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«Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation (Web Novel) - Chapter 1222: Breaking Technique with Strength

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Chapter 1222: Breaking Technique with Strength

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When the eight half-step Martial Emperors heard what Xiao Chen said, they all demanded angrily, “What do you want? Don’t try to pressure us. We gave you face, but you do not want it.”

“Don’t think that by advancing to Consummation quasi-Emperor, you are unrivaled. With the eight of us working together, we are more than enough to kill you.”

“Quickly scram. Otherwise, don’t blame us for changing our minds.”

Xiao Chen extended his hand slightly, and the Lunar Shadow Saber in Ao Jiao’s hands flew into his grasp. At the same time, Ao Jiao also turned into a beam of light and entered the Lunar Shadow Saber.

Her return significantly increased the might of the Lunar Shadow Saber. The saber’s blade flashed with purple light. The light reached the sky, which immediately responded with unending lightning bolts.

Xiao Chen stood on the stone stele and ferociously pointed with his saber. Then, he shouted coldly, “Kneel right now and apologize to my friends. Then, I will leave you all with a complete corpse. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being too ruthless!”

The moment he said this, he shocked everyone. This Xiao Chen is too domineering.

To think that Xiao Chen wanted the eight half-step Martial Emperors to kneel and apologize to Dugu Ao! Furthermore, after they apologized, he would only leave them an intact corpse and not let them off.

Where did Xiao Chen obtain the confidence to be so arrogant?

“What a joke! You want us to kneel? What are you? Maybe if the Prime Thunder Sovereign came over personally.”

“You are so young, and you are already so arrogant. Today, we will teach you how to behave.”

The eight half-step Martial Emperors all raged. They could no longer be bothered to give way anymore. After a discussion using voice projection, they decided to attack together to teach Xiao Chen a lesson.

The eight could tell that Xiao Chen was currently extraordinary. After they decided to make a move, they did not hold back at all.

Prepared to work together and attack, they would not give Xiao Chen a chance to drag things out. They would directly injure him severely before humiliating him.

Xiao Chen smiled coldly to himself. His Martial Techniques, Cultivation Techniques, will, and physical body were all stronger than these eight’s.

He had been suppressed previously because the gap between his cultivation and theirs had been too wide. He could not use strength to break their techniques then. Even if he had used his full power, he would not have held any advantage.

However, his strength had undergone a qualitative change. His cultivation had soared and successfully broken through to Consummation quasi-Emperor.

Now that he had condensed the Heart of an Emperor, in addition to the advantages listed earlier, defeating these eight half-step Martial Emperors would pose no difficulty.

However, this group of people were not self-aware and were planning to finish this stand-off with one attack.

That was fine; it suited Xiao Chen’s purposes. If they attacked one by one, someone might be able to flee. All these people deserved to die. If any one of them escaped, he would blame himself for the rest of his life.

This hatred was indelible. The killing would not stop!

“Everlasting Origin Palm!”

“Deity’s Rage!”

“Heavenly Soul Chop!”

The eight half-step Martial Emperors attacked at the same time. Unexpectedly, they all executed a Medial Grade Martial Technique. However, it looked like they were barely able to execute these Medial Grade Martial Techniques.

These people had only reached a foundational level sufficient for unleashing their Medial Grade Martial Techniques. However, they were still far from being able to use these as they pleased, with utmost control.

This outcome was rather normal. Firstly, Medial Grade Profound Martial Techniques were rare. Secondly, they required high comprehension ability and experience. Before reaching Martial Emperor, it was very difficult to actually reach Small Perfection with such moves.

For these half-step Martial Emperors to succeed in using these Medial Grade Profound Martial Techniques was already an exceptional achievement.

“Those are Medial Grade Profound Martial Techniques!”

“Very strong. No wonder after that girl and the Golden Crow caused them to use up most of their Law Energy, those half-step Martial Emperors were still confident of killing them in one move.”

