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«I’m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot (Web Novel) - Chapter 748: Protecting the Environment is Everyone’s Job

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Chapter 748: Protecting the Environment is Everyone’s Job

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During this period of time, all dimensions were thrown into a state of panic by the seventh dimension. The Heavenly Palace’s mobilized forces were peerlessly swift and savage in their search for the unknown gray mist. There were traces of the battles they had launched almost everywhere.

Countless monks had gathered in an open-air tavern situated in the fourth dimension.

“My mind is blown at just how many skilled fighters the seventh dimension has! It’s fine if they don’t attack but when they do, oh boy!”

“I’ve long heard that the seventh dimension isn’t to be messed with. There’s no limit to their power!”

“Haven’t you all noticed how those people who claim themselves to be the spokespeople for ‘God’ dare to show their faces in the third, fourth, and fifth dimensions but never in the seventh dimension?”

“Now that you’ve mentioned it, you’re right! The seventh dimension is really mysterious!”

“I heard that there’s a preposterously strong figure backing up the Heavenly Palace. Even ‘God’ has to tread carefully around him.”

“Just not long ago, the various forces rose like comets, and many of them claimed to have the secret method of drawing out the Origins of the dimension. Who would’ve thought that, in a blink of an eye, they’d all be uprooted by the Heavenly Palace one by one.”

“Now the only ones who dare to contend with the Heavenly Palace are the Wang family, Si family, and the Celestial Demon King.”

Just as everyone was discussing, pieces of golden paper began to fall from the sky like snowflakes. Some papers fell into the tavern and were picked up by the monks.

Their pupils shrank rapidly when they saw what was written on the paper.

“Something huge has happened!” shouted someone.

One of them was gripping the paper very hard and reading out the contents in a trembling voice, “The real identity of ‘God’ is the unknown. It’s responsible for a conspiracy of pushing all seven dimensions to the abyss by manipulating those susceptible to extract the Origins. In three days, I, in the name of the Heavenly Palace, will come to suppress the Wang family, the Si family, and the Celestial Demon King. Those who side with them won’t be spared as well!”

Everyone was shocked by this.

“The Heavenly Palace is finally coming!”

“The Heavenly Palace sure is bold to call ‘Heaven’ the unknown.”

“This is a declaration of war! I’m afraid it’ll be the end of the world as we know it in three days.”

“Is there really a conspiracy behind this? It’s more likely the Heavenly Palace is doing this to warn the others to back off from the Origins.”

“I admit they’re strong but…they’re also very cocky!”

Most of them did not hold an optimistic view toward the Heavenly Palace’s chances of winning.

“The Origins belong to whoever that can get their hands on it. Asking the strong to give up on getting their hands on it is like telling them to stop in their pursuit of power. No one would take this lying down.”

“Yeah, do they really think they can take on the whole world?”

“Ooh, I can’t wait to see the expressions on their faces once they’re defeated!”

Soon, this news spread everywhere and everyone had different opinions about what was going to happen. This would surely be a big event that would be recorded in the annals of history.

Wang Teng’s aura surged and the golden paper in his hand instantly turned into ash. There was even greater coercion raging, condensing the surrounding air until it exploded.

“Just because we haven’t been active all this while doesn’t mean we’re afraid of those measly people from the Heavenly Palace!” said Wang Teng angrily.

“If we hadn’t reached a critical moment in our cultivation, we would’ve already taken action to suppress them,” said one of the elders.

“They’re probably unaware that so many forces have joined our Wang family! Not to mention that we have a total of five second-step Wisdom Elites, including you, Master Wang.”

Wang Teng’s eyes narrowed and he said in a deep voice, “‘God’ mentioned that there’s an existence in the seventh dimension that transcends the power of a Wisdom Elite, but that existence can’t leave the seventh dimension at all. So what makes the Heavenly Palace think they can take us on?”

“However, the power of the Heavenly Palace shouldn’t be underestimated. They have many methods, and it’s been said that their purpose is to capture ‘God’,” said another elder.

“Capture ‘God’…” Wang Teng took a deep breath as his face went rigid. He was bluffing just then and knew that he should tread carefully should they really come to blows with the people from the Heavenly Palace.

