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«I’m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot (Web Novel) - Chapter 486: Daughter’s Kingdom Is In Danger

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Chapter 486: Daughter’s Kingdom Is In Danger

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Yun Shu was half smiling and crying as she looked at the small bottle in her hand. It contained some kind of liquid in it.

“Whatever, this was at least a little something from Nuwa. It’ll be quite mean if it was an ordinary liquid. Hope it isn’t.”

Yun Shu shook her head and nonchalantly opened the lid of the bottle

Instantly, a powerful Spiritual Qi rushed out and formed into a wild wind. The wind shot right into her face!

Before she could react, she found it hard to breathe!


Yun Shu gasped. Her heart was in her throat. She did not hesitate to shut the lid. She had goosebumps all over and her blood was flowing backward!

She pretended to be okay. She looked around and when she saw that people did not notice what just happened, she let out a sigh of relief. With a flash, she had gone somewhere hidden.

“This is… Chaos Spiritual Water!?”

This was definitely Chaos Spiritual Water!

Yun Shu panted as she looked blankly at the small bottle. She could not believe this.

“Sister Nuwa actually gave me a bottle of Chaos Spiritual Water!?

“Did she pick the wrong bottle? Was she keeping this bottle for herself instead?

“Perhaps she had gone rich over the night?”

She started to overthink and her head was spinning rapidly. She was excited and perplexed. She had too many thoughts in her head.

How generous! How otherworldly generous!

Chaos Spiritual Water! This was not something naturally made in any of the worlds! This was something produced in the Chaos. One could only get hold of it in one’s dreams!

She had lived for so long and this was the first time anyone had ever awarded Chaos Spiritual Water to someone else.

Yun Shu held the small bottle tightly. She kept it cautiously as she could not help crying in her heart, ‘Argh! I’m rich now!’

After a moment of thought, her thinking went back to normal as she started to think.

Goddess Nuwa was acting strange! This was so strange!

She risked her life getting into the Yunhuang World. And she was only going to capture a fish?

Furthermore, where did she get this Chaos Spiritual Water from? She was simply giving this away? This showed that she had many other treasures! She had really gone rich!

Perhaps it was during her previous escape that she stumbled across a big treasure? And gained a huge opportunity?

Yun Shu felt as if she had eaten a lemon! She felt sour.

However…if she had gained such a huge opportunity, why would she still need to capture a fish?

What was the link between a fish and the Chaos Spiritual Water?

Yun Shu did not understand but she could sense that there was a huge hidden secret behind all these!

Behind all of these, there must be an even greater opportunity!


Instantly, her feelings intensified. It was as if she could see her lifelong opportunities beneath the mist in front of her!

She fixed her eyes and turned to one direction abruptly. That…that was the world where she belonged. However, she dared not return now.

Following that, she turned to the direction Goddess Nuwa traveled to. She locked her eyes in that direction and clenched her fists. She took a deep breath and followed behind Goddess Nuwa.

No matter what, even if it was a small chance, she had to find out and fight for the opportunity!

At the Eldritch World.

A Crystal Dragon was swimming up the tides rapidly. Two figures stood on top of it. They were Li Nianfan and Nanan.

The Liusha River was very wide with an urgent current. Even a massive boat would be shaky floating on it. Li Nianfan and Nanan were planning to fly over but since Ali was so friendly and was in charge of this area, Li Nianfan did not want to turn her down. He had to go on top of her to cross the river.

The journey was stable. They saw a different view than they would if they were flying.

It did not take long before they arrived at the other side of the shore. They were approaching it rapidly.

The offshore was in green. It looked like a forest with a nice view.

With the blink of an eye, Ali halted abruptly.

Li Nianfan and Nanan got off Ali. They stepped onto the grass.

Li Nianfan made a gesture. “Thank you, Immortal Ali.”

Ali returned the gesture in a hurry. “You’re welcome, Lord Saint. This is what I should be doing.”

After exchanging a few more words, Li Nianfan bid her farewell. They walked toward Daughter’s Kingdom.

Seeing that Li Nianfan was moving further away, Ali’s eyes teared up. Although they had only met for a few days, she felt it was too unreal as if it was a dream.

Most importantly, within such a short time, she was greatly affected. It was life-changing!

Even though the expert merely passed by, Ali’s cultivation, power, and worldview had changed drastically. She had improved greatly!

Was this how powerful the expert was?

Was this the benefit of staying around the bigshot?

How wonderful!

Ali felt that in the next hundreds to thousands of years, she would live in awe of how powerful the expert was!

Since there was a dangerous river blocking the Daughters Kingdom, there were not many people around. Other than Daughter’s Kingdom, there was not even a village nearby!

This location was unique.

They did not waste any more time. Li Nianfan and Nanan flew by with the wind. When they went past Mother River, they stopped for a while before continuing their journey.

Half a day later, a city came into sight. Walls were blocking the city, making it stand out from the rest. They used the walls to block out the surrounding beasts. One could feel how prosperous the city was just by looking at it.

“It looks like we’re here.”

Li Nianfan’s eyes sparkled. In order to not cause a scene, he landed with Nanan not far away. Then, they walked over.

The tall walls stood high with ‘Daughter’s Kingdom’ engraved on the gate. On top of the tower, three armored female soldiers were patrolling the city.

However, these three female soldiers did not seem happy. They seemed to be distracted and sighing from time to time. They seemed worried.

One of them asked, “Is anyone getting pregnant in your house?”

“No, I drank the water from Mother River yesterday. However, I still don’t feel any reaction since then. I don’t think I’m pregnant.”

“What should we do? Why did the Mother River Water stop working all of a sudden? Our Queen has ordered for all women to drink it but it’s not working for anyone.”

