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«I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot (Web Novel) - Chapter 2199: She Wanted to Agitate Bai Yusheng

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Chapter 2199: She Wanted to Agitate Bai Yusheng

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Qiao Mianmian was speechless.

Her brother was…

But she was stunned for less than three seconds before realizing why Bai Yusheng suddenly asked this question.

Her brother was definitely a proud man.

He obviously cared about her a lot, yet he still said that she was just a sister.

“Of course I do. But if I really like someone, I won’t care so much about their looks. After all, isn’t there a saying that good-looking people have the same looks and interesting souls? I think inner beauty is more important than exterior looks.”

Qiao Mianmian said that on purpose.

Then, she successfully saw the arrogant person’s expression change.

“Inner beauty is more important than exterior looks?”

“That’s right. To me, a person’s character and talent are the most important. Appearance is secondary.” Actually, she liked good-looking people. It was just that she wasn’t as exaggerated as Jiang Luoli.

Of course, she wouldn’t tell the truth.

She wanted to agitate Bai Yusheng.

“So, even if it’s a man with a good personality and talent, you might agree to date him?”

“If he’s really talented, I would consider it. Anyway, no matter how handsome he is, I’ll get tired of beauty over time. But it’s different with talent. This can increase his value for life.”

Bai Yusheng kept quiet.

So, Gu Sheng was also a woman who valued men’s talent and character over appearance.

Would she choose to be with a man because of his interesting soul?

It seemed like it.

Gu Sheng herself was a very talented woman. She should pay more attention to her other half.

Although that baldy wasn’t good-looking, he might be outstanding in other aspects.

At this thought, Bai Yusheng suddenly felt a little frustrated.

When Gu Sheng was overseas, he wasn’t bothered by her finding a partner.

But now that she was back in the country and he could still look after her, he was actually upset about this.

Qiao Mianmian felt a little bad for her brother.

But she also felt that if she didn’t agitate this arrogant man, he wouldn’t know when he could see through his heart.

At this thought, she felt that she hadn’t done anything wrong.

Bai Yusheng was 30 this year.

When she returned to the Bai family previously, Mother Bai was worried about Bai Yusheng’s marriage. She said that he only knew about his career and didn’t even consider finding a girlfriend.

Qiao Mianmian was married now and had a good husband who pampered her. She felt the happiness of a family.

She naturally hoped that her brother could find a girl he liked and have a happy family in the future.

She hadn’t seen her brother interested in anyone.

Now that she saw it, she definitely had to help him.

As for whether she could succeed, that would depend on her brother’s performance.

Back in the living room, Qiao Mianmian and Bai Yusheng parted ways.

When Qiao Mianmian found Mo Yesi, he wasn’t surrounded by so many people anymore.

But there were still two or three people around him discussing something.

Those people looked older than him, but they were very respectful.

They were all listening attentively to Mo Yesi’s words, and no one dared to interrupt him.


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