“Although they barely reached a foundational level, a Medial Grade Profound Martial Technique is still a Medial Grade Profound Martial Technique after all. With eight Medial Grade Profound Martial Techniques altogether, it would be hard for the attack not to be strong.”

Upon seeing these half-step Martial Emperors execute rare and precious Medial Grade Profound Martial Techniques, the group of Demon mixed-blood cultivators all worried for Xiao Chen.

Between Xiao Chen and those foreign half-step Martial Emperors, all the Demon mixed-blood cultivators present definitely sided with Xiao Chen without exception.

Seeing that Xiao Chen already created a miracle—condensing the Heart of an Emperor—but ran into such danger again, they all worried for him.

Xiao Chen’s white robes fluttered as he stood on the stone stele. Winds blew, and clouds churned behind him. Lightning flashed. Before he made his move, just his aura alone already caused the sky to change color for him.

The morning sun was drowned out, its light no longer visible. Xiao Chen coldly eyed the Medial Grade Profound Martial Techniques that the eight half-step Martial Emperors sent out together. Then, his lips curled up in a mocking expression.

If these eight people had executed Inferior Grade Profound Martial Techniques that were at Great Perfection or Consummation, they could have put more pressure on Xiao Chen. Such an attack would also have been more problematic to deal with.

However, these Medial Grade Profound Martial Techniques had just reached a foundational level, and these half-step Martial Emperors could just barely execute them. Hence, they were full of openings.

When going against a regular expert, one would be able to obtain victory using volume, relying on the advantages of a higher-grade Martial Technique to suppress the opponent.

However, Xiao Chen had a Medial Grade Profound Martial Technique at his disposal. Using Medial Grade Profound Martial Techniques in front of this accomplished bladesman was like bragging before an expert. They were just asking for trouble.

Amid the strong winds and lightning bolts, Xiao Chen held up his Lunar Shadow Saber and jumped off the stone stele pointing toward the sky. As he descended, he swung his saber with all his might.

“Thousand Year Hegemony Establishment!” Immortal dynasty!

Using the dominance of kingship, Xiao Chen manifested an immortal dynasty with his saber strike as he descended.

As he swooped down amid the lightning, majestic cities appeared behind him.

At first, there was one city. Soon, many other majestic cities materialized one after another. Finally, a dynasty appeared.

A figure leaped out from each city and landed on the roof of a building. All of them knelt down and cried out “long live for ten thousand years” in chorus.

What did “long live for ten thousand years” mean? That was the salute for His Majesty the King! A wish for him to reign for ten thousand years.

The dominance of Xiao Chen, who condensed the Heart of an Emperor, improved to another level, now containing the might of an Emperor. This strengthened this Small Perfection Medial Grade Profound Martial Technique even further.

Moreover, Xiao Chen had the upper ground. As he charged down, he had the advantage of gravity.

Against his many advantages, the foundational Medial Grade Profound Martial Techniques of these eight half-step Martial Emperors only lasted for a moment before crumbling under this Thousand Year Hegemony Establishment.

Xiao Chen’s dominance of kingship was simply undefeatable. As he leaped down, he materialized a mysterious phenomenon of a vast dynasty.

This scene amid the strong winds, dark clouds, and lightning bolts stunned all the Demon mixed-blood cultivators present, shocking them.


The eight half-step Martial Emperors vomited mouthfuls of blood and revealed horrified expressions. They had not expected Xiao Chen’s comprehension ability to be so high. Unexpectedly, he comprehended a Medial Grade Profound Martial Technique to Small Perfection.

Furthermore, Xiao Chen also possessed such strong dominance of kingship. This was simply too incredible. If they had known earlier, they would have used their Great Perfection or Consummation Inferior Grade Profound Martial Techniques and not have gotten defeated so miserably.

However, there was no medicine for regret. The eight half-step Martial Emperors, who wasted a lot of Law Energy on Ao Jiao and Little Yellow Feather earlier, sustained severe injuries.

