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«I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot (Web Novel) - Chapter 988: Do You Know What Happened to You?

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Chapter 988: Do You Know What Happened to You?

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Chairman Mo and Young Madam were legally married, and they were in Chairman Mo’s office.

Whatever he wanted to do with his wife was legal and normal.

But Wei Zheng knew that it wouldn’t be good if Madam Mo found out.

It was broad daylight in the office…

Chairman Mo was Madam Mo’s biological son, she definitely wouldn’t have much of an opinion about him.

It was mainly Young Madam.

Madam Mo might even think that Young Madam was shameless to seduce her son in broad daylight.

Madam Mo was already unhappy with Young Madam.

If she found out…

As expected, Madam Mo’s expression changed when she heard that Qiao Mianmian was there too.

She looked at the bag of clothes in Wei Zheng’s hand and her expression darkened.

She quickly thought of the same thing as Shen Rou.

“Your Young Madam is here too?” Madam Mo glared at the bag of clothes in Wei Zheng’s hand and tried to suppress her anger. “This is for her? What did she do, why do you have to buy clothes for her?”

Shen Rou saw that Madam Mo was angry and added fuel to the fire. “Personal Assistant Wei, if I’m not wrong, you bought a set of undergarments too. What exactly did Mianmian and Ah Si do, you’re still buying her undergarments?”

Madam Mo understood what she meant.

Her expression turned awful.

Wei Zheng cursed Shen Rou in his heart. “Madam, the secretary accidentally spilled the coffee on Young Madam. As you know, summer clothes are thin, so the entire set has to be changed.”

“Coffee?” Madam Mo looked a little better than before.

Wei Zheng nodded. “Yes. Young Madam was wearing white today, so Chairman Mo got me to get a new set.”


Madam Mo snorted. “Then, this secretary is too clumsy. She can’t even do such a simple thing. Wei Zheng, are you telling the truth? You’re not lying to me, are you?”

Wei Zheng broke out in cold sweat and didn’t dare to wipe it off. “Madam, how would I dare to lie to you? It’s true.”

Shen Rou glared at him when she saw that Madam Mo seemed to believe him. “Assistant Wei, don’t lie to Madam. If Madam finds out that you lied to her, do you know what will happen to you?”

Wei Zheng was speechless.


Why hadn’t he realized that Young Lady Shen was so annoying?

He used to think that she was a good person.

Indeed, one couldn’t judge a book by its cover.

“Miss Shen, I don’t have the guts to lie to Madam. Moreover, I don’t have to lie to Madam.” Wei Zheng took a deep breath and tried to suppress his anger. “Miss Shen, you’re overthinking.”

“Is that so?” Shen Rou sneered. “It’s good that you didn’t lie to Madam. If you did…”

She didn’t finish her sentence, but the threat was obvious.

Wei Zheng was speechless.

Wei Zheng followed Madam Mo and Shen Rou to the office building.

When he left the elevator, he glanced in the direction of the President’s office and prayed that Chairman Mo wasn’t still with Young Madam…

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