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«I’m Really a Superstar (Web Novel) - Chapter 1585 - The latest popularity rankings are revealed!

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Chapter 1585: The latest popularity rankings are revealed!

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Translator: Legge  Editor: Legge

The outside world was in chaos.



All of them came crawling out at this moment.

The entertainment industry had seen two different eras in recent years and undergone two huge waves of changes. The first was when the veteran artists such as Zhang Yuanqi and some other celebrities ruled the industry many years ago. With Zhang Yuanqi’s retirement from the entertainment circle, an era ended with her withdrawal. Afterwards, most of the veterans of that era also left the public eye. The only person who had somewhat managed to maintain her popularity from back then was Xu Meilan. The entertainment industry ushered in a new era. It was the era of the male idols led by Guan Zhaohua. His popularity with the public and the media had pushed the Chinese entertainment circle to a whole new level. These days, the shadows of these male idols and hunks were seen everywhere, from variety shows to television series, to films—

Until Zhang Ye returned from serving his sentence.

Until Zhang Ye announced his comeback.

A lot of things changed overnight.




Was this the end of the male idols’ era?

Could it be that tonight would usher in a third wave of changes in the entertainment circle and welcome a new era?

Back when Zhang Ye debuted, he boarded at the tail end of the train of Zhang Yuanqi’s era. During that era of the entertainment industry, Zhang Ye’s name was always going to be an indispensable part of it, with his story always a legend of that time. However, he was not the protagonist of that era. Zhang Yuanqi, Xu Meilan, and a few others were the main people who had founded that era of the Chinese entertainment circle and ruled it for a full ten years. At that time, Zhang Ye had still not reached the height of his status.

But that situation had changed.

An era belonging to Zhang Ye might very well be coming soon!

They might just be witnessing the arrival of the entertainment industry’s third revolution!

The media turned serious!

The atmosphere in the entertainment circle had become very tense!

The people were all counting down in their minds!

There were still two hours to go!

There was still an hour to go!

It was 6 o’clock in the evening.

The popularity rankings were about to be refreshed!

In the evening.

At home.

Zhang Ye arrived home in a leisurely mood.

“You’re back?” Wu Zeqing had already prepared dinner. The dishes were all on the table.

“Why haven’t you two eaten yet?” Zhang Ye looked at the table.

Sisi replied, “Mommy said that we had to wait for Daddy to come home first.”

Zhang Ye quickly got seated and exclaimed, “Aiya, why did you have to wait for me? Quick, let’s eat. Look at how hungry my daughter is.”

Sisi looked at Wu Zeqing. “Mommy.”

Wu Zeqing smiled. “Daddy is home now. We can start eating.”

Sisi let out a cheer and started gobbling down her food.

When Zhang Ye saw this, he smiled. She warmed his heart.

After dinner, Sisi went back to her bedroom to play.

Zhang Ye helped Wu Zeqing out with the chores. He washed the dishes and cleaned the table.

Old Wu said nonchalantly, “Mom called twice this afternoon. She’s concerned about the Popularity Rankings Index.”

“My mom always loves worrying for nothing.” Zhang Ye laughed and said, “What’s the use of her asking you about that? Even I don’t know what the results will be after the popularity rankings are refreshed.”

Wu Zeqing looked down as she washed the dishes. “This afternoon, I suddenly got reminded of something from the time when I was serving in the lower levels. Do you want to hear about it?”

Zhang Ye said in surprise, “Sure.”

Wu Zeqing smiled and said, “Well, I used to be the head of the city’s ideological control department. Before I was appointed, I didn’t think much of it. All I wanted to do was to get my job done. I thought it would be easy, but in fact, it didn’t work out to be simple. The stress that I had at that time was really quite bad. The people under me were all waiting for me to get some results, so I had to handle a lot of matters by myself, including socializing with others and solving issues, all because I was the head of the department. If any problems surfaced, others would say that I was not capable enough, hur hur. So even now, I do not think that that was a good position to be in. Sometimes, the higher you climb, the easier it is to trap yourself in an unfavorable position.”

