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«I’m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot (Web Novel) - Chapter 539: A Life and Death Challenge for the Demon Lord

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Chapter 539: A Life and Death Challenge for the Demon Lord

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“He’s… burning his clothes?”

Everyone was stunned as they stared at Li Nianfan with dumbfounded expressions.

The main thing was that he was just a commoner.

The atmosphere that had been tense and hopeless suddenly dispersed, turning unbelievably strange.

Chu Yun could not help but say, “Mr. Li, were you burning your clothes to test the temperature of the fire?”

Yan Zu laughed, “Hahaha, it seems like my hell-like dreamscape has finally caused someone to go crazy. Don’t you feel hopeless? Don’t you feel helpless and just want to die earlier?”

He merely quietly looked on as the cloth fell into the flames and… disappeared into ashes.

The White Cloud Sect disciples had held onto an unreasonable sliver of hope, thinking that those robes were some immense treasure, and had been hopefully waiting for it to erupt in power, yet, “That’s… that’s it?”

“No… Impossible!”

Cultivator Yunqiu’s eyes widened, in that brief moment, he seemed to see a sliver of golden light.

That man was just a commoner, how could his body emit golden light?

That golden light did not have any offensive properties, but it caused him to feel a strong wave of power.

“That… that is!”

Yunqiuy’s mouth widened as his eyes narrowed to the size of a needle. He felt incredibly agitated, and his face was trembling.

Yunqiu stared as Li Nianfan slowly raised his hand, a golden glow started to appear and condense into his palm, hurting the eyes of everyone as their hearts beated crazily.

Finally, a golden lotus was condensed, slowly rotating.

Li Nianfan had the lotus in hand, and his entire body emitted a golden glow, rapidly turning into a golden man as he said, “I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce myself, I am the Deluxe Merit Saint!”

With his clothes burnt and the situation settled, Li Nianfan did not mind showing off a little and making himself feel better.

“The Deluxe… Merit Saint?!”

Other than Qin Manyun and Yao Mengji, everyone else widened their jaws, as if they had heard something unbelievable, their faces freezing in shock.

As for Yan Zu that had turned into a body of flames, he started to tremble anxiously, his pupils widening as an immense amount of terror could be felt on his entire body, causing his body to freeze and shiver.

“I… just burnt the Deluxe Merit Saint’s clothes?!”

His voice trembled, looking at his hands as his mind thumped. At that moment, all the hairs on his body stood straight, and he was completely submerged in a horrifying power.

That was the power of a Chaos Thunderbolt!

Everyone in the Area of the Gods knew of the Deluxe Merit Saint’s name. Just the name was enough to cause countless people to shiver, and they did not even dare to speak ill of him behind his back.

He was a legend!

He was a taboo!

Yet, without a sliver of preparations, Yan Zu had put himself right in the firing line!

“I, I… It’s my fault, I didn’t mean to!”


A streak of lightning came down from the sky, it seemed to cover half the sky as it fell like a waterfall. The glow was beautiful, and it turned both the sky and the earth blue. It had been a world of flames, but they were extinguished by the lightning in a flash. That flaming figure seemed to disappear on the spot, leaving nothing behind.

Qin Yun stared wide eyed at the lightning, saying, “Oh my, he said he wanted to show us what lightning was, he definitely did it.”

Qin Chuyue nodded, “Sacrificing himself to enlighten us, he was a great man.”

At the same time.

At a concealed valley.

The Demon Lord was leading a group of demons and surveying the area.

Their expressions were heavy, and were extremely respectful.

At that moment, a demon hastily flew in from afar, his face full of excitement, saying, “Great Demon Lord, I received some news, Yan Zu is really impressive! We can finally end our struggles!”

The Demon Lord’s eyes brightened, “Oh? What do you mean?”

That disciple said, “Yan Zu’s ability is controlling the dreams of others. He’s practically unbeatable in the dream world. The most important thing is, he doesn’t need to physically be present at all. Even if he meets an opponent that is hard to deal with, his physical body won’t be harmed, he practically can’t lose.”

The Demon Lord smiled, “It’s no wonder he can still stir up so much trouble while he’s hiding here. Hahaha, it seems like we’re in a really good position this time.”