“My Kingdom’s in danger!”

If no new baby was born, Daughter’s Kingdom would be turned into a ghost town in 100 years.

All the women of the kingdom were perplexed.

“Excuse me, do you mind opening the gate to let us through?”

Suddenly, a voice was heard coming from the other side of the wall. The three female soldiers jolted. Their pupils dilated with a look of disbelief.

This voice was very…thick!

“A man’s voice?!”

The three of them were very excited. Their faces flushed red as they looked out from the wall. They fixed their eyes on Li Nianfan.

One of them could not help asking, “Is that a man behind the wall?”

Li Nianfan frowned.

This question…

Considering that this was Daughter’s Kingdom, it was not strange. He said honestly, “Yes, I’m a man.”

“Open the gate! Open the gate, hurry!”

Quickly, the gate was opened!

Two female soldiers rushed toward Li Nianfan. They stared at Li Nianfan and said with enthusiasm, “Welcome to Daughter’s Kingdom! Please, come in.”

The other female soldier rushed to the palace in the city. She was rushing and crying out loud, “A man’s here! A man!”

Initially, the entire Daughter’s Kingdom had a sad atmosphere. The women were sobbing and wailing by the road.

Originally, according to the Daughter’s Kingdom’s tradition, a woman must drink from the Mother River at 20 years old and give birth to a female baby in three days.

However, this tradition stopped three months ago. Since the Mother River stopped working, nobody was able to get pregnant.

This was a nightmare for those who had just turned 20. They could only hide in their rooms and cry.

When the female soldier cried out, the dead city was instantly lively again. All women had lights in their eyes. They found it hard to believe and were all excited.

Those crying in their rooms walked out and looked around.

It did not take long before footsteps were heard. Following that, women came out in all directions. They all fixed their eyes on Li Nianfan as if they were attracted to him.

“Argh! A real man!”

“He has a beard below his mouth. How sexy!”

“So this is what a man looks like. My heart flutters, I like him.”

“Seeing him, I can already think of the names of our children.”

“Sisters, come on out! A man’s here!”

“He’s looking at me! He’s looking at me! Argh! I’m going to be dead!”

Suddenly, the street turned lively again. More and more women gathered. They were not going away. They all stared at Li Nianfan.

The initial sadness was nowhere to be found. They were all very excited.


Li Nianfan gasped weakly. He was very nervous. Instantly, he started to doubt whether it was the right decision to visit Daughter’s Kingdom.

Looking ahead, women were everywhere, all over the place.

However, they were not shy at all. They were all very brave and they did not hide their excitement in their eyes. Li Nianfan felt his scalp itching.

He did not understand. These women seemed skinny and gentle. How could they be so wild?


The two female soldiers pulled out their swords. They said, “Back off! Back off! Stop pushing. He’s our Queen’s most valued guest! Touching him is a deadly crime!”

Li Nianfan could not help saying to Nanan, “Nanan, please, protect me.”

“Yeah, brother, don’t worry. I’ll keep you chaste!”

Nanan nodded. She tightened her grip on the golden cudgel. She felt that these women were scarier than the demons.

If they were demons, she would not hesitate to smash them with her cudgel. However, they were all women and she found it harder to get rid of them…

Finally, against the ever-approaching women, the two female soldiers led them into the palace.

Upon entering the gate, an expensively dressed woman was waiting. Seeing that Li Nianfan was coming in, her beautiful eyes widened. Her long and red dress dragged on behind her as she walked toward him.

Li Nianfan took a small step backward. He said, “My name’s Li Nianfan, greetings to Your Highness.”

The queen halted and said, “Sorry to seem desperate. Since Mr. Li has come from afar, please, stay in my palace. I’ll ask them to serve you some drinks.”

Although she said so, her eyes were staring at him from all angles. She was staring at Li Nianfan.

He must have entered a wolf’s den.

He only knew how attractive he was after coming to Daughter’s Kingdom.

Li Nianfan felt very lucky. If he came straight to Daughter’s Kingdom from the transgression, he would not have anything left in him by now.

He gently coughed. “Your highness, sure.”

The queen smiled and said, “Mr. Li, please, follow me.”

Walking upstairs, they went into a palace. Many women were serving them. They were all looking at Li Nianfan with a flirtatious smile on their lips.

The queen looked at Li Nianfan and asked curiously, “May I ask, how did you get to my Daughter’s Kingdom?”

Li Nianfan answered half-heartedly, “I was bored and stumbled across it.”

The queen felt lucky. “What a coincidence. Your arrival could solve the danger we’re facing right now.”

Li Nianfan asked strangely, “Why would you say that?”

“Oh, you don’t know? Half a month ago, the Mother River stopped working. The women can’t get pregnant after drinking its water. Without the Mother River, there won’t be a new generation in this kingdom. We’re going extinct.”

The queen seemed sad, but she then said with excitement, “I begged the sky five days ago for a male to arrive. My kingdom will listen to him and worship him as our King. Who’d have thought that Mr. Li’s now here? You’re destined to save my Daughter’s Kingdom!”

Li Nianfan understood what she meant. He felt helpless and his scalp itched.

He bit his tongue and said, “Your Highness, you don’t necessarily need a man. Who knows, there might be a way to save the Mother River.”

“No, it’s impossible for the Mother River to regain its power. I think having a man is more reliable than the river.”

The queen looked at Li Nianfan and looked rather embarrassed. She said, “Mr. Li, do you think I’m pretty?”

Li Nianfan replied, “Of course, you’re pretty.”

The queen leaned in with a seductive smile/ “I have many pretty women in here. If Mr. Li becomes the king, you won’t have to do anything. No matter what you need, we’ll do our best to satisfy you. You only need to be a man.”

What did she say?

Be a…man?



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