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«I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot (Web Novel) - Chapter 2543: A Reverse Video!

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Chapter 2543: A Reverse Video!

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“You’ve really thought it through?”


“Do you know what will happen if you expose your sister?”

“I know.” Shen Xin smiled bitterly. “But if I help my sister this time, she’ll do something even worse next time. My conscience won’t let me.”

She’d thought about the consequences.

Shen Rou would definitely hate her.

Perhaps she wouldn’t acknowledge her as her sister anymore.

Father Shen and Mother Shen would definitely feel that she didn’t care about the overall situation and would be disappointed in her.

She would be seen as a sinner by the whole family.

But she still decided to tell the truth.

Even if she lost everything.

After Shen Rou spent a lot of money to hire the Internet Water Army to clear her name and was about to succeed, suddenly, a user named “Future Period” made a post on Weibo. The post quickly went on the trending list.

A few seconds after the netizens saw the trending topics and joined in the fun, they realized that the person who posted was actually Shen Xin, that vicious and scheming little slut sister?

Not only did she post on Weibo, she even recorded a video?!

Moreover, she was actually rather good-looking.

She looked like a pure and innocent student.

The netizens were even more shocked when they saw the video.

They had thought that it was an apology.

After all, she’d gone overboard. She should apologize to Qiao Mianmian and the netizens.

But no one expected that it was a reverse video instead!!

“I didn’t do those things. I only found out about it from my classmate an hour ago. Sister Qiao and Brother Yesi are in love. I’ve always given them my blessings and never thought of doing anything behind their backs. Yes, I did feel sorry for my sister because she gave a lot in this relationship. I know how much she likes Brother Yesi.

“But I’ve always known that feelings can’t be forced.

“I once tried to persuade my sister to give up, but she was too obsessed with this relationship.

“I think, no matter what, she shouldn’t slander Sister Qiao behind her back. Even if she’s my biological sister, it’s still a mistake. I won’t distort the truth and defend her. In the end, I want to apologize to Sister Qiao.”

“I’m sorry, Sister Qiao. I know that an apology is useless and can’t make up for anything. But I still have to apologize to you. What my sister did was really overboard, so I won’t ask Sister Qiao to forgive her.”

“The only thing I can do is tell the truth. No matter how many people believe me, I just want peace of mind.

“Finally, I apologize to everyone.”

In the video, Shen Xin bowed deeply.

Her post was quickly reposted.

In just 10 minutes, the number of reposts reached tens of thousands.

This video was different from Shen Rou’s video.

Shen Xin didn’t pretend to be weak and pitiful.

From the start to the end, she was neither arrogant nor humble. At most, her eyes reddened.

Even though tears threatened to roll down her cheeks, none came out…


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