When the light dispersed, the three showed horrified expressions, their gaping faces filled with disbelief.

They saw that all the Demons of the three Demon Royal Halls were each surrounded by four bladesmen. The situation turned around for all three thousand-odd Demons; they were now outnumbered instead.

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