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«Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation (Web Novel) - Chapter 1271: One Finger and One Saber

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Chapter 1271: One Finger and One Saber

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The mirror armor of the Deity Race had some fame to it. The main part of it should be the ancient Deity markings on it. Without the Deity markings, the defense of the mirror armor would not be so ridiculously strong.

However, this was not the time to consider this. The most important thing now was for Xiao Chen to bring out the biggest effect he could.


After breaking the mirror armor with his finger, Xiao Chen drew the Lunar Shadow Saber immediately and exploded out with a saber light, chopping towards Bai Feng's head.

Given the level of the other party's Golden Emperor Body, he would definitely not survive getting his head hacked off.

If Xiao Chen could achieve this, his full-powered Sharp Spirit Finger would not have been wasted.

Xiao Chen's full-powered Sharp Spirit Finger had frightened Bai Feng badly. When he saw Xiao Chen erupting with a saber attack, his soul nearly leaped out of his body in shock. He immediately retreated.

Bai Feng tried to move back quickly. However, Xiao Chen already comprehended a Saber Domain. Even if he did not use the Saber Domain, a casual saber strike from him contained great might.

Both Xiao Chen's aura and speed had experienced varying levels of improvement. However, these were still far beyond what a regular bladesman could achieve.

Blood splashed out; the saber light was startlingly swift, chopping through half of Bai Feng's neck. However, Xiao Chen failed to behead him.

To Bai Feng, who possessed a First Heaven Golden Emperor Body, this was not a fatal injury.

Bai Feng drove his Primordial Energy and dealt with the saber intent lingering in his injury so he could let his flesh recover quickly.

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

One finger and one saber.

Xiao Chen forced back Bai Feng by more than ten kilometers. However, to Martial Emperors, such a distance was just like a few hundred meters to ordinary cultivators, not a great distance.

However, this was not that important. The most important thing was that Xiao Chen had knocked back Bai Feng, a Martial Emperor, as a Consummation quasi-Emperor.

In this battle with a Martial Emperor, the one with the suppressive upper hand was not Bai Feng but the Azure Dragon King Xiao Chen, a powerful genius who was only a Consummation quasi-Emperor.

This scene caused a thunderous commotion in the crowd. Tens of thousands of spectators rose to their feet as one, all of them staring at this incredible miracle.

Xiao Chen drew back his saber and stood upright with a disappointed expression. His saber was still not fast enough.

Bai Feng rubbed the wound on his neck. His complexion paled as he said weakly, "Azure Dragon King, I admit defeat in this battle. Will you give me a chance to live?"

Xiao Chen noticed a twinkle in the other party's eyes and knew that his opponent was trying to drag things out, not sincerely admitting defeat. Bai Feng still harbored unfathomable motives, wanting to kill him.

Since the other party wanted to buy time, that was fine with Xiao Chen as well. The full-powered Sharp Spirit Finger was a significant drain on his Mental Energy, Primordial Energy, Law Energy, and Vital Qi.

Bai Feng thought that he was smart, wanting to drag things out until his wound recovered. Xiao Chen was happy to play along.

"Give you a chance? Why did you not give me a chance then? That day, when I entered a state of Berserking Qi Deviation, you kept shouting that you wanted to slay the demon. Have you thought about my feelings?"

Xiao Chen mercilessly refused the other party's request. He looked coldly at the other party, searching for an opportunity to deliver a sure-kill strike.

"Damn it! If not for you playing tricks, making me misjudge the might of your Sharp Spirit Finger, you would not get to be so arrogant now."

Xiao Chen retorted calmly, "So it is my fault? These words of yours are rather shameless. If you are truly capable, then why did you need to borrow the Deity Race's mirror armor?"

Bai Feng laughed and said, "You really think that I was the one who borrowed the mirror armor? Hahaha! Xiao Chen, even if you kill me today, you will still end up dying. You simply have no idea who wants to kill you. You do not know how many of them there are or how strong they are. Your future consists of only darkness. Furthermore…"

At this point, Bai Feng paused, and killing intent surged out of his eyes once more. He lowered his right hand, which he was pressing on his wound, and revealed a perfectly healed neck.

Bai Feng had already completely recovered from his injury.

"Furthermore, it is not clear who would end up killing whom yet!"

Bai Feng laughed loudly and turned into a venomous dragon again, launching himself over once more. This time, he tore space, wanting to travel through the void to make a sneak attack to catch Xiao Chen unaware.

However, just when Bai Feng got within one kilometer of Xiao Chen, he suddenly felt a formless energy forcing him out of the void.

It felt like the world around Xiao Chen did not welcome Bai Feng at all. After being forced to reveal himself, Bai Feng felt somewhat at a loss.


Another torrential saber light flew towards Bai Feng. Everywhere the saber light passed, it was like a waterfall dancing high in the sky, stunning an enormous number of people.

This time, Bai Feng could not dodge. The saber light cut open another wound on his neck, and blood spurted out like a fountain.

Bai Feng fell to the ground on one knee. He did his best to press both hands on his wound, trying to stop the bleeding. However, blood continued to pour out from between his fingers. No matter what he did, he could not stop the bleeding.

"Saber…saber…saber…" Bai Feng found every word difficult to say. Somehow, he could not speak the second word, domain, that he wanted to say.

It was indeed a Saber Domain. However, Xiao Chen had not activated it. He only used the power of the Saber Domain to force Bai Feng out of the void in the area one kilometer around him.

It was still too soon to reveal his Saber Domain trump card.

A First Heaven Martial Emperor had no way of grasping the state of space. They only scratched the surface of it. They could tear through space and instantly travel a short distance.