“Not only that, the Ghastly Ghost King seems to be behind Yan Zu, and he’s the real boss. He’s a tyrant in the Area of the Gods that no one dares to provoke.”

“Hahaha, good, very good! It’ll be easy for us to move in the future, the path to our rise is right in front of us! Everyone, be careful, don’t let anyone disturb Yan Zu!”

The Demon Lord laughed wildly, with God’s favor, he had finally found a pillar to support him, it was a happy matter.

Living without a master was a lonely life.

Yet, at that moment, an intense white light shot out from the temple in the valley.

The light was brilliant, and it formed into a horrible whirlpool, causing a sense of awe. IT was like God’s eyes had opened by a sliver, and it caused them to go numb, even feeling the urge to worship it.

“Huh? What is that?”


Before the Demon Lord and the others could even snap back to reality, a terrifying lightning broke through, and fell from the sky with absolute accuracy in a “Z” shape.

The intense light dispersed throughout, causing the entire valley to disappear in a flash, turning into black ash.

The intense light had stunned everyone, blinding their eyes and forcing them shut.

Then, the light dissipated, and silence returned.

The Demon Lord looked at the valley. It was empty, nothing remained.

“Where is Yan Zu? Yan Zu has disappeared.”

“Great Yan Zu, are you still there? Cry out if you are.”

“Yan Zu was just sitting there, why was he struck by lightning?”

The Demon Lord and the others looked at the sight in front of them, and fell into a deep silence.

Just like that, another master of his was wiped away, not even able to leave behind any last words…


Someone pursed his lips, suggesting, “Demon Lord, as Yan Zu’s underlings, I think he can submit to the Ghastly Ghost King.”

“You’re right.

The Demon Lord’s expression turned serious, and his voice was even a little raspy as he felt a sense of determination he never had before.

At that moment, he felt his heart go up a level. He seemed to have encountered a challenge in his life. It seemed like there was a pair of unseen hands targeting him behind his back.

‘I refuse to submit to my fate and the Heavens, I will go against the Heavens!’

‘I will prove that I am a Lord!’

He was silent for a moment, before he said heavily, “The Ghastly Ghost King dominates one side, on our end, we have to support him. Tell him all the important information, and ask him to be careful. I refuse to believe that our foes won’t make a mistake.

In Xia Kingdom.

Everyone started to wake up from the Nightmare.

Cultivator Yunqiu and the others looked at Li Nianfan with a complicated expression, especially Qin Chuyue and her brother, they looked like they had only met Li Nianfan for the first time.

Deluxe Merit Saint!

He was actually that legendary and unbelievably scary Deluxe Merit Saint!

They never would have expected that the Deluxe Merit Saint was just a common person.

How did he end up being the Deluxe Merit Saint? They could not figure it out, but they did not question it. They could not afford to nor did they dare to question him.

Yunqiu immediately shouted at his disciples, “Control your mana, don’t let it leak out. Those who can’t control it, get lost and seclude yourself!”

They were all injured, and their mana wasa unstable, constantly fluctuating.

He was terrified that someone would accidentally step on Li Nianfan, the consequences… he did not even dare to think of it.

Dajji and Fire Phoenix stood by Li Nianfan’s side. When Li Nianfan opened his eyes, they hurriedly rushed over, their gazes full of concern as they tenderly massaged him.

“Nianfan, how are you?”

Daji looked at Li Nianfan, blaming herself, “Fire Phoenix and I are too shallow with our cultivation, we were actually blocked by that Nightmare.”

They were a stage higher than Yan Zu, but because they were, the Nightmare would naturally not allow them inside. In the end, they did not know how to enter dreams, and relied on Qin Chuyue to bring them inside.

If they could be more like their master, and their cultivation levels could be too high for the Nightmare to distinguish their power, they would naturally have been able to enter themselves.

Li Nianfan laughed, waving it off, “Ah, it’s fine, there was no danger. It was a very good experience.”

Fire Phoenix suddenly shouted, her heart aching, “Oh, your clothes were ripped! How could you say there was no danger?”

Daji had tears in her eyes,saying, “So it was so serious. It’s all Fire Phoenix and my fault, we’ve burdened you.”


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