Zhang Ye was taken aback. He blinked for a bit and then smiled. “I understand what you’re getting at.”

But Wu Zeqing just smiled and said, “I didn’t say anything.”

After the dishes were washed.

Wu Zeqing pulled Zhang Ye out to the yard.

The moonlight.

The lawn.

The long bench.

The two of them sat shoulder to shoulder as they looked up and admired the moon.

“Are you prepared?”

“I am.”

“It will only get harder from here.”

“As long as you’re by my side, I’ll walk this path even if it means going through trials and tribulations!”

The look in Zhang Ye’s eyes turned even more determined.

Wu Zeqing smiled. “Little Ye.”

Zhang Ye said, “Hmm?”

Wu Zeqing said, “I haven’t heard you recite a poem for me in a while.”

Zhang Ye gave a slight smile and grabbed Old Wu’s hand. Then he looked up at the moonlight.

He understood Old Wu’s intentions and knew that she was worried for him. Zhang Ye knew clearly that if he were to take this step forward, it would be into a whole new world. The opponents he would be facing were going to be the top international stars from around the world. Zhang Ye had never seen that world before, nor had he experienced the dangers of it before. Perhaps every step would have to be taken with great difficulty. Perhaps he wouldn’t even make a mark even if his head was broken and bleeding.

Yet, he was truly ready for it.

He was willing to go into that “world” to have a look around!

He was willing to give it a shot on behalf of all the Chinese celebrities!

Zhang Ye recited:

“I’d be the whitewater

“Flowing through mountain streams,

“Over rugged streambeds,

“Splashing over the rocks…

“So long as my belovèd

“May be a little fish,

“Swimming in my rolling waves,

“Happy and fancy-free.

“I’d be the wild forest

“On either river bank,

“Facing the howling winds

“And bravely fighting them…

“So long as my belovèd

“May be a little bird,

“Nesting in my foliage,

“Dense, on branches warbling.

“I’d be the wrecked ruins

“Atop the mountain peaks.

“This silent destruction

“Does not make me depressed…

“So long as my belovèd

“May be green ivy vines,

“Clinging to my crumbling walls,

“Climbing ever upwards.

“I’d be a thatched cottage

“Hidden in a valley.

“The cottage’s roof torn,

“Pounded by the weather…

“So long as my belovèd

“May be a lovely flame

“Inside of my fireplace.

“She gently flutters there.

“I’d be the frazzled clouds,

“Graying and tattered flags.

“In the vast open skies,

“Floating without a care…

“So long as my belovèd

“May be the rose sunset

“Shining upon my pale face,

“Burning with bright brilliance.”

A smile appeared on Wu Zeqing’s face. “That’s really nice.”

This was a poem about love.

A poem from his previous world called “Lennék én folyóvíz” by Sándor Petőfi 1. Zhang Ye’s current thoughts, moods, and emotions were all contained within this poem.

He’d be those rapids!

So long as Old Wu was by his side.



The world?

He dared to take on everything and turn them upside down!

Wu Zeqing tightly gripped his hand. “I’d be that little fish, that little bird, and that ivy too. I’ll walk with you, no matter how far you wish to go.”

Zhang Ye said happily, “That’s great!”

Di di di.

The alarm that Zhang Ye had set earlier went off.

It was 7 PM.

Wu Zeqing smiled and said, “It’s time.”

Zhang Ye took a deep breath and grabbed his cell phone to check the Popularity Rankings Index.

At the same moment.

In the media.

Among the celebrities.

Among the people.

Everyone was also anxiously refreshing the Popularity Rankings Index.

At the next moment, all of them saw it. The rankings were updated!

The Chinese Popularity Rankings Index:

Celebrity rankings:

First: Zhang Ye.

Second: Guan Zhaohua.

Third: Ai Fei.

In that instant, the entire nation burst into an uproar!

Zhang Ye had reached the summit!

It was the birth of the king of the new era!

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