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«Immortal Path to Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 468: Memorial Service

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Chapter 468: Memorial Service

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The goshawk carried the utterly dead lizard over to Ou Yangming and Big Yellow, then he dropped the carcass hard to the ground.

“Master, your martial art is glorious, splendid, and simply unparalleled. The spirit insect couldn’t resist you at all,” the goshawk flattered Ou Yangming without any hesitation.

Big Yellow widened its eyes. It looked at the disintegrated centipede then at the calm Ou Yangming, who was holding a military saber. It felt like he contributed the most in the fight.

Nonetheless, the big yellow dog immediately shook its head and barked.

“Goshawk, which one of your eyes saw that? I was the one that killed the insect!”

The goshawk cast a cold look at Big Yellow. Although it did not say a word, its indifference perfectly expressed its attitude.

‘What do you think you are? How could you have resisted a real spirit beast and kill it when it’s from the upper realm?’

Big Yellow read the goshawk’s mind right away, and it jumped almost 10-meters high. It bared its teeth furiously at the goshawk. If it was not because the spirit bird was not its enemy, it would have attacked it with stone awls by now.

Nevertheless, Ou Yangming shook his head slightly. Apart from the fact that Big Yellow seized an advantageous opportunity, it could eliminate the centipede because its natural gift was also an intrinsic restraint against the insect. On top of that, the big yellow dog possessed an impenetrable armor and was assisted by the young fellow, hence it could slaughter the centipede without any danger. On the contrary, Big Yellow’s best skill did not seem to be effective against the goshawk, and it could be harassed by the spirit bird’s wind blade instead.

If the goshawk and the big yellow dog were to have a deathmatch, Ou Yangming would not be optimistic about the latter even if he did not consider its disadvantage of having just become a spirit beast.

Ou Yangming cleared his throat and said, “The Heavenly Thunderbolts are gone.”

When they turned to look, they noticed that the thunderclouds in the sky had dispersed, and the thin passage, which initially seemed to have covered the entire space, disappeared as well. At the end of the day, only black traces were left behind.

Despite that, they could not help but feel downhearted when they fixed their gazes on the black traces.

Ou Yangming and Big Yellow naturally knew who drew the Heavenly Thunderbolts, thus they were dejected. Even though the goshawk did now know Elder Universe, it naturally understood what happened after witnessing everything.

The Insects lured Ou Yangming and his companions away because they wanted to capture him and the goshawk halfway.

Moments ago, the peculiar thin passage almost let the Insects complete their mission but just before they succeeded, Elder Universe showed up and used himself to attract the Heavenly Thunderbolts.

Elder Universe’s death was inevitable since the Heavenly Thunderbolts struck, but he clung to a spirit beast when it happened. Therefore, the thunderbolts spotted the lizards and mercilessly zapped both the elder and the insect into fine powder.

“Senior, rest in peace…” Ou Yangming lowered his head and mumbled. He had a fierce look in his eyes, and he made up his mind at that moment. There were no debts without creditors; he would certainly seek justice for Elder Universe if he had the chance to enter the upper realm.

At the very least, the Venerable One that hosted the passage would not die a natural death.

The goshawk flapped its wings and asked hesitantly, “When are we going to take a look?”

While the Heavenly Thunderbolts had naturally gone away after they destroyed the Inescapable Trap, the goshawk was still afraid of it. In fact, even Big Yellow looked at that area warily.

The thunderbolts were too powerful, so they stayed away and dared not remain inside the zone when they descended.

Fortunately, an even more formidable aura filled Heaven and Earth at that point, allowing them to escape safely. If that was not the case, even Ou Yangming would have been caught in the disaster.

Though there were no longer signs of the Heavenly Thunderbolts, they were still fearful and did not have the guts to enter the zone. After all, they would regret it if they accidentally drew the thunderbolts again.

Ou Yangming stated after some thought, “Wait here, I’ll go in myself.”

The goshawk was stunned. “Master, that’s not good. How about we wait for 3 days? I’m sure the repercussions will be gone by then.”

Big Yellow nodded in agreement. “Yes, this fella’s finally saying something normal.”

“Senior Universe died to save me. If I can’t even collect his corpse, how can I feel at ease?” Ou Yangming sighed and waved his hand. “Don’t move around.”

As soon as his voice died away, he flashed into the dangerous zone.

The goshawk’s eyelids twitched, and it thought, ‘Struck by the Heavenly Thunderbolts, even if the old fella’s ashes didn’t scatter, he would’ve been completely burnt already. Is the risk worth it…

‘But Master hasn’t arrived at that boundary anyway, so he shouldn’t trigger an irreversible situation even if there are repercussions.’