His gaze flickered several times before he said, “Send someone to invite the Si family and the Celestial Demon King to come over. We’ll join forces with them to take down the Heavenly Palace!”

Meanwhile, in the seventh dimension, it was Xiao Chengfeng and Goddess Nuwa’s turn to visit the expert. Once in the four-part architecture, they presented the sunberry tree, the material for the snow globe, and the demons they had captured to Li Nianfan while Jiang Liu brought out the firewood for him.

Li Nianfan’s eyes lit up when he saw the sunberry tree. He smiled and said, “What a nice surprise this is! This kiwi tree will be a nice addition to my backyard!”

“We just so happened to come across it and we knew that Lord Saint likes fruits, so we decided to bring it here,” said Goddess Nuwa.

“That’s very thoughtful of you, Empress Nuwa and Brother Chengfeng. Please, take a seat,” said Li Nianfan graciously. “You’ve even brought some game meat! Surely the two of you will stay for a meal?”

Then, Li Nianfan instructed Xiao Bai to prepare the meal before he went to the backyard to plant the kiwi tree.

Goddess Nuwa waited for Li Nianfan to go to the backyard before saying to Daji, “Goddess Daji, we have the materials for the snow globes but we need your help to make it.”

She then took out the clouds of unknown gray mist suppressed by the Elite King. To make them into snow globes would require Daji’s ice power.

“What? Materials for the snow globe? Are you talking about me? I’m Heaven, for crying out loud! No one can turn me into a snow globe! Surrender now and I might consider giving you eternal life!” shouted the unknown gray mist savagely.

However, it suddenly went silent as a chill ran up its ‘spine’. The icy, threatening aura given out by Daji had brought out deep anxiety in him.

“Who are you?” Heaven looked at Daji in horror and then noticed the situation in the four-part architecture. He was struck dumb with amazement. “Where is this place? Why is it so extraordinary?!”

Then, it noticed the snow globe on the table and roared, “You’ve really turned me into a snow globe! Does your cruelty know no bounds?”

Daji said nothing. She merely pointed her finger at the clouds.


Very soon, the lone snow globe on the table was joined by other snow globes of various sizes.

After planting the kiwi tree, Li Nianfan called for Dragin and Nanan to come back to the four-part architecture for lunch.

“Wow! This tuna has two heads and it’s so huge! I’ve never seen it before!” said Dragin, tickled by the novelty.

“It came from the other dimension. It’s good to try new food once in a while,” said Li Nianfan with a smile.

Soon, a hearty meal was served on the table. It was livelier than usual with Goddess Nuwa, Xiao Chengfeng, and Jiang Liu there. There were many varieties of dishes and Li Nianfan even served up some Deer Blood Wine.

Xiao Chengfeng stared at the table full of dishes with his eyes beaming. He swallowed his saliva with excitement. The recent crusade had been harder on him than usual. All his spotlight was stolen by Jiang Liu and he nearly broke out in tears just thinking about it.

He was beyond ecstatic now that he had the opportunity to level up his power. ‘Just you wait! I’ll eat until my stomach explodes if it means I can surpass Jiang Liu! How can I let him take the spotlight when we’re both sword cultivators?’

“Thank you, Lord Saint, for this bountiful meal. I raise a glass to you!” He then finished his drink in one go. The fierce liquor stung his throat, then burst into his chest, causing his face to scrunch up.

He became all excited when he sensed the increased power in his body. Quickly, he took a few bites of the other dishes and toasted with Li Nianfan again. One glass after another, it was no wonder his face began to flush. A rush of Wisdom tinged with Origins roared inside and outside of his body.

With a burp, his mind went instantly blank and he began to laugh nonsensically. It was as if he was in his own little world. At the same time, with that burp, his bottleneck was broken and he became a second-step Wisdom Elite!

Both Jiang Liu and Goddess Nuwa were motivated by him. They threw away their fears of their stomachs exploding and began to shovel food into their mouths, too.

“What’s the matter, Master?” asked Daji in a concerned tone.

Li Nianfan shook his head and softly said, “I feel like there’s something off about these dishes. For example, this tuna smells a little strange, as if it came from polluted waters.”