Having lost all combat prowess, these half-step Martial Emperors each executed their various means in an attempt to flee.

“Trying to leave now? It’s too late!”

This hatred would not be soothed; the killing would not stop. The murderous intent in Xiao Chen’s heart had already peaked. Regardless of the severity of the consequences, these eight people had to die.

After landing, Xiao Chen pushed off the sand. Then, he flew up while spinning around and swinging his saber. With every revolution, he sent out a mysterious phenomenon.

It was either a fiery bright moon, or the undiminished blazing sun, or countless peach blossoms, or roaring dragon images.

Only my saber exists! “Instant of Glory!”

After completing nine revolutions, Xiao Chen quickly executed Instant of Glory, a Medial Grade Profound Martial Technique at this point.

Space froze, and a glorious painting appeared in front, trapping the eight fleeing half-step Martial Emperors within it.

The expressions of the eight half-step Martial Emperors froze in the poetic painting, unable to move at all.

Xiao Chen withdrew his saber and sheathed it. Then, he held his right fist out and gently opened it. The frozen painting shattered like a mirror.

Space instantly burst into smithereens. The force from space shattering sent the already severely injured eight half-step Martial Emperors flying. Countless incredibly horrifying tears materialized on their bodies.

Xiao Chen’s fierce face appeared very terrifying. The eight half-step Martial Emperors in the air still had one last breath. Their physical bodies still stubbornly recovered.

If they were left alone, they would be able to recuperate from their injuries in one day. After resting for most of a year, they could regain their peaks.

The fear of death enveloped their hearts. The eight dying half-step Martial Emperors in the air felt despair as they said somewhat futilely, “Xiao Chen, don’t think that you can kill us just because you are the Azure Emperor’s descendant. We all have Primes standing behind us. If you kill us, you will be in great trouble!”

“This is extremely funny. If those Primes really have the courage to, why are they not here to personally make a move? In the end, you are all just cannon fodder,” Xiao Chen roared somewhat furiously. Bloodthirst filled his mind, making him looked exceptionally menacing.

Now you know to be afraid. Since that is the case, why do it in the first place?!

The two Ghost Race half-step Martial Emperors probably never thought that such a day would come for them when they attacked me. This fist will go to you first.

Xiao Chen shouted, and electric dragons shot out from under his feet. His figure flashed, and he threw two punches.

Each punch contained twenty Dragon Force—one hundred thousand tons of force—as he struck the Ghost Race half-step Martial Emperors, who already had tears all over their bodies.

Two half-step Martial Emperors burst apart, dying without a corpse and creating a mist of blood.


Xiao Chen arrived before the two Deity Race half-step Martial Emperors and said expressionlessly, “This punch is for Dugu Ao to send you on your way. Back then, when you were arrogantly shouting ‘bastard,’ you simply did not understand that some people are way more noble than you are!”

“Don’t kill me. The Heaven Abandoning Deity Sovereign will not let you—”

Overcome with fear on their impending death, the two formerly arrogant Deity Race experts begged in low voices.

Xiao Chen’s expression remained cold; he ignored their pleas entirely. Then, he threw another two punches, blasting these two half-step Martial Emperors to death, ending them in a tyrannical manner.

He was decisive in killing, not going soft nor showing mercy.

The remaining four half-step Martial Emperors were already frightened silly. They dragged their severely injured bodies and ran pell-mell in the desert, leaving behind trails of blood.

However, no matter how they ran, how could they be faster than Xiao Chen, who was executing Thunder Dragon Steps? Their efforts were for naught.

“This punch is returned to you on behalf of Ao Jiao!”


Dragons roared endlessly, shaking the air in all directions. This one punch took the life of one half-step Martial Emperor.

Xiao Chen was like a grim reaper gathering lives, using the cruelest method to accomplish his promise: if they did not kneel down and apologize, they would die without a complete corpse.

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