Xiao Chen had already moved from outward power to subtlety in his comprehension of the Saber Domain. Bai Feng's launching himself over was no different from Bai Feng sending himself to die.

"Pu ci!" A saber light exploded from Bai Feng's neck, sending his entire head flying away.

Now, only a headless body remained, falling to the ground of the arena and kicking up dust.

The thoughts of the head flying in the air had not ended yet. Bai Feng's eyes continued to see various scenes flashing.

Bai Feng's head saw the calm Xiao Chen, the many cultivators pressing their hands to their mouths in disbelief, and the look of horror on the faces of the Martial Emperors who came with him.

However, Bai Feng could no longer think. His head landed on the ground and rolled a few times before he closed his eyes.

If Bai Feng were given another chance, he would definitely have scrammed without saying a word the moment Xiao Chen told him to do so three days ago.

However, there were no ifs in the world or medicine for regret. From the moment he sought to get rid of Xiao Chen, he had already sealed his fate.

The blood still had not dried on the blade of the saber, dripping to the ground.

Xiao Chen looked closely at the blood on the saber. Then, he stretched out his hand and touched it. After entering deep thought, he said softly, "The blood of a Martial Emperor is actually no different, aside from it containing stronger energy."

Strictly speaking, this was the first time Xiao Chen properly killed a Martial Emperor.

However, Xiao Chen was different from the other cultivators, who felt this was incredible—like they were in a dream. His heart was as calm as still water, not feeling anything at all.

This was because Xiao Chen never took this Bai Feng as a true opponent.

The stronger one was, the higher one set one's sights. The distance between Xiao Chen and this world grew further.

After wiping away the blood on the saber, Xiao Chen sat down and calmly absorbed Bai Feng's Life Essence.

Only at this moment did the cultivators, who felt like they were in a dream, verify that they were not seeing an illusion.

Xiao Chen had indeed killed a Martial Emperor, creating a miracle that no one had pulled off in hundreds of years.

The few Martial Emperors who came with Bai Feng remained silent for a long time before sighing, "In the past, some people were renowned as being undefeatable unless a Martial Emperor showed up. As for this prodigy, even a Martial Emperor is not a match for him. I really have no idea how to describe him."

"Under Martial Emperor, the Azure Dragon King is indisputably the strongest. It will be even harder to kill him in the future. This head is not easy to obtain!"

While the crowd was still absorbing the shock from Xiao Chen killing Bai Feng and reflecting on the repercussions of the battle, Xiao Chen, who just finished absorbing the Life Essence, suddenly opened his eyes and said something even more shocking.

"Today, I, Xiao Chen, announce as the Azure Emperor's descendant that the Dragon's Gate Holy Land will be reestablished on the twenty-eighth of this month. Everyone is welcome to attend the reestablishment ceremony!"

Reestablishing the Dragon's Gate?

The moment Xiao Chen said that, all the chatter stopped.

Initially, the Martial Emperors from the Divine Dragon Palaces of the four seas, the Heavenly Province Academy, and the ancient Noble Clans were stunned. Then, their emotions roiled, and they raged.

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

A few figures flashed and appeared in the arena. They looked at Xiao Chen while radiating a murderous intent. "Azure Dragon King, have you gone muddleheaded?!"

"Do you know what you just said? Reestablishing the Dragon's Gate? Who gave you the courage to do so?!"

"Just by relying on you, a Consummation quasi-Emperor? Do you think you are worthy of reestablishing the Dragon's Gate?"

Xiao Chen, who was seated cross-legged, did not get angry or shocked. He returned the Lunar Shadow Saber to its sheath and slowly got to his feet. Then, he said, "Why can't I reestablish the Dragon's Gate? I have the Azure Dragon Medallion. I possess the bloodline of the Xiao Clan. I am the perfectly legitimate Azure Dragon King. Isn't my reestablishment of the Dragon's Gate logical?"

"You speak very eloquently. What do you call logical? What you are doing is defying the heavens. The Dragon's Gate was already destroyed ten thousand years ago. It is something that should not reappear in history. Could it be that you want to be the next Azure Emperor?"

The Martial Emperor from the Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace, which had the most direct conflict with Heavenly Dragon City, roared uncontrollably. The killing Qi he released was scarily dense.

The Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace had already lost out to Heavenly Dragon City in terms of reputation in the Western Sea. If the Dragon's Gate's banner was raised again, the Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace would definitely decline into a second-rate faction after some time.

No matter what, they could not let Xiao Chen reestablish the Dragon's Gate.

The old men from the various Holy Lands worried that Xiao Chen would become a second Azure Emperor. Back then, the Azure Emperor had been tyrannical and powerful, suppressing the many factions of the Heavenly Starry Ocean and preventing them from raising their heads.

How could these people let such a scene happen again? They absolutely could not allow the reestablishment of the Dragon's Gate. The two words "Dragon's Gate" were a taboo that all the factions agreed on.

Some of these factions had participated in destroying the Dragon's Gate ten thousand years ago.

Xiao Chen looked at the few people. As he faced the pressure from seven Martial Emperors, be it their aura or questioning, he remained unperturbed.

"Retract your words. It is still not too late for you to correct yourself."

"That's right. Quickly take those words back. Otherwise, don't blame us for shedding all forms of cordiality!"

"Brat, don't go overboard. There are some tacit understandings between the various major characters. However, once you cross the line, that agreement will no longer be in effect."

"Don't think that after killing Bai Feng, you can do as you please. Remember, you are not a Martial Emperor yet!"

The atmosphere turned extremely tense like it would materialize a large chaotic battle at any moment. Many cultivators backed off quietly in the Azure Dragon Plaza, wanting to be far away before the storm arrived.

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