In his previous life, the fishes that came from polluted water would be slimy and give off a very strong fishy smell. He did not expect to encounter this kind of situation in the cultivating realm of immortals.

‘Pollution?’ Everyone’s heart jumped.

“Lord Saint, some of the game meat were indeed contaminated by the unknown. This tuna fish originally only had one head and it only became a two-headed fish after the contamination,” explained Jiang Liu.

“Yuck! That’s disgusting!” Dragon quickly put down her chopstick.

“Sorry, we didn’t know that it would affect the taste and texture of the flesh,” said Goddess Nuwa apologetically.

“It’s not your fault. This is a form of mutation. It’s worrying that even the cultivating realm of immortals cannot escape the plight of environmental pollution,” said Li Nianfan, frowning.

Xiao Chengfeng stood up drunkenly, slapped his chest, and said, “Lord Saint, don’t worry. We, the people of the Heavenly Palace, will do our utmost to stop all environmental pollution!”

“I’m happy to hear that. It’s everyone’s job to protect the environment,” said Li Nianfan with a smile. He found it amusing that even immortals would wave the banner of environmental protection. He had always thought that only humans needed to do that.

As for Goddess Nuwa and the others, another thought flashed across their minds. ‘If it’s everyone’s job to protect the environment, does that mean that it’s everyone’s job to eradicate the unknown gray mist? So we were right on the right track after all! We mustn’t let him down!’

After the meal, the guests got up to leave.

Once outside the four-part architecture, Goddess Nuwa’s face darkened, and in a low voice, she said, “Let’s go back now and prepare for our next crusade! We must eradicate all unknown gray mist three days from now!”

“Yes! Heaven’s nothing under my sword, for I, Xiao Chengfeng, am a second-step Wisdom Elite now! Hahaha, let’s see who can steal my spotlight now!” said Xiao Chengfeng drunkenly.

Time passed by quickly and everyone could sense a storm brewing.

Soon, some news caused an uproar amongst all the monks in different dimensions.

“What? The Wang family, Si family, and the Celestial Demon King joined forces?”

“That’s not the point! The point is they’re recruiting disciples and have promised to teach them the method of Origins cultivation!”

“For real? I’ve always wanted to join the Wang family but they turned me away because I was too weak!”

“It must be because they’ll be going up against the Heavenly Palace soon.”

“Is the Heavenly Palace really that strong that they had to mobilize all their forces?”

“Whatever the reason is, this is good news for us! Let’s go join them quickly so we can learn the method of Origins cultivation!”

In the face of a bigger temptation, they had all forgotten about the warning given by the Heavenly Palace. Besides, they would have nothing to fear once they had absorbed the Origins. Not to mention that the Heavenly Palace was surely no match for the Wang family, Si family, and the Celestial Demon King combined.

Immediately, they all scrambled around to become the disciples of the three forces.

Meanwhile, Wang Teng, the Wang family’s elite fighters, the Si Family, and the Celestian Demon King had gathered in the mountain forest behind the Wang family’s house.

Under their orders, many monks were building an extremely huge altar. The void was filled with mighty mana flowing around and the formations were all glowing brightly as if they had merged with the world. A huge pillar with special patterns all over it stood tall.

“Master Wang, more monks have come to join us, should we accept them?” asked one of the Wang family’s elders.

“Yes! Accept all of them!” said Wang Teng without hesitation.

Si Dekuai, the patriarch of the Si family, and Zhu Yiqun, the Celestial Demon King, stood aside, observing the layout with laser-like focus.

“Why are we going to such lengths for the measly Heavenly Palace?” asked Si Dekuai.

Wang Teng’s face darkened and he solemnly said, “The seventh dimension is abnormal. We shouldn’t underestimate them. The more we prepare, the better we can deal with them when they pull out the unexpected.”

“While I agree with you, I still think this is overkill. The three of us have consumed the Origins from the third, fourth, and fifth dimensions. Not to mention all the skilled fighters we have on our side. I’m sure with all this, we’ll be able to wipe them all out!” said Zhu Yiqun.

Wang Teng’s eyes were as sharp as daggers and his voice was as cold as ice when he said, “I sure hope so.”


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