Big Yellow titled its head to ponder for a while, then it tipped its toes toward the zone.

The goshawk looked at it but smiled smugly.

‘This little fella is really courting its death…’

Next, Big Yellow arrived somewhere. There was no mark on the spot, but it seemed to have sensed a mighty yet mysterious power. It carefully stretched its leg forward.

The aura in the void changed drastically as soon as its paw crossed the spot.

An incredibly fearsome power seemed to have awakened. Visible electric ripples could be seen in the space, and the dispersed thunderbolts showed signs of resurgence.

Big Yellow was appalled. It sprang without any hesitation and fled at the speed of light.

It was so fast that it zoomed toward the goshawk like the wind.

The goshawk was crouching leisurely when the big yellow dog reacted madly, so it spread its wings and flew away. ‘This damn dog! It tried to drag me into the disaster after triggering the Heavenly Thunderbolts.’

In a flash, an eagle and a dog escaped from the dangerous place.

The universe’s magnificent power was omnipresent in normal places, but it would not especially target them.

On the other hand, the thunderbolt zone had just been hit. In particular, the Inescapable Trap, which was not controlled by its owner, drew the Heavenly Thunderbolts like never before. It was true that the thunderbolts had left, but a centipede would not fall even if it died; the thunderbolts’ repercussion still filled the air.

If another spirit-beast-level powerhouse entered the zone, the Heavenly Thunderbolts would be stimulated once more.

Big Yellow and the goshawk took flight when they noticed that the situation was unfavorable. If they were slightly late and triggered the thunderbolts, they would end up tragically.

Putting aside Big Yellow, which had a Thunderbolt-resistant suit, the goshawk would likely be doomed.

As such, the goshawk could not help but curse in the sky after Big Yellow went far away, and when the thunderbolts naturally disappeared. If the big yellow dog was not its master’s friend, it would have swooped down on it and swallowed it, lest it cause more troubles.

Ou Yangming entered the thunderbolt zone calmly. His eyes never left where Elder Universe was at, and it seemed like the elder’s thrilled laughter still echoed beside his ears.

The elder did not die in sorrow nor pain. Judging from his final laughter, he sounded like he was relieved, and it seemed like he was telling Ou Yangming through this method that he left in peace.

Even so, regardless of his mentality when he left, Ou Yangming still felt bad.

He had not seen the elder much ever since they met but his acts as a senior were faultless.

Owing to the elder’s guidance, Ou Yangming grasped the Fireball Art, the refining method of the Spiritual Power Formation Map, and so on; the elder was almost half his master. In the end, the elder even sacrificed himself so that the young fellow and the goshawk could break free from the passage made of a thin film.

All of a sudden, the sound of electricity and Big Yellow’s bark were heard coming from behind him.

Ou Yangming did not turn to look because he knew Big Yellow would unlikely be harmed; it was capable and careful.

Sure enough, the sounds eventually faded away and vanished. The goshawk and the big yellow dog, whose mental conceptions were connected to his, were shocked but safe and sound.

Ou Yangming curbed his thought and finally arrived at his destination.

He firstly noticed large burnt remains in front of him, but it was very different from what he imagined. In terms of its appearance, it did not resemble anything at all.

After studying it closely for some time, Ou Yangming finally understood that the spirit insect only managed to retain half of its body after being hit by the Heavenly Thunderbolts, whereas the other half of its body turned into nothing.

Ou Yangming turned to look at Big Yellow, which was fleeing in panic. He thought, ‘The Heavenly Thunderbolts are extremely powerful. Big Yellow has a full suit made by me but the fact that it survived proved that its bloodline is extraordinary.

He turned back and reached out to gently touch the burnt remains.

Due to the Heavenly Thunderbolts, Elder Universe’s corpse became one with the spirit insect’s. It would be wishful thinking if he wanted to separate them.

However, the instant Ou Yangming’s fingers touched the burnt remains, they crumbled and turned into black ashes, which were then blown away by the wind.

Ou Yangming was struck dumb for some time. His lips trembled a little before tears streamed down his face.

He felt guilty at this moment.

The young fellow could not retain even a bit of Elder Universe’s corpse; the respectable elder was gone forever just like that.

Ou Yangming took three steps back and kneeled to the ground, then he kowtowed with respect in the direction the ashes were blown away.

‘Rest in peace, elder. If you have any wishes, I’ll surely fulfill them for you!

Just as he dwelled in sorrow, the goshawk and Big Yellow widened their eyes from afar.

This was because they saw the Inescapable Trap, which had been destroyed such that only its remains were left, slowly shook and moved at a snail’s pace.

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