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Chapter 1520 Knowing Lots Of Secrets

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“I have to find a way to stop them…” I knew I got to learn a lot about these bombs, but all was about how deadly they were.

I still couldn’t find a way to safely defuse them. I reached the end of drawings and felt like I missed something here.

So I returned again, this time focusing for one thousand percent more than before, trying to get to know more about the secrets behind these bombs and how to defuse them.

“It’s not here… Weird… How can they make something that can’t be stopped if anything goes wrong?!” I read the drawings three more times, failing at spotting what I started all this initially for.

“There must be something… There has to be…” I flipped the ball, tried to infuse energy inside, but failed.

So I returned to study the drawings, and this time I tried to see them differently.

I ignored the weird letters before. But now, I got an idea about these. What if this wasn’t a language, but some sort of drawing using lines and weird letters like strokes?

I retreated back, and tried to see the letters from far. And then it hit me! “Yes! That’s indeed true! Hahahaha! No one is sane and genius enough to make up such a crazy thing without leaving behind a safe button to defuse them, hahahaha! I found it! Hahahaha!”

When I retreated away, looked at the ball, and tried to see letters as a grand drawing in itself, it worked! The letters weren’t a language of any sort, just a cover up to misdirect anyone from outside this race to try and see through their real intentions here.

It looked weird how the drawings just spoke about how scary and deadly these balls were. They seemed like they wanted to instigate fear in the heart of anyone trying to get the secrets behind these bombs.

And that was exactly what I felt when I read these drawings before. And that made it more unusual in my eyes.

They never spoke about how to even detonate them, not to mention how to defuse these bombs. But the letters, or the huge drawings using these weird lines, spoke about how to detonate and even defuse these bombs.

“So… These drawings speak about a hidden spot which will react to a high impulse of energy. If they get in touch with a high energy source here, then they’ll explode. If they touch this energy source there, then they will defuse… Quite an interesting race indeed… The same method is used to either save one’s life or end it!”

The new discovery saved lots of things for me. I didn’t get everything related to these bombs, but knew lots of secrets about them.

For example, I now realised that to activate these bombs, there was a single way fiends could do.

They had to use some sort of a shockwave, hoping that few of these bombs would get hit in the right spot, ending up detonating.

Even if most of these would end up getting defused and useless, few would get detonated. And that meant the old knowledge I got about how these bombs worked and caused such a devastational quakes and natural disasters was wrong.

These quakes and energy pulses that would sweep the entire world came as a trigger for these bombs to be detonated.

And that meant it wasn’t caused by the bombs, but by the fiends.

“They must have something huge to cause such a shockwave on land and release such an energy pulse,” I thought about this, while thinking about what the enemy could use to cause such a result.

They got to do something big for such a result to occur. And that meant the first step in safeguarding against these bombs would be in stopping these plans of the enemy.

Knowledge was power, and knowing more about these bombs changed everything and all the plans I got for the enemy.

I thought before about absorbing their initial charge, focus on defending and not risk any offence. But now? It was going to be all out offence!

I would ask all of the generals to lead everything they got, smash and kill any forces the enemy would bring, go deep, as deep as they could, and pressure the already pressured enemy to the max.

At the same time, I shouldn’t confine myself to a single place. The bombs should get detonated, but that would require lots of time and effort.

The easiest way was to go solo, look for any weird and suspicious gathering of the enemy, and hit them where it hurt.

To win this war, no tactic should be used. I should simply spread out chaos, not think about organising anything at all.

That was the right way to do it. And the more I thought about it, I knew this was the only way to do it.

“Let’s do it then,” I took a deep breath, got out from the mirror world, and started to first diffuse these bombs in the building. I wanted to test and see if things would end up just like what I read and understand from these drawings.

And like I expected, everything went just fine!

I touched the bombs just where I learnt to defuse them. I didn’t need to use any impulse wave weapon or quaking energy, I simply used my bones.

I took out a gold grade dark realm bone, one that was filled with tons of energy inside. I pushed it at the right spot on these giant balls, ending up melting down and getting absorbed just like it was a cube of ice that met